Banon is craping in his newly fitted RINO DIAPERS. Ivonka’s RAT Scaramucci just knocked off Reince Priebus. Kellyanne is talking about catching a shiv in ribs, and Trump is calling in the Military.  Lt. Gen. John F. Kelly has sworn allegiance to Donald Trump and is now IN COMMAND of the WEST WING! STRONGMAN TRUMP DECLARES MARSHALL LAW LITE MILITARY GENERAL STORMS WEST WING IVANKAS RAT CONSUMES PRIEBUS CHEESE.


IVONKA’S PET RAT Consumes Priebus Cheese. You’re gone Pal!

Is that a Shiv in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

Kellyanne Conway reported that life in the West Wing has gotten more like prison life in a James Cagney movie.  She said that it was like getting a shiv stuck in you. She was likely talking about Priebus’s fast exit from the West Wing by the likes of Ivonka’s pet Rat Scaramucci.

Meanwhile Trump continues to fill his Bush Third Term with Bush Third Term Retread Generals. Meanwhile Unkempt Bannon is turning RINO as fast as he can. He has called for the regulation of social media Facebook, Google, and increased Taxes on the rich. He’s now a Bush Third Term kinda guy!



This is perfect for Trump. He has spent a lifetime trying to surround himself with YES MEN. Anyone that has served in the Military know exactly what wimps are. They are the Tin Soldiers that pass the buck faster than Obama could throw the blame.  Ayn Rand referred to these types as smiling voting machines. They have to ask someone else what they think and that person has to ask someone else what they think and so on. Nobody in the chain has enough brains to house one solitary cogent thought. Welcome to Military Command. That is why in a real war like Vietnam, we get our backsides kicked. Look at the rag heads. It hasn’t worked so well there either. Iraq has already been overrun.

I give zero respect to most military Rank. Lifers are loser who wanted the easy life. Before you give me your snotty misplaced patriotism be aware:

In Vietnam, 75% of Army enlisted casualties were Privates or Corporals. The USMC losses show 91% were Pvts or Cpls.  This will shock a person with a normal brain.  40% of Marine enlisted casualties in Nam were teenagers.  25% of all enlisted casualties were between 17 and 19 year of age. STOP AND ACTUALLY THINK ABOUT THAT!


I will add that these kids died for nothing.

Vietnam was a false flag war started by the United State under the false cover story that the USS Maddox was attacked by North Vietnam. It never happened.  John McCain’s father who was the highest ranking commander in this theater, knew the Maddox was never attacked. He and James Stockwell another pretend hero who was flying over the Maddox kept their mouths shut knowing full well that the Maddox was never attacked. That is not honor. That is the apex of dishonor. It is in effect keeping secret a criminal conspiracy. Those names on that Vietnam war memorial are mostly just kids. Those that were maimed and injured were mostly kids. Their bodies destroyed by tin soldiers for nothing.


Worse Trump’s administration has some Nut named McMaster that thinks Generals didn’t take measures into their own hands and take control of that war. What a bloody idiot. Americans couldn’t even tell who was the enemy. But they could sure tell who was the enemy. All the bombs in the world, all the carpet bombing couldn’t stop Ho Chi Minh.



But but but what about Donald Trump? Didn’t he serve in Vietnam.

Nope Son of a guy with nearly half a billion dollars had his local doctors decry that Donny had bone spurs that were so painful he couldn’t play golf,  he couldn’t serve in war even at a desk job like Al Gore. The Rich’in’s took care of their kids. Your kids were chopped up like bait.


You have all met them.

The guy that retires from the military and wants to be called Col. or Major or some other fool rank as if they out-rank a civilian. Surprise! No six star general outranks a civilian. So spare us your greatness. You think lifers have brains that swell like an engineer trying to solve a complex problem? Geesshhh get a life. Thinking men don’t go into the military. Yes men go there. Thinking men are the ones that design and build the weapons. Grunts deliver them and the Tin Soldier look from afar planning their early retirements and pasting their uniforms with salad dressing.


I honer the grunt that puts his life on the line, not the Tin Soldier that sits back from afar way out of harms way collecting from the government.

In the end who gets the shaft? The Grunt. The Grunt gets injured and nobody gives a crap. Oh but but but we have to give the sexual reassignment surgeries top priority. This cap makes me crazy. VA hospitals are GARBAGE! Don’t tell me otherwise. You honor the Tin Soldiers and you shun the grunt.

