Sweden drops Rape Case prosecution against Assange. Jillian Assange is now free to go… Well not exactly. UK Metro police still have an outstanding warrant for Assange for not appearing for a hearing on a matter which no longer exists. There still remains a question of whether the USA has a “SECRET” warrant out for Julian Assange. CIA DIRECTOR Mike Pompeo blew a gasket last month calling WikiLeaks a “hostile intelligence service.” That’s funny. I always thought the CIA starting false flag wars like Vietnam and IRAQ over incidents that never happened was pretty hostile. Oh that’s right the CIA was only killing your kids.  BTW how did that false flag War in Vietnam work out for the CIA? I know Iraq is mission accomplished. SWEDEN DROPS JULIAN ASSANGE RAPE CASE UK USA CONTINUE WITCH HUNT.


Assange posted this photo after receiving the news that Sweden was no longer going to prosecute him for rape.

Jeff Sessions the recused US Attorney General said that arresting Assange is a ‘Priority’. American people by large margin view Assange and Wikileaks as heroic.

Many in America would delight in seeing the Trump Administration get mired down in a First Amendment Case against publisher Wikileaks and Assange. The Discovery process alone against the CIA would be fascinating.

It would also be fun watching Trump a serial abuser of Civil Free Speech, arguing that Assange’s and Wikileaks Rights to Free Speech should be disallowed. If Jeffery Wall is any indicator of the kind of legal talent backing the Justice Department, Assange will easily prevail. But as usual in a Trump Administration, any actual warrant by the US Government is likely an empty bluff.


What is the future for Assange?

Ecuador has already offered him political asylum in Ecuador. Assange has been living in the Ecuador Embassy in London. It is believed that Assange will request asylum in France now that the Swedish Case is a nullity.


Assange should thank Sessions and Trump for running their mouths.

Since the Trump Administration had expressed hostility toward Assange, Assange’s lawyer asked Sweden to cancel the arrest warrant.

“This implies that we can now demonstrate that the US has a will to take action… this is why we ask for the arrest warrant to be cancelled so that Julian Assange can fly to Ecuador and enjoy his political asylum,” Said Samuelsson.



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