You can always tell a man that doesn’t drive his own car. He doesn’t know where he’s going. Trump is a man without a compass. He has no gyro in his brain to tell him right from left or right from wrong. As a result of his fishtailing and bungling the Base that put him in the Oval Office is vacating him. His approval polls are at record lows and heading lower. Shadow Brokers a hacking group released a trove of NSA hacking tools to the public as punishment to Trump for abandoning the base that put him in office. Trump remains oblivious. Each and everyday he is sinking his own ship. SHALLOW STATE TRUMP BASE GIVETH NOW TAKETH AWAY.

Trump Jerk Meter 100 days and pegged!


Shadow brokers complained about several items. We will add some additional items.

“Goldman Sachs (TheGlobalists) and Military Industrial Intelligence Complex (MIIC), cabinet, #2 — Backtracked on Obamacare, #3 — Attacked the Freedom Caucus (TheMovement), #4 — Removed Bannon from the NSC, #5 — Increased U.S. involvement in a foreign war (Syria Strike).” 

These were reported by


Our Concerns go well beyond those of Shadow Brokers. We detect a serious morality issue.


The diverting of funds for Government business to Trump Enterprises and Trump kids.

Under the smoke screen of donating his presidential salary to the Park Service, the biggest benefactor of Trump’s administration has been the Trump Organization and Trump Kids. Millions of dollars have been funneled off for the USE of Trump Towers and Mar-a-Lago a public club. No bidding process has been involved. These government funds are being diverted by the millions to these Trump properties. The Grifter in Chief is picking the Taxpayer’s pockets for millions!


The Obamas abused vacations like no other First Family before them.

It even got to the point of using two separate 747’s to accommodate Obama and his Moocher to Argentina. Michele Obama racked up high dollar vacations at every turn. Prior to this in the Reagan era, the Reagans paid for their own vacations and airfare. We have stepped a long way into the abyss since then.

Trump’s diverging funds is clearly unlawful. Mar-o-Lago is a private business with an attached living quarter for Trump. But the wining and dinning of heads of state at Mar-o-Lago is a contracted affair. Mar-o-Lago is charging the taxpayers millions for this service. None of it has gone out to bid. None of it has been properly Congressionally appointed. The same thing applies to his hotel in Washington DC and Trump Towers in New York. The Trump Kids are making millions off this conflict of interest. Camp David and the White House have ample facilities and security to handle all foreign dignitaries. That was the purpose of those facilities.

The Obamas racked up nearly $200 million in travel and vacations in eight years. Trump and his family will exceed this in four years by a wide margin and make the Obama’s pick pocketing look like pikers. Most of these millions will flow directly into Trump bank accounts.


As for the attacks on Syria. That is an impeachable offense.

Trump acted unilaterally without permission from Congress.  He also had no permission from the UN Security Council for persuasive support.

When Obama wanted to act Unilaterally against Syria in 2012, his legal team could not find legal justification for such action. They recommended that Obama ask for Congressional permission. Obama did so. The Congress never acted on the request because Russia brokered a deal with Syria to give up all its chemical weapons.

There are no loopholes for Trump.

We have no allies in Syria. We are not defending an ally by treaty. ISIS is not an ally.  The United States or personnel are not at risk. That means the Trump attack was a violation of the the US Constitution and the War Powers Act. Trump should be taken on for this. The War Powers Act is not the Constitution.

The Constitution expressly and solely gives Congress the power to “Declare” war. This was a complete departure from original British law which gave the King or Queen the singular power to declare war.  The founding fathers intended the Constitution to bar this kind of Kingly power. Clearly Trump thinks he is King and must think he is in another country. Trump should be served Articles of Impeachment. The Congress must assert and reinforce it’s Constitutional powers.


We do not like Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner as employees of this administration. THEY NEED GONE!

5 U.S. Code § 3110 – Employment of relatives; restrictions

We do not understand their authority or their reach into classified information or policy matters. Neither have any experience of any kind applicable to State Department work. It appears from media reports that Ivanka Trump may have been the catalyst behind Trump’s Unconstitutional Syrian attacks and the sudden unlawful conduct of the Trump Administration pushing for Regime Change in Syria.


One Comic quipped that Jared Kushner has less foreign diplomatic experience than Dennis Rodman.