Trump with his bullcrap. VA Hospitals are no better than they were under OBAMA. They should be scrapped and let these fighting men have access to regular hospitals. Let the Tin Solders go to the VA. Last time I was near a VA Hospital, I couldn’t find a Doctor or a nurse that spoke English. Don’t talk to me about the kind of care our fighting men are getting!

Oh but but but IVONKA wants paid leave for yuppies that have yuppie kids. News FLASH PRINCESS TRUMP, most disabled Vets are single men that live at the bottom of the economic pileup. It is a disgrace. Another thing. I am sick of the TRUMP KIDS. You have amounted to nothing. Not one scholar out of the bunch. Just useless nepotinastic apples falling rotten from the tree.


TRUMP’s Latest Bully Efforts against China’s Xi:

Trump treats China’s President Xi Jinping like a cheap charlie laundry boy. In the process Trump always holds China Trade over their heads as if Xi has to fulfill Trump’s will or else. Yawn. Trump is just begging for trouble from both Russia and China. Both Border North Korea. Trump plays lousy checkers and these guys play chess.

Trump’s yapping Generals are blowing off a lot of steam over Korea but the last time the US was there, they got overrun at Pork Chop Hill by the Chinese. Americans do not do well fighting Asians. Trump figures he can be the mad bomber from afar. He best be careful. If Kim Jong Un were attacked by Trump, Un would be morally in a position to defend North Korea. Don’t underestimate the North Koreans or China and Russia.

It is obvious that the Chinese are assisting Kim Jong Un to beef up his missile capability. If I were China or Russia, I would want Kim Jong to take out those POWERFUL TRUMP ARMADAS. Battle is over at that point. Those that think the US would retaliate with Nukes are idiots. That wouldn’t even be an option by the Joint Chief’s. Trump will have started it. If Trump’s Armada were sunk, Trump would have nothing to hit back with.


One thing that absolutely doesn’t work on Asians is a show of power.

Trump has order yet another bombing drill from South Korea. North Korea has bomb shelters from one end to the other.  Trump will never defeat North Korea. If he puts Troops on the ground in North Korea, they will be butchered. The fact that Trump is resorting to drills shows he is fully boxed in. There is absolutely no reason China or Russia should cooperate with Trump. Trump says he will sign a bill for more Russian Sanctions. Yet another political promise down the drain. It is obvious that the great Negotiator ain’t even good at negotiating.

With his 41% approval rating, Trump would drop to 25%. There are always 25% of people nutty enough in the USA to back a Bush Third Term or an Obama Third Term. But Trump could not retaliate. He would have nothing to retaliate with if Kim Jong Un took out two carrier groups. Americans would view Trump as the instigator.



China and Russia released a Joint Statement saying that a Military Solution is North Korea was something that should be avoided. The big orange Bone spurred bully is being played like a Tiny Tim Ukulele.


Where is all this Trump Nuttiness heading?

Some pundits have said that Trump is breaking ranks with the Establishment Republicans. What does that mean? He fires an alley in Priebus and publicly humiliates Jeff Sessions. Sessions is not an establishment Republican. Trump is singling out personalities.  Trump figures the reason he is failing is because of others. It can’t be that Trump is a two faced liar who has reneged on every political promise he made. He looks like a fraud and nothing more.


Trump blew the Obamacare Repeal by demanding his socialist Replacement Trumpcrapcare III.

He is so stupid that he could not grasp why Trumpcarapare I and II were rejected. Only a moron goes ahead and demands Trumpcrapcare III. John Brain Tumor ended that and took Trump to the cleaners too boot. Trump looked like the novice fools he is.


Now Trump is angry over the Senate 60 vote procedure:

The reality is that nobody is buying Trump’s BBQ. He has no concept of policy. He has no earthy notion how to lead. All he knows is Twitter and how to blow off at the mouth.  I think he has mortally wounded himself with his attack of Jeff Sessions. I am surprise that Sessions remains on and has not resigned.


Trump is pushing for more in your face style.

That is exactly what Americans find so unappealing about Trump in the fist place. He is a bully, an unaccomplished bully. His entire claim to fame is wealth, wealthy accrued by his daddy. Trump could have invested his inheritance in Microsoft stock and he would be worth ten times what he is worth today.


You’re a killer and a king or a loser….  Fred Trump


Donald has proven himself to be a loser. Welcome to the NYC Jerk House.

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