Meanwhile Trump sits on his rudderless fat backside oblivious. One of Trump’s broken promises was that major medical insurance would be brought back. But of course he broke that promise along with the promise of insurance across state lines. In fact Trump has vacated every promise from the Wall to tax reform. And now he is mired down with Donny Juniors possible criminal indictment. For Trump healthcare is just prop wash. Ted Cruz to the rescue. TED CRUZ EXPOSES INSURANCE MONOPOLY LOBBY WITH AMENDMENT CUTTING INSURANCE COSTS.


Of Course Congress Keeps its FREE LAVISH PPO FOR LIFE… Ted doesn’t seem to mind his freebies.


Let’s get to the substance of the Cruz amendment which is yet to appear in the text of the Trump Rudderless Socialist phony repeal.

The Cruz amendment would allow insurance companies to dump a lot of the Obamacare mandatory policy requirements such as sexual reassignment surgery and gambling addiction which must be covered under both Obamacare and Trumpgarbage Insurance. This is useless crap dumped on citizens by liberal idiots. Major Medical is cheap insurance and covers what you need, a major hospitalization or major diagnosis.

At present 1% of the population cost 30% of the health care dollar. Why should 1% be holding the entire health care system and every other American hostage. We simply don’t owe them care. Your family comes first not the guy with bad luck.


America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) is opposed. Why?

Well there are always two reasons for the lobbyist. Fist is the public reason. This is phony reason that this bill will create a separate cheap insurance policy system that will cut into the socialist scam of making the healthy pay for the sick 1%.  The private reason is that insurance companies will suffer competition in the marketplace.


The reason we have Obamacare in the first place is because the AHIP paid off the liberal stooges to create this socialist nightmare.

Be aware that Mitch McConnell isn’t behind any of this.  As usual he is pretending to be offering up Republican support but is actually preparing to make his usual hard left turn at the last minute. In that case that piece of crap will try to tag up with liberals and bailout Obamacare. McConnell is a dangerous scumbag.


Aren’t you tired of being held hostage by the FAKE POOR and the FAKE SICK and the FAKE DISABLED? AND THE LAVISH PPO FOR FREE SET?

Almost instantly after the Cruz amendment was launched this AHIP lobby attacked it claiming that it would pull off the healthier populations and make the sickest people pay more for insurance. So what… they should. That is why every capitalist has warned that government healthcare will sink your economy. You can’t spend countless dollars trying to bring the antisocial bottom to parody with others who pull their own weight.

Overall it is a pretty sad country when the losers are allowed to drag the winners down to the ground. The Rich elites want slaves and the socialist way is the best way for elites to remain in power forever while you do the slave labor for slave wages.


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