Not surprising Paul Ryan and his pal Nancy Pelosi are stuffing it down everyone’s throats. The RINOTAX is an abomination. It is now just a major pile of crony crap and a big-time payoff to RINO Donors. Who would those be? Insurance Companies, Defense Companies as well as Banks, and old-line non-innovative businesses that don’t grow and of course corporate farmers that live off Ethanol Subsidies. It is a nightmare bill. No Republican should ever sign on to this cheap scam. But there are no Republicans left in the Republican Party; only RINOs. TIS FOIE GRAS SEASON RINOTAX STUFFER PELOSI SHOVES CONYERS ICON DOWN THROATS.




Then we have Pelosi deep throating Conyers’s ICON.

Multiple women with sworn affidavits have come forward and there are more to come. I just love the idea that somehow some Black idiot that has been around a long time develops the Distinguished Black Character and statute of someone like Fredrick Douglas. NOT! Conyers is a cheap version of Adam Clayton Powel. He’s a runaround $2 looser in a $3 suit.

Naturally, Pelosi is selling this masher as some kind of Civil Rights giant. Typical Democrats try to justify this ugly Clinton conduct as a double standard exception. Yeah, it’s a double standard all right… Notice that creep Al Frankin is hiding quietly in the shadows waiting everyone out. Oh, but-but-but “He’s a funny man.” No, he’s the worst kind of womanizer. He is an ugly chump version just like Harvey Weinstein that resorts almost exclusively to leverage. These men including Clinton had zero feeling for these women. It was a tale of use and abuse. That is the substance of this.


Affairs happen. But what is actually shared with these powerbrokers?

The Duke of Windsor had an affair with a married woman named Wallis Simpson. The Duke loved this woman and gave up the throne so he could marry her. That is no masher.

But with Clinton and these Politicians and Hollywood Jerks that’s not what we are seeing. We are seeing them take full advantage of younger women who allow themselves to be manipulated and controlled by these shysters. And as I said, they don’t give a rat’s ass about any of them. For these jerks, it is all about self-gratification and throwing them into the trash after they have been used and abused.


PAUL RYAN is blocking the release of CONYERS settlements.

One Stinking Incumbent protecting another is what you get. I am reminded that Paul Ryan had a Black Girlfriend in College. But that relationship was “Out of Town” so to speak. App[arently the Black girl wasn’t welcome in Janesville.

What is the difference between Ryan and his Black girlfriend and Monica Lewinski? Ryan wasn’t married so what! He never had any intention of marrying the Black girl. He was just getting some of his Janesville Plantation House out of his system.


Ryan lives like a small town despot.

Click here for an article on his two-bit gigolo chump trust fund baby. No room in this life for the Black girl from Miami of Ohio. Well you know… Paul Ryan had to make more lucrative choices. What a scumbag.


America needs more political parties. The two-party system is a failure because it has morphed into the INCUMBENT PARTY!

97% of incumbents get re-elected each year. If we had four parties, you would have term limits in a flash. Also no Conservative Jeffersonian or Reagan Republican has a home in the RINO PARTY.

Democrats need to branch off between their socialist strains and their standard pickpocket strain. Most Democrats should run as Communist.


Enjoy your Foie Gras America… served up by Paul RINO and Nancy the ICON sucker.

One final Note about RINOTAX:

Not one model or study shows the middle-class benefits from this pretend tax reform. To the Contrary, all models show that the lion share of the benefits go to the wealthiest Americans and the middle class and lower economic classes see increased taxes and suffer the consequences of the massive debt.


“Tax Policy Center finds the top-earning 1 percent of Americans would receive 61.8 percent of reduced taxes by 2027. Two-thirds of middle-income Americans, and half of taxpayers overall, would face a tax hike.” Reported CNBC


This is a giant ripoff of the American Citizens to Benefit Trump and the worthless Trump Kids. No Republican should vote for this colossal RINO Grifter Pickpocketing. Republicans are now virtually all RINOs those few that arent, and I mean few, are spineless. Rand Paul should never be voting for this bill but apparently, he’s going to do it anyway. Spineless.

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