The Republican Party now Officially OWNS SEXUAL REASSIGNMENT SURGERY for one and all. Now that’s the way to keep the cost of insurance down! And don’t worry, RINOCARE2 still includes treatment for Gambling addiction in case you lose your Kansas farm at a TRUMP Casino! God must be bent over double with Joy. Apparently this is the “sweetener” that the Freedom Caucus wanted.  RYAN says the Freedom Caucus is now on board with all smiles.  Has Paul Ryan and the Establishment Republican Party gone utterly mad? The fact that Healthcare has been left in the hands of this freakish gawking sparrow-headed punk is incomprehensible. Nobody has been invited to participate.  This is identical to the way the Democrats shoved Obamacare down the public’s throat. THANK GOD PAUL RYAN RINOCARE2 INCLUDES SEXUAL REASSIGNMENT SURGERIES TRUMP DELIGHTED.


All Smiles! “Hey Kids, What time is it?” “It’s Chelsea Doody Time!”


History now repeats with the Trump George Bush Third Term. Not one doctor has been consulted over this RINOCARE2 abomination. Not one citizen advocate has been consulted. The framework of Obamacare remains the same. It took all of medicine, 1/6th of the US Economy and removed any potential for free market competition. It put government in control of the railroad with the expected end results. Now we have this back-slidden weakling Trump and his wren-headed House Speaker shoving this RINOCARE crap down republican throats. So we must conclude there is a reason for this jubilation. NOW WE KNOW WHAT IT IS!


THANK GOD for the Establishment Republican Party, Paul Ryan and Big Don “The Brain” Trump for all they have done to repair God’s chromosomal errors!


Oh and another bit of good news for the basement bound millennials: You can get your sex change operation up through the age of 26 on your parent’s freak’in policy! Apparently 26, is still a child in America! It is for the helpless candy ass crowd that lives under Mommy and Daddy’s roof. Why don’t we make child policies go to 30 or even 40 years of age? There are plenty of losers still living at home at 40! The Best News is they can still keep their Pediatrician and vote for Bernie Sanders! 


Freedom Caucus now on God’s Side!

The VERY VERY Best News of all According to Ryan is that the Freedom Caucus is now on-board. Apparently they too are singing the Trump Hallelujah Chorus. It’s either the Sexual Reassignment Surgery which Praise the Lord has been retained in RINOCARE2 which got them or the new $18 Billion Taxpayer BAILOUT of insurance companies! GOD MUST BE THRILLED! Tears in the eyes of one and all!


Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Sex u AL Reassignment Surg ur eeee…. Reassignment Reassignment Reassignment Surg ur eeee!


Trump should give some serious consideration to replacing his theme song with this little ditty! From Black Messiah to the new Trump ManGod… Hallefreakinlujah! My sarcasm should in no way be interpreted to diminish the incredible genius of George Frideric Handel or the sanctity of GOD which this RINOCARE2 bill insults.

But it is ironic that the Establishment Republicans claim to be the embodiment of Christian values. Sexual Realignment Surgery is now mainstream Christianity in America. Muslims and Jews love it too. Thus we somehow have to rewrite the Bible and the Koran to help the Establishment Republican Party make these texts more inclusive.

Where have you heard that before? Liberalism and uh… Karl Rove! Remember? Interesting approach since Trump never reads books of any kind. He’s proud of it and he has that marvelous 5th Grader vocabulary to prove it.  I doubt he has read this passage previously unless somebody sent him a one page one bullet point memo! Click here for a Trump memo.


Whatever I command you, be careful to observe it; you shall not add to it nor take away from it”  Deuteronomy 12:30-32. Uh Oh!


The Republican Party has lost its way. The Democrats are hopeless.

Christian, Muslim, Jewish taxpayer of any political persuasion should NOT have to pay for this unGodly sexual reassignment surgery perversion. It is a violation of their religious tenants. In fact I do not believe that doctors in the United States should be preforming this butchery. Bruce Jenner is never going to be a female. I am not calling that basket case Caitlyn! Using hospital resources and staff to participate in this Frankenstein mutilation malpractice for the mentally unstable and a handful of greedy doctors is insanity. There is no efficacy at all in this procedure. None. Taxpayers should not be paying for this. Why is this policy mandated in this RINOCARE1 and RINOCARE2 legislation? What is wrong with Trump’s grifter mind? These bills are not wonderful; they are an atrocity!

This is the crap pile living in Paul Ryan’s bird head.


Is this really “Making America Great Again?”

No, Trump is nurturing and feeding this psychosexual sickness.   He is a spineless shallow Grifter that cares nothing about this country. To him RINOCARE is just a disappointment because HE DIDN’T WIN. He was too inept to cajole, flatter, bribe and effectively threaten the Freedom Caucus.  Those are the Glengarry Glen Ross tools of the grifter’s trade. So he keeps trying to engineer some publicity for a Win. He attacks Syria but that fell flat. He calls it a win.  Half the base walked away after that moronic impeachable stunt. Then the big bomb in Afghanistan which cost $400,000 a kill!

Then this man of war sent a massive Armada to show Kim Jong Un a thing or two. Instead the Carrier group headed in the opposite direction and was last seen 3500 miles from North Korea. This is the Trump well-oiled Administration. He doesn’t even know where the carrier group went. So now to avoid embarrassment Trump has ordered it back so he can put on his North Korean strongman show and Win Again. The only ones cheering are the McCain liberals and the George Bush diehard retreads who now control this Godless mindless Establishment Republican party. They are wrecking the country in ways that Liberals only dreamed!


This is the Karl Rove master plan to make the Establishment Republicans indistinguishable from liberals.

All that should mean to you is more big government in your lives. The things Trump has done with regulation reduction is nil. It is a hand on the tiller stuff. That simply means if Elizabeth Warner or some other nutty liberals gets in power, they can reverse Trump in five minutes. That also stands for immigration. TRUMP meanwhile is pushing for a KARL ROVE styled Amnesty. The wall is a fence or invisible fence. Ryan and McCain defunded the fence two weeks ago.

RINOCARE2 epitomizes the actual most nothing as possible activity of this Trump Administration. Again whether you like it or not, Trump is a Bush Third Termer and that means a Bush sized economic disaster will follow. Every Bush has driven the Country into a big recession. Jeb Trump has vacated the base with his off channeling into these Tabloid publicity bombings and this dreadful RINOCARE slop.


Next Stop raising the Debt Ceiling again.

You can bet the Democrats are going to be lined up to take Paul Ryan to the cleaners again. Pelosi laughed out loud at Ryan the last time. But it is really no skin off Ryan. It is skin off you the taxpayer. This country continues to be pile driven into the abyss with debt. I expect this to come back to Roost around December when the Trump Recession comes to town.







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