Once a lying piece of trash always a lying piece of trash. Susan RICE the black famous-for-nothing former UN Secretary, former national security adviser is the black widow finger woman for Obama. All roads now point directly to the former Commander in Chump Obama as the puppet master behind Susan Rice’s many requests to reveal names of “Incidentals” being monitored by INTEL. In lay terms or black talk terms, the Gov m…therf..kers were spying on Trump’s phone calls and communications. They claim these were “Incidental” surveillances which just means they were spying on Trump without a warrant.” Normally in such instances NO NAMES would ever be attached to those incidental communications. SUSAN RICE OBAMAS BLACK BENGHAZI BOTCHER UNMASKED TRUMP LEAKER.



The big question here for all you legal beagles is whether RICE should go to jail or even Obama!

The single most important FACT is that SUSAN RICE AND OBAMA had no business pretending to investigate TRUMP. The White House does not preform investigative functions. Those are the Soul duties of the Justice Department and FBI.

The claim that will be made by Obama is that he was concerned about RUSSIANS taking over the election process. Yawn. It is a tired argument but this would allow for this “Incidental” warrant-less surveillance. Don’t blame me, blame Jimmy Carter’s Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. This bill wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on because it essentially gave US intelligence the right to broadly gather information without a warrant. It was US Intelligence who RICE requested to unmask the names. So there is a punk in US Intelligence for sure. But Trump plays footsies with these scum so hard to be sympathetic.

Historically the intelligence community has no particular requirement to hide names of those picked up in incidental surveillance. They are suppose to hide these names but it is not a felony if they don’t. Unless the incidental surveillance was a frivolous cover story to gain political advantage by the Obama Administration. Clearly this is a real issue. Susan Rice’s many requests to have the names involved in these conversations “unmasked” is concerning.

As for leaking this incidental surveillance information to the press; that is in fact a real live FELONY!

Since Susan Rice had these documents spread far and wide throughout the Obama Administration and to persons close to the Clinton Campaign and Clinton Foundation, there are a lot of potential rooms for leaks that may never be discovered. The Drive-by-media knows where they got the leaks but they are not talking. They are immune under the First Amendment whether they abuse that Right or not.

This just needs to be filed under the Heading of Obama Scumbag:

Obama was, is, and forever will be a scumbag. But let’s understand that Trump and his Bush Third Term love this incidental surveillance rule. Bush made a valiant effort to destroy the 4th Amendment. He wanted a police state with no rules and so did the Liberals.

Liberals like to position themselves as “peace-nicks” but they sponsored the king daddy of all false flag wars, VIETNAM! It is astonishing to this day that NIXON is most blamed for Vietnam and not Jack Kennedy and LBJ. But in the movie “Lincoln” staring Daniel Day Lewis, most millennials came away thinking Lincoln was a Democrat! Some Democrats, the original party to slavery has tried to pin Slavery on Republicans since Thomas Jefferson had slaves.


What can Trump, IVANKA, and KUSHNER DO?

If they wanted to discover the leaker, they might put up a large reward such as $1 million for disclosure and evidence leading to the conviction of the leaker. Somebody would get fingered and go to jail. Might even be Hillary or one of her DNC affiliates. That would lead to a second conviction of releasing classified material to a former State Department Official. Otherwise this story will die like all the other Democratic Party Swamp stories.


Trump is not a swamp drainer, he is a swamp facilitator:

Everyone in the public sector is filthy dirty. Trump has loaded his administration with Bush Retreads. Trump hasn’t and won’t drain any swamps. That is the stark reality for Voters. Politicians really are scumbags. Trump and his family are grifters. They are the political answer to Glengarry Glen Ross… always be closing.

A great example of the grifter mind is the use of Mara Lago instead of the White House for entertaining Heads of State. Mara Lago makes money off all this stuff. Without government bid processes the Trump Kids get fat off the Taxpayers. They have zero thoughts about a conflict of interest. Welcome to the swamp.



Do I think this was just an “Incidental surveillance”?

No way. The moment that Clinton and Obama started making the Russian Hacking claims, it was unquestionably them sharing the “front” story just as they did that stupid phony story about Benghazi being caused by a YouTube video. All three players: Obama, Clinton and RICE were involved in that one. That shows a repeating pattern of deceit.

This was intended.

This was the excuse for Obama and RICE and Clinton to get political dirt on Trump. It was a filthy administration conspiring against a candidate. Remember this last election was once again the lesser of two evils. Clinton was satanic. Trump a two bit grifter. Neither has much in the way of character but Trump was an unknown commodity so people took their chances. It has turned in a Bush Third Term so its disappointing. But it would have been worse with Clinton. Remember gridlock is always better than unopposed government of any kind.

Large factions of the Republican party despise RINOS like Paul Ryan, John McCain, and Mitch McConnell. Trump embraced them so his agenda isn’t going anywhere. He can knock down some Obama regulations but Trump won’t get anything big done because he’s gone RINO and Republicans and Democrats will have to oppose more Bush idiocy. This includes endless protracted long distance wars and recessions.

Susan RICE was asked in March about unmasking and monitoring Trump. SHE DENIED ANY KNOWLEDGE! What does this mean? EXPECT ANOTHER DENIAL NOW THAT SHE HAS BEEN CAUGHT. In fact, just minutes ago she admitted to the unmasking but DENIED leaking the information. EXPECT MORE DENIALS, MORE LIES out of the Obama Administration.


Meanwhile Trump exposed himself as philosophically useless.

Simply stated Trump can’t be trusted. His Glengarry Glen Ross styled sales job of RINOCARE was a total vacation of Republican principles. It was RINO all the way. Finally the press is reporting that Conservatives did not like the RINOCARE bill. It had nothing to do with repealing Obamacare. The legislation was a phony stunt by Trump and Ryan to call this mess repeal and replace. It most certainly was not a repeal. It was an atrocity reinforcing an atrocity. Nothing was good on either side of the fence. In fact, it looked identical. Instead of States getting stuck with the subsidies,  RINOCARE stuck it to the Taxpayers.

As I said it was a filthy bill to toss at Republicans. Trump thought nothing of it. He then went on to threaten those that opposed this trash. Out of control. Now Conservatives know Trump is a grifter so they will shut his Paul Ryan Bush Agenda down.


Bottom line: Never trust a RINO or a Liberal or a Grifter.

Trump polls have dropped by 78% among independents and the base that elected him. His polls are now lower than Bush. What did you expect Grifter… when you become the Bush Third Term!

So don’t get real excited or indignant over this foul Susan Rice, Obama conduct. It’s to be expected but it won’t go anywhere. People of this country should have revolted over that phony Benghazi video story of Rice, Clinton and Obama. But they didn’t. You get the country you deserve; a dishonest, immoral garbage dump. Enjoy the prison of your own making.

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