These are the 7 destroyers of Medicine in the United State. Everyone of them is a piece of liberal crap.  Sens. Shelley Moore Capito, Susan Collins, Dean Heller, Lisa Murkowski, John McCain, Rob Portman and Lamar Alexander all voted against Clean Repeal of Obamacare. These are the same scum that voted themselves exemptions in TRUMPCRAPCARE III the bailout of Obamacare which is coming. SCUMBAG RINO 7 OPPOSED OBAMACARE CLEAN REPEAL.


Don’t think for a New York Minute that Trump wanted a Clean Repeal.

Trump wants this phony TRUMPCRAPCARE III Bailout. Trump is in the same camp as the Scumbag 7. I want you to pay attention to what these scumbags have done to you this day. They have Destroyed Medicine and Forever left it in the hands of Federal Government Control. Just like Amtrak and the US Postal Service these six mindless destroyers finished off medicine as you have known it.

First let me dispel the Myths that Canada and The British Health Service and Germany have ever offered better healthcare than profit centered American Medicine.

Every drug, every surgical procedure, all the machines of medicine were invented and built by American Medicine in the spirit of competition. Canada, Britain and Germany only distribute that which American Medicine invented and perfected.

American Medicine alone is responsible for raising the life expectancy of all citizens of the earth, not those that merely distribute that which we created. For without the gifts which American Capitalism created, there would be no medicines, medical supplies, surgical procedures to be distributed. The scumbag 7 today destroyed the fountainhead of American Medicine.


Read it and week America, you elected these scumbags:


Lamar Alexander, RINO TENN,


Shelley Moore Capito, RINO West Virginia,


Susan Collins Rino Maine.


Dean Heller, RINO Nevada,


John McCain, RINO Arizona,


Lisa Murkowski RINO Alaska


Rob Portman, RINO Ohio.



You are setting in granite stone an insurance company crony scam and in the process killing all market incentives that made American Medicine the best in all the world.  Think about it. All those socialized countries like Canada and Britain and Germany that taut their Socialist Government health care systems could not have existed without American Capitalism.

All the medicines used in Britain and Canada and Germany were invented and produced by US Pharmaceutical businesses under the banner of Capitalism. Otherwise these Socialist would not have any medicines to distribute to their people.  Each and every surgical procedure practiced by these Socialist clinics was developed, refined and perfected in America. All the machinery, medical imaging devices, nuclear scans, stents, gamma knives were developed in America by private corporations with a profit motive. It created an environment of competition and innovation. The British Health Service has never invented a single medicine or cured a single disease on its own. Canada is living in the dark ages of extended lines and delayed care.


Under Obamacare which is identical to Romneycare, Ryancare, RINOCARE and TRUMPCRAPCARE, 76% of all private doctor’s offices have closed.

Hospitals in a giant turf grab have hired doctors as employees and contractors. Doctors are officially a commodity viewed as having the same judgement as any other which is false.  Further it is now more difficult than ever to get a doctor’s appointment. It is highly unlikely you will see the same doctor twice in a row. After this virtually all doctor’s offices will close. Marcus Welby is closing his clinic.

The sacred doctor patient relationship has been destroyed by these 6 scumbag RINOs. It doesn’t surprise me that John McCain and his cancerous brain was leading the parade against repeal. Good thing for McCain that he has that lavish no cost to him PPO that he so generously took from your Taxpayers when your back was turned.

If you had gotten the same tumor, you would have been shuffled off to the Death Panels and hospice or provided euthanasia services which Obamacare covers. They won’t cover that glioblastoma surgery. Make no mistake, McCain will die from that tumor. But because he doesn’t have Obamacare and is entirely exempt from all of it, he gets treatment to possibly extend his life but you would have been run off to hospice. That should be a sobering thought to all Americans. All of this phony TrumpCrapCare is intended to reduce your care not provide you with good care. John McCain has the good insurance and you pay for it as well as the garbage you have happily accepted. Therefore you deserve what you get. McCain’s vote simply mocked you for your stupidity.


Trump will try to call this Trillion dollar Obamacare Bailout a “Win” but you the Taxpayers will lose.

Just as the USA life expectancy has dropped since Obamacare was initiated, it will keep dropping. Insurance companies know that delays are cheaper because you can die with delay. John McCain had no limitations on his treatment but you do. After 55 years of age TrumpCrapCare will not allow you to have a stem cell transplant for Leukemia. You can just call hospice.

Medicare benefits are cut with TRUMPCRAPCARE. So is Medicaid.

Think about it. The stuff being cut back is Government medical care. John McCain is 80 and he gets unlimited care with no ceiling costs. Laughably you pay for it along with the garbage he gave to you this day. He’s laughing in your face with his yellow teeth showing. Oh his policy also covers unlimited dental. TRUMPCRAPCARE doesn’t cover any dental.

Believe me these seven RINO stooges and Trump are laughing in your face.


TRUMPCRAPCARE III now called Obamacare skinny is utter garbage. Hopefully it won’t pass.

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