FIRST OFF LET’s Dispose of Susan Collins that Senator Trian Wreck from Maine. In simple terms, SHE WANTS OBAMACARE Bailouts put into the RINOTAX fake Tax reform bill. Boo Hoo Whooo she said Mitch McConnell promised her that he would pass two bailout bills to get her vote. Now that she voted in favor of RINOTAX she’s out of the loop. She says she won’t vote for the RINOTAX unless she gets concessions.  Meanwhile, MARCO RUBIO is back playing the Illegal Alien Child Tax Credit card. Top sport in Florida is Hispanic women dropping anchor “citizens.” SUSAN COLLINS MARCO RUBIO PLAY STUPID OVER RINOTAX REFORM BACKSTABBING.



Both Collins and Rubio are willing to watch Medicare get gutted by RINOTAX as long as they get some new bigger entitlement welfare into their bottomed out pickpocket constituents. In Rubio’s case, many of his constituents can’t vote because they are illegals. But in his old age, he is hoping for the gratitude of these Welfare Anchors.

Rubio figures he is better off with the Hispanic vote than Florida Elderly. So he is supporting that idiotic doubling of the Ivanka Child Tax Credit. This is the bill that lets Hispanic anchor-baby-machines get paid $2000 dollar per child per year plus all the welfare they can grab. This is just Hispanic Anchor Baby welfare the fastest growing welfare segment in Amerika! The future of Amerika is MEXICO! MARCO will see to it.

With 35 Million Mexican squatters in the USA at present, that is 1500 new anchor babies a DAY! Trump deportations are 3% less than Obama. These RINOs are gaming you. UNDER Trump you have had more anchors than under Obama.


It’s the same old double talk with these losers.

RINOs claim they will eliminate the personal Obamacare mandate but hidden deep in the secret bill, they will then somehow bailout Obamacare and stick that to the middle-class taxpayers. While all along retaining their lavish PPO all expenses paid no deductible healthcare for life for themselves. They stick it to you wherever possible.  But they always help themselves. That is Marco Rubio for you…  but he’s actually a racist. He thinks White folks now have to serve Mexicans like they are royalty. Meanwhile, the USA invites every 65 year old Cuban into America and gives them $800 a month Social Security, though they never worked a day in the USA and are not American Citizens. That is Marco’s politics.

Look at the fine print Americans you are being played. As for the Elderly in Florida; if you are so stupid that you let this happen, you deserve it. The Hispanic invasion is now in virtually all Southern States especially Florida and Texas. The non-English speaking wave has sprawled up from Miami to Southern Orlando clear across to Tampa. South Florida is now a third world country.


Liberals want to turn those States into the next California.

The invasion is how they intend to do it. US Military is galavanting through the Middle East for nothing and just 90 miles from the USA the festering sore Cuba has off-loaded their garbage into Miami and it is creeping north. It is the Cuban WELFARE entitlement wave, paving the way for every other island misfit to climb about the USA TRUMP WELFARE TRAIN.



Quite voting for these stinking Incumbents!


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