Vulgar, rude, disgusting are just a small sampling of the adverbs used by Republicans to describe Donald Trump’s first eight months in office. This is the telling moment because it is Republicans, not Democrats that are angry over his unpresidential conduct. In the last week, even mild-mannered Neil Cavuto has slammed Trump repeatedly for his childish demand for praise. For Cavuto, the last straw was the flap over the UCLA player’s father, LaVar Ball. For the rest of us, it was Trump’s rude speech supposedly honoring World War II Code Talkers. TIME MAGAZINE LOSER OF THE YEAR UNANIMOUS TRUMP WINS AGAIN.



This is the last Straw: This is how Trump honored several surviving CODE Talkers from WWII. Code Talkers were Native Americans fluent in both English and Navajo that volunteered for highly hazardous Marine Corps duty in the South Pacific Islands flushing out the Japanese. Marine frontline casualties were 50%. This is how Trump honored them. Completely unacceptable.

Here is what Trump said in the presentation, “I just want to thank you because you’re very, very special people,” said Trump. Of Course, Trump didn’t bother to know their names or call them by their names. Blowhard continued, “You were here long before any of us were here, although we have a representative in Congress who, they say, was here a long time ago. They call her ‘Pocahontas.” [What a  f…king Bastard!] These former soldiers were WAR HEROEO! Trump is unfit to shine thier boots!


Can you imagine Ronald Reagan or any former President that would evern show such disrespect and contempt for the office?  Trump himself is the swamp. 


What a bloody nitwit! How rude. How thoughtless! This goes on day in and day out and Conservatives are sick of it. We are sick of the mindless Tweets, the worn-out phrases like “Fake News” and the insane need for constant adulation? Not only is Trump not “normal”, he’s a disgrace.

What is shocking is that only two of his cabinet have come out and called him a MORON. Trump’s conduct is beyond the pale of acceptable Presidential Conduct. Native Americans should be cringing from the utter disrespect of Trump. For him to bring in yet another one of his petty squabbles during such a ceremony shows utter disrespect for the Presidency.

I never liked the way Obama talked either:

Obama would often drift off into his casual and awful Black Slang informal as if he was smoking a doobie. As we have said many times, Trump and Obama are in many ways bookends of the same ego, an ego that pitches both to the center of the Universe.

I have the distinction of having NEVER listened to any more than a few unintentional seconds of any Obama speech. Without a teleprompter, Obama was a rambling scrambling bumbling idiot. Trump, on the other hand, has a penurious fifth-grade vocabulary. Both show a lack of linguistic skill the mark of morons.

Living very close to Trump’s tiny mind lies a minefield known as his limbic system. Everything he does is colored with spite. Most of his small brain is devoted and dedicated to getting back at people that don’t do his bidding.


One thing it tells us… Elizabeth Warren, as well as Kim Jong Un, live in Trump’s head rent free.

Because of Trump’s feud with Kim Jong Un, Trump has three Carrier groups offshore in North Korea. Morale aboard those ships could not be lower. One sailor called the deployment a floating prison.


There is no military solutions to North Korea. Kim Jong Un launched another Ballistic Missile today.

So why are these Carriers sitting there in the sea costing millions of dollars a minute? Trump’s tiny brain thinks he scares Kim Jong Un. It is all part of Trump’s repetitive failure to lead. He thinks leading is being a bully. So he bullies Elizabeth Warren and he bullies Kim Jong Un. Net result, they just keep chipping away at Trump.

The last Time Trump confronted KIM JONG UN all he could say to the press after Trump’s endless Obama style red lines in the sand was the childish refrain, “You’ll see… you’ll see.” That’s what a kid throwing a tantrum says when he holds his breath.

Today Un launched a ballistic missile that traveled for 50 minutes. Not bad since less than a year ago the CIA was mocking Un’s exploding launch pad rockets.


So today Blowhard told the world “We will take care of it…” What an idiot.  Trump’s shining Kim Jong Un’s tap dancing shoes. 


Here was Trump in full blowhard at the South Korean National Assembly last month,”“This a very different administration than the United States has had in the past. Do not underestimate us. And do not try us.”

Yeah very different in that nobody has any confidence in Trump to do anything remotely intelligent. Face the Facts. Kim Jong Un has nukes and he isn’t “going anywhere.”

Don’t think that Trump’s sock puppet Maddog Mattis is anything more than a moronic echo. Anyone that has studied warfare and wargames knows there are NO MILITARY SOLUTIONS. The Obama solution of sanctions which Trump is attempting isn’t  working.  Yeah Kim Jong Un is fat, has silly hair but he’s much smarter at this than Trump.


Watching Trump carry on like he has lost his mind undoubtedly has many smaller countries looking to build nuclear weapons.

Nixon tried this during the Paris Peace Talks… It was called “Crazy Nixon the Mad Bomber.” By the time it was over Americans were scaling the walls of Saigon with their tails tucked. Want to send some Armies into North Korea? Better send in a bunch on the order of two million. Kim Jong Un can marshal an army of 4 million. That is essentially Vietnam II the Sequel.

If Kim Jong Un is attacked, he can launch a Nuke and hit a lot of populated targets very hard. That is the whole meaning if the words nuclear detente. It is to prevent a big bully from pushing you around or in the case of Quadaffi murdering the poor bastard.


Meanwhile, Trump and his nitwit Maddog continue to spout off to the public that the US Military stands at the ready. The ready for what? How utterly stupid. 


Oh but but but  blowhard said, “We’ll take care of it.” Yup more idle threats from a blowhard that just knocked over the GO board after being destroyed. Oh yeah? “You’ll see… You’ll see…”  What an infernal noise. The idiot box just winds up and keeps yapping.


Trump’s military drills with South Korea continue to antagonize North Korea.

That is all this is. It is Trump stupidly antagonizing for no reason at all. It is the same as Trump antagonizing Elizabeth Warren over her claim to Indian heritage while supposedly honoring Native American Code Readers of WWII. Trump simply has no self-control. He is a man of bottomless low character.


Ah, the Trump Billy Bush Tape…

Today Trump said this Tape was “FAKED.” Think about the timing on that for a minute. Hollywood and Washington DC are just erupting with stories of sexual harassment and manipulation and Trump simply has to draw the attention and ire to himself. It shows you that his limbic system simple is incapable of restraint.

I noticed that Ivanka said the women coming forward with sexual harassment should be believed. However, apparently, the 12 or so women that have accused Trump of the same misconduct are not to be believed. Ivanka sounds a lot like Hillary Clinton.

Listen for yourself and tell us if this sounds like the tape was FAKED!



Soon we will have some more theater from Trump over closing down the government. Then we have the crony RINOTAX scam which is a borrow $1.5 Trillion and giving it to the rich and giving the debt to the middle class. Apparently, their rip off of $9 Trillion in the subprime wasn’t enough. Millions of Americans lost their homes and life savings which Politicians gave to banks and billionaires.

Americans are sitting by idly watching it happen. You should be infuriated but you are as complacent as drugged sheep. Trump is the swamp.


Trump has a locked handle on LOSER OF THE YEAR… for life.


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