One more reason to hate the WOKES…. In the last week as Star Trek’s iconic William Shatner prepared to go into space, Wokes have been rampaging. Their complaints are diverse. They hate Bezos’s wealth, private enterprise, and income diversity. It is a bundle of Class Warfare, with a topping of Global Warming virtue signally served cold. It is very cold in space WOKES. And you know what? WE DON’T CARE. 

For Star Trek fans, this is the launch of a lifetime. Captain James Tiberius Kirk is going into SPACE: the final frontier. Shatner’s three year stint as Captain of the Starship Enterprise ignited an entire community of space enthusiast even before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. Bezos, a big fan of Star Trek, is paying a debt of gratitude for Star Trek though one gets the sense that Bezos is being careful about the Star Trek Copyrights. 

If the Star Trek fans got what they wanted, Shatner would be wearing his Star Trek gold shirt, black pants and pointy boots.

His sideburns would be trimmed on an abrupt angle. Instead Shatner will be wearing the Blue Origin Uniform. 

Captain Kirk' heading to space on Blue Origin's second human launch – Spaceflight Now

Chris Boshuizen, a former NASA engineer and co-founder of satellite imaging company Planet Labs; Glen de Vries, an entrepreneur and executive with French software company Dassault Systemes, and Blue Origin’s vice president of mission and flight operations, Audrey Powers will be on board the New Shepard capsule, and of course William Shatner. Image Courtesy Blue Origin. 

The focus of the media has been on Shatner’s Age.

At age 90 he will be the oldest astronaut ever to board a rocket to space.  But nobody is talking about the shear nerve of the man who’s life, thanks to Star Trek’s three year run, has become a space icon. He’s Captain Kirk and this is his triumph, his day in space. To look out on the vastness and witness first hand the star stuff beyond imagination which Star Trek lavished on its audience over the last 55 years. 

The Wokes don’t feel the Joy of space travel. To them, it is everything they hate. 

In their imaginary world, man is responsible for all the problems of earth and the universe. To look out into the light-years of space is to realize the insignificance of man which removes the Woke Avocado eating man-gods as yet another blood-sucking televangelist.

Prophesying the evils of man and claiming the doomsday can only be stopped by taxation to kill man’s addiction to carbon. The Woke is an unhappy parasite with hollow eyes and a curse for mankind. Oh, except the Woke. They are after all, the self-proclaimed enlightened ones, here to save the planet. They think of themselves as important as Gods because in their world the wellbeing of the planet is in their hands alone. God has abandoned earth so they will step up to the plate as the vindictive punitive God the human race always wanted. 

But to look out at space is to realize without question the insignificance of man. Countless stars, countless planets in endless space. The Wokes are just frauds; just like Trump. Lavishing importance on themselves.

Shatner has been careful to play the clown. His interviews are light and jovial. He alludes to his love of earth which is code to the environmentalists. He also looks forward to witnessing the vastness of space. So he gives the big audience a little of this and a little of that, trying hard not to offend anyone or draw undue attention to himself. 

Nevertheless, all eyes are on Captain Kirk. This thing he is doing is bold and it takes nerve. Most people his age are timid and scared of life and the future. But not Kirk. He is as we would expect him to be, as he is in the old Trek series, Boldly going where no man has gone before…

The Star Trek cast feuds:

While the original Star Trek series paid no royalties, every cast member from the original series made millions off the Start Trek movies. Like it or not, it was always the strong personality of James T. Kirk that the series survived and the cast made millions. George Takei can bellyache to the bank. But it is Captain Kirk that is going to space.

William Shatner gave an emotional rendition of his feelings after landing. A famous Kirk soliloquy with tears in his eyes, overcome with emotion. It was Shatner and it was Kirk.

Comparing the life-giving blue of the planet Earth to the blackness of space; calling it life to the darkness of death. Captain Kirk, shared his emotion and showed his tough tenacity as, artist, performer, and spiritual space traveller icon. A day to remember.

Who’s next? How about June Lockhart from Lost in Space… She’s 96 and in great shape. 



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