Because Ivanka is not being “paid” a salary does not entirely exclude her from this US code provision. Ivanka has a massive security detail which no other employees of the Executive Branch receives.  That is a form of compensation given expressly to a relative of Trump. 100 agents attended to her Aspen Vacation in which the Trump Kids used Air Force one and piled up a $20,000 ski rental bill for the downhill security team.  She also bandies power due to nepotism. That is undue influence. There is no clear break between herself and the Assets of the Trump Organization. Undoubtedly she is a beneficiary of these businesses now being used for Government work. She and Kushner need to be removed from participation in this Administration.

RINOCARE was a total capitulation and worse than Obamacare:

We have spoken of this many times. RINOCARE II which is now in the works is that same as RINOCARE except it now gives an $18 Billion dollar bailout to Insurance Companies at the Taxpayer’s expense. Congress still enjoys its lavish PPO for life. You also pay for all of it.

Trump’s campaign promises of policies selling across state lines and cheap affordable major medical have all vanished. RINOCARE merely shifts the welfare provisions of Obamacare from the unfunded Federal Government to the Taxpayer. Its a Tax. It is far worse than Obamacare because it uses the Taxpayer to bail out the whole program forever. The machinery of Obamacare remains intact right down to policies requiring provision for sexual reassignment surgery and treatment for gambling addiction.

Trump used Glengarry Glen Ross sales techniques to bribe, coerce, threaten Republicans to vote for this trash. It was a total moral abandonment of principle. Trump call this crap a wonderful bill. But then he threatened the Freedom Caucus members.


Vacating Bannon.

We could care less about BANNON. He’s rude, unlikable, odd…  but Trump picked him or used him. For Trump its the same thing. But Trump also filled his cabinet and the military with RINO Bush Commanders. This is a real step in the direction of a Bush Third Term. While Bannon is an opponent of the Deep State, he made his money slurping for Goldman Sachs. That makes him completely suspect in my book.

We don’t really know the Trump finances or son-of-a-crook Jared Kushner’s linkages to Goldman Sachs or other banking interests which could compromise their independent judgment. One thing is certain, Trump has turned globalist very rapidly.

We don’t care about Bannon because he has been ineffective. If he is opposed to the Deep State, why is Trump moving so fast into globalism? Bannon is patently useless.

Trump doesn’t know the difference between being resolute and being a bully. He’s also excessively rude:

He’s a rich kid punk that never had the stuffing kicked out of him as a kid. He always had the protection of Daddy and Daddy’s money.  When Boys grow up they have to face other males. There is a socialization required for men. If they don’t get this education; you raise a two bit punk. It is comprised of respect and never crowding another man. Men fight as youth. Ironic as it sounds… that is how they avoid wars when they become adults.

If not for this socialization men would be at constant war with each other. They learn to avoid that by being polite and disinterested and indirect. Trump was sissy-raised so he doesn’t know any of this stuff. He’s a loud tantrum thrower. There is no indication at all that he had any real friends whatsoever in his life or any significant male roll models. His behavior around other men is weird.


Who does he bully? Everybody.

His awful open mic interview with Bill Bush simply showed he had no notion how to interact with women or men.  It was of course disrespectful but more than that, it was lacking in basic manners and politeness.  I know lots of men and with the exception of a few low life cops I know and dislike, I have never known any male that talked like this about women to a total stranger as a matter of course. It is the mark of a man of extremely low character. That is not the kind of man you want as President.

It is a substantial character flaw in which spoiled rich punks place themselves at the center of the universe. Mitt Romney was another example. Trump is a punk and that’s why pseudo tough guys like Robert Di Nero and Arnold Schwarzenegger continue to say they would like to SMASH TRUMP’S FACE. That of course is a euphemism describing Trump as a guy with no manners, that somehow missed out on being taught boundaries.


Finally and this is just a dose of reality.

Trump and his family are a pack of Grifters taking full advantage of the taxpayers. Voters wanted a revolution. They wanted America to be brought back to a better era. They wanted control of their borders. People wanted to slow down the migration of jobs overseas. They wanted an end to these massive deficits. Obamacare is an oppressive tax destroying both individuals and businesses and they wanted it ended. Voters were stunned when Trump introduced RINOCARE which was even worse than Obamacare.  They want the 35 million Mexican squatters out. Trump meanwhile is moving toward Amnesty for Dreamers.


