At the height of the Dot Coms euphoria there were a lot of garbage companies with high flying stocks. Shareholders did fine until the bottom fell out. The vast majority of Dot coms went broke. That lesson in idiocy has now been replaced by social media stocks. I have always felt that one day the public will awaken and realize how dangerous Facebook is to their lives through the destruction of privacy. But for the present… let privacy be damned. The CIA and everyone else is reading your mail. Then comes Snapchat. It is essentially a message that terminates itself. That might be useful. SNAP STOCK CRAP STOCK OR TRUMP SNAPPER GRABBER STOCK SMUTCHAT.


Rainbow Vomit… an acquired taste. Millennials actually think this is hilarious. One of Snap’s great app features… Millennials are the genetic brick wall. No wonder Seinfeld no longer visits college campuses.


Suppose you were Donald Trump trying to hit on a married woman named Nancy O’Dell.

Thinking like Trump, you want action and you want it fast before the frustration of being a total loser sets in. So what do you do? Twitter? No, that’s OK for north Korea when you want to be a public bully. But hitting on a married woman poses real risks for Trump. For example what if Hubby field an alienation of affection lawsuit? What if the woman being hit on by Trump accused him of being a stalker? With Twitter the evidence is clear.

The last time he did a phony interview pretending to be Johnathan Miller a fake Trump Employee who not only sounded like Trump but used TrumpSpeak. Voice prints also match. Trump admitted in 1991 that he was playing Miller “as a joke” but then last year denied it when the story surfaced before the election. The tape made him look like an idiot.


Trump could use a messaging system that self-destructs.

Then denial would be much easier because the evidence would vanish.

SnapChat doesn’t allow SMUT. So Trump is out of luck for now.

In truth, smut-free messages that disappear or self-destruct are pretty useless. But for Trump SnapChat that allowed Smut would be a Godsend. In fact change the name to SmutChat.


Understand nothing is secure.

For example a recipient of a Trump Smutchat could use a screen saver and make a permanent record of the Trump Smut. However the chances of that happening would be low unless Trump was being a persistent stalker.


There are only a few ways disappearing messages may get a market following:

A limited offer might do it. For example imagine a Snapchat add that gives you 50% off on a case of wine. The offer expires in 30 seconds so you move on it or lose it. That could glue consumers to a snapchat store.

The other is porn communication. Facebook gets mentioned in roughly 80% of all divorces these days. Courts will use these files to imply various infidelities. But with Smutchat that wouldn’t be a problem. Those messages filled with hot talk and hot photos would magically vanish from the universe as if they were never expressed.


There is absolutely no reason why Snapchat can’t push Smutchat on another server system.

Of course distributing smut has a downside. Kiddy porn luring is just one of them. However Snap can’t possibly be responsible for user’s abuse. But Smutchat for non-criminal adults would have a market. Vanishing Valentine’s cards for example.

They could also be used by BillCollectorChat… “Pay your rent or Rocko will be knockin!”


Unless Snap gets out of its moronic Millennial funk SNAP is likely to be a great belly up stock.

At present we have a SELL rating on SNAP. Our view is this is a couple of punks that wrote a worthless app and have cashed in by going public. But it just adds to the next generation Dot Coms which are the Social Cons ready for a market thrashing.


BTW Trump Extended the Federal Red Snapper Season this year.

What kind of “Snapper” did you think we were talking about? Kay Ivey and Gov. Rich Scott were delighted.

“Thank you Big Snapper!”



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