The wall has all but been forgotten.

One promise after another Trump has reneged. His word means nothing. These are the same promises that came with TRUMP University a scam to get in on the student loan gravy train. Grifters.

People wanted their country back. They didn’t want to continue as policemen of the world or live under a police state.  People want the heavy hand of government lifted off their backs. They don’t want TSA gropers or their loss of freedoms. One thing they did not want was more BUSH or more Obama. Looks like they ended up with both in Trump.


Look at Trump’s Administration:

Goldman Sachs at every turn. Bush IRAQ Commanders everywhere. RINOs in the State Department. Bush retreads everywhere. It was a short trip to watching the NSA AND CIA taking over.


Look at Gorsuch: The base is queasy about this guy.

Mark my words, I have combed through all his legal opinions and this is not a Scalia. This is a RINO Picked in that same vane of Justice Roberts, Kennedy and Souter. Gorsuch is not a guy that will fight for anyone’s rights. This is a guy that thinks the Constitution is a compromise toward consensus. Many of his legal ideas are liberal and all are watered down. He is not even sure if the Second Amendment only applies to your home. Trump is illiterate. He got a list probably handed to him by some RINO or his Sister. He picked the weakest of the Bunch.

Then we got a full dose of Harry Reid. The Constitution requires 2/3 senate approval for a Justice. Gorsuch sits as the only Supreme Court Judge in all of US History with a simply majority. His conformation should be challenged in Court and settled by the Supreme Court. His sitting is a violation of the Constitution. Because of the controversy and political nuclear option, Gorsuch will bend over backwards trying to show his legitimacy by being another Souter.

Trump should have withdrawn this choice abiding the law then placed a real conservative on the court. If the Democrats did not cooperate then, Trump would have had the moral authority to have McConnell apply the nuclear options.

Trump blew it with this choice. Americans will regret this choice. Trump put no more thought into this than anything else. He is the shallowest fish in the shallowest pond.


Establishment Republicans RINOs are back in control just as they were with the Bush Administration.

Trump is now part of the Trumpstablishment which is degrees worse than Bush. Each day he delegates more and more power to Ivanka and Kushner both unelected liberals that didn’t even vote in the last election. Trump meanwhile is wandering around throwing cruise missiles at Syria and Steaming a carrier fleet toward North Korea. Now he faces 150,000 Chinese Troops.


Trump chose to bomb Syria during dessert with Chinese President Xi and his wife without a thought as to how that would play with Xi. Trump is rude.

It was a rude gesture costing Xi loss of face. To people who don’t care about that let me remind you that Xi and his wife were guests of the United States NOT TRUMP GUESTS!  They weren’t here to kiss Trump’s ring!  Protocols are expected to be followed and courtesy is required. Trump is a low life slob for doing this.  I am certain protocols were discussed with Trump and he ignored them. Again the mark of a stupid man. Shows he has no manners at all.

The height of Trump ignorance was shown when he claimed that Xi understood immediately why Trump Bombed Syria. Moron. Asians always attempt to be polite even when they lose face. Trump is ignorant, loud and unlikable.

The Xi response in North Korea is the recapture of face and a defiant spit in the eye of Trump. Xi has brought in an army of 150,000 men. He’s not playing around.


Trump crowds men.

That’s ok for a pussy like Kushner. It’s turning Bannon crazy. But Trump has no idea who he is dealing with when it comes to Xi or for that matter Putin. Xi is tough as nails, a hard worker and smart. Unlike Trump he is not interested in the trappings of power nor bowled over by ostentatious displays. His wife is a famous Chinese Celebrity in her own right. Xi is a modest man but he is competent.

Trump is suddenly backpedaling on Syrian regime Change.

He did this tonight after his moronic moronic White House Spokesman Spicer claimed Assad chemical weapons atrocities were worse than Hitler’s! Who came up with that IVONKA OR KUSHNA? It had to be somebody with a very empty head.

Trump’s REX Tillerson RINO oil man with no State Department Experience whatsoever has continued to claim Assad must go and will be replaced shortly. Meanwhile Nikki “The good wife” Haley is pushing the hard rhetoric at the UN that Trump is going to bomb again.  Of course there is no talk of the Unconstitutionality of Trump’s bombing action.

These Mixed signals made the stock market tumble.  Markets don’t like war and they don’t like uncertainty. Trump is always uncertain.  The non RINO Republican remains livid.


Trump now claims that he is not talking about Regime Change in Syria but going after ISIS.

This is just more stupid Trump talk. Fist off Trump has NO LEGAL Authority to go after ISIS anywhere. He can’t float into a sovereign country and just start blowing the place up looking for ISIS. Further Trump is no student of history or anything else. ISIS is virtually identical to the IRA. The IRA is fully infiltrated inside the British government.


The IRA invented modern day terrorism.

They brought the British Government to its knees. The British Army could not destroy the IRA any more than ISIS can be destroyed.

Obama certainly did not create ISIS. Trump’s allegation is mindless.  ISIS or a similar entity has been around for 5000 years. They are everywhere throughout the Middle East and Persia. Nobody will ever stop them. It is perhaps the stupidest military idea since the Crusades.


I will conclude with North Korea and China in general.

I can tell you what is going to happen in North Korea. Nothing. The movement of 150,000 Chinese Troops finished the game. Trump claims to be sending an armada with subs. He could send every boat the US has; It won’t make a difference.

If there is any country on earth that can survive a nuclear attack it is North Korea. The country has bomb shelters everywhere. There will be no nation building here. North Korea’s present state was founded by Stalin. Communist China is not about to allow North Korea to become a democratic country. Nation building is DOA here. It won’t happen.

North and South Korea have a truce; They are still technically at war.

Thank the USA for another stupid idea. The US pulled the same thing in Vietnam. Democracy did not win in Vietnam. Americans did not win in Vietnam. The best approach in Korea is a peace treaty between North and South Korea. That is the first step to normalization.

Kim Jong Un while a flaming clown can say anything he wants to the enemies of North Korea. In this case it is South Korea and South Korean allies. Floating a thousand ships around North Korea isn’t going to make a difference. It is a waste of time and money.


As for China:

China takes the long view. The long view is simple. China will eventually be the strongest global superpower. Why? Because they will be the largest economy. At present China makes more heavy steel than anyone else. But their metallurgy technology is lagging. Russian metallurgy is highly advanced. By pushing China and Russia together the United States is planting the seeds of trouble for the long term.


There is no reason for the US Military to act the roll of Trump’s alter ego: a flaming bully

Nobody likes a bully. At present the United States has superiority in Carrier strike capability but that is of questionable superiority if a land base is present particularly if missile defense is present. An injured carrier deck through a John McCain styled negligence incident incapacitates the Carrier and sadly can kill many high quality pilots. A carrier that can’t fight is a sitting duck. The United States has the largest carrier fleet and the largest carriers. They remain technically difficult to deploy in high seas and foul weather conditions.

At any given time the USA has three operational carriers. They are tough ships, difficult to sink, they are fast and they always keep moving. However they are no match for a bunker bomb or a nuclear weapon. This is also another reason why smaller countries favor nuclear deterrence. Nuclear weapons are ALWAYS a significant threat. There is no such thing as a conventional force that can neutralized a nuclear threat either first strike or retaliation. Thus conventional war become more risky. Attacking a nuclear armed country with conventional arms is risky.

This is then a mathematical truth if you are student of logical war games.

If you are intellectual in nature and read, which eliminates BUSH, OBAMA and TRUMP, Herman Kahn wrote a marvelous book, “On Thermonuclear War.” The key to global safety is to essentially be afraid of these weapons. At one point everyone thought that any country with a nuclear reactor would develop Nuclear weapons. In truth building a nuclear weapon is relatively cheap. Testing is is very expensive. Many countries that have the capability choose not to build them because testing is a hassle, a big hassle.

To a great extent the safety of the world is based on the cautiousness of a nation. In this regard there is little to fear from China which is a very conservative and cautious country. There is little to fear from Russia for the same reason. Little to fear from Britain, India, Pakistan, or France for the very same reasons.


I am not so sure how cautious Iran would be or North Korea.

North Korea has a small nuclear arsenal of relativity small weapons. The greatest danger of the use of Nuclear weapons comes from those that say they have no fear of using them. Even if Kim Jong Un used nuclear weapons, it is very doubtful the US would retaliate using them. In fact Odds go to nil. Joint Chief’s would never authorize their use.  So the actual exercise of threat by Donald Trump is an opened bluff. Not only is it a clear bluff it is a dangerous bluff because Kim Jong Un could use a small nuclear weapon and there would be no nuclear retaliation. It is simple math. Trump doesn’t do math so he lives in the world of the blind.


To Trump, an uneducated man who doesn’t know the math or much about nuclear weapons, it would appear that he could provoke North Korea to use a small nuclear weapon.

Kim and Trump are very similar. Neither has had a normal socialization to other males so they have no boundaries.  That is a good recipe for an accident. In such a case the US has more to lose than Kim. It is incumbent on powerful countries to be much more careful. The assumption being, they have more to lose.

North Korea doesn’t have any treaties that limit their nuclear arsenal or testing. They are still at war technically with South Korea. Under those circumstances, with US threatening, they could use a small nuclear weapon on the US Carrier Fleet with no chance of retaliation. Trump’s conduct would be blamed. The US would not enter a war with North Korea and the Chinese over something so stupid.

Herman Kahn, a physicist mathematician postulated that it if there is to be a nuclear warhead detonated in combat, it is much more likely to involve two smaller countries. One might have thought about Pakistan and India in the past. Though they hate each other they are very careful and cautious with those weapons. I deviate from Kahn. Mathematically I suggest the most likely use of a nuclear weapon is where a smaller country is being threatened or attacked by a larger country threatening or using conventional weapons. I think Trump has created a very serious situation and raised the nuclear risk enormously.


Kahn did not contemplate this because he made a wrong assumption and never really considered the unthinkable.

He assumed that because a large country with nuclear weapons would be cautious, that would carryover to conventional weapons. Trump is reckless with conventional weapons as seen in Syria. He thinks he can bomb sovereign countries at liberty if IVONKA demands it. So now you have a reckless bully against a paranoid Communist.

Trump Administration is still talking Assassination. They are feeding Kim’s paranoia.


The dynamic shifts substantially with Trump’s bluff.

Trump is bombastic. He has a big mouth. He has already sent the carrier fleet to North Korea saying, “Kim is asking for trouble.” The implication being that Trump is heading there to teach Kim a lesson. The question is what lesson is he supposedly teaching? As Kahn would say, “Think the unthinkable.” Imagine that Kim drops a nuclear bomb on the Carrier armada.


What would happen?

The Carrier would be destroyed along with the escort ships. 5000 Seamen would parish along with 80 aircraft and highly skilled pilots. From a military target perspective it is an enormously rich target.

What would the US do at that point? Remember there are 150,000 Chinese Soldiers in North Korea. I will tell you exactly what would happen… NOTHING.

World opinion would say Trump provoked Kim. The Congress would not Declare War. South Korea would want an immediate cooling down of hostilities to avoid nuclear strikes on their cities. Peace talks would begin.


Mathematically Kim can use a nuclear weapon and get away with it. Trump would be neutered. He might even be impeached for being reckless.

When the Joint Chiefs suggested putting nuclear weapons in South Korea, Kim would then be privileged to defend against the threat in like kind. The second option by the Joint Chief’s was to assassinate Kim Jong Un. That would be unlawful and Kim would once again be privileged to defend against it. Trump is a very reckless guy and not very good at poker or war games.

I am a little surprised that the Joint Chiefs gave Trump these two options. Click here for a discussion of the American executive orders prohibiting political assassination. Do they plan to send Navy Seals into North Korea with 150,000 Chinese forces in place?


Finally the take home message is this:

Trump is backpedaling Syria.  His action in Syria was illegal. He had no Congressional authority for a Unilateral action. If it was IVONKA that pushed the dope into this, who cares. She should be removed from the West Wing for undue influence. She’s toxic. Congress has an obligation to impeach. The Constitution is at risk every time some presidential hothead takes matters of foreign war into their own hands. The founding fathers were very smart. If the US was attacked then a declaration of war was assumed. But they did not want some aggressive President acting alone like a king. Such precedents are irrelevant such as Bill Clinton bombing Kosovo. Clinton should have been impeached for this as well.


Trump Administration is now hyping the ability of the Naval Seals like some kind of football game.

There are now 150,000 Chinese soldiers in North Korea. I will remind you that Trump’s first Seal venture of intrigue ended with Trump and IVONKA attending the Seal’s funeral. Shortly thereafter Trump used that soldier’s death as a political pawn.

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