Schumer on Ice. The US senate under the tutelage of Senate lifer Chuck Schumer is getting tough on China. He and a handful of Republicans voted for a $250 Billion dollar 1400 page extravaganza to MAKE MURICA COMPETITIVE AGAIN. While most of the money will end up in Buybacks and other useless enterprises; it’s the Xenophobic thought that counts.

Trumpers largely voted against the Bill. There are some interesting facts related to that but not to RICHARD BURR North Carolina Cornpone who said the bill was not “hard enough on China” and claimed intellectual property was not being protected. Aside from the fact the last intellectual property claim with the WTO was back in 2008. That sounds like an admission by Burr, the traitor, that Trump was a failure. Quick flip the page.

Wait, before you flip said page, didn’t Trump claim his Tariffs and gargantuan negotiation skills would remedy all the ills of CHINA TRADE? UNDER TRUMP the trade deficit widened, the US Farmer was destroyed, and the US Supply Chain fell apart and inflation hit like a Tornado. MAGA was a FAIL.

Instead of MAGA, last term’s microwave popcorn, we are now onto something new, MACA [Biden’s Make America Competitive Again]. 

The Biden Plan is to throw government money at what he claims is the heart and soul of the problem. He claims the USA is not competitive against China. Low tech Biden’s solution is to make Batteries. Try to remember the Obama Battery plant giveaway programs and the Solar Panels that would be made in the USA. What Hoppened?

Solyndra filed for bankruptcy on September 1, 2011 shortly after getting $535 million in government-backed loans from President Barack Obama. Then when the self-proclaimed genius arrived he Tariffed solar panels causing prices for Solar Panels to triple. At that point, only the US Government was paying through the nose for their pet Green projects. Oh except Musk was collecting from the Government for the claim he was making solar house shingles. When it comes to government, collecting the gov lose money, trump’s actual product delivery. 

Then we had the Government INSULATE YOUR HOME program. Joe Biden was in charge and somehow, someway, $2 billion in insulation supplies bought by the government vanished in thin air. Joe Biden claimed he was watching every penny. 

What are the cornerstones of BIDEN’s plan to MAKE AMERICA COMPETITIVE AGAIN?

  1. UNIONS… Joe’s a Union Man from way back, probably the 1930’s. Might want to inform Joe that Unions are on the way out and have been since 1954. But before they started to vanish from Manufacturing, they destroyed virtually every manufacturing sector in Amerian from Steel, to Autos, to Textiles and Chemicals. But now Unions have a new home with Teachers. How’s that working out for you America? 78th in the world in Maths; that’s how well. 
  2. Batteries… A business in which costs come down and margins get smaller is not a good business model. It is however a great model for bankruptcy. Biden claims batteries will harness new forms of clean energy for the future. Seen the price of Car Batteries JOE?
  3. Chips… According to the plan, this is where the USA domestic semiconductor companies are to make cheap, not so powerful chips for America’s domestic consumer products. This can only mean autos since the US makes no consumer products. So Joe intends to catch the train at the low end, smallest margin end of the market that will evaporate by the time the first Semiconductor wafer plant is approved by OSHA. What a nutty idea.
  4. EV cars… I won’t touch that one. Shear lunacy.

In keeping with the spirit of the Tanya Harding Winter Olympics, Schumer and the bipartisans voted to Boycott the Chinese Winter Games. 

The irony is that here is a $250 Billion Bill to make Murica Competitive and they drop out of the Winter Games in China to avoid competition. That sentiment more or less spells out the lunacy of this Schumer frozen pork special.

So what’s the semiconductor target? Get this… to make the low ended chips for consumer goods made in Murica [What might those be, Tube TVs from the 50s?] and of course chips for the Military that have been buying them from China for next to nothing. Makes sense. Get ready for the $600 dollar op-amp.

Before we go too far into the fantasy future,  it may seem cruel to bring up Obama’s Battery Plants that were going to bring battery supremacy to the USA. While billions got wings and flew out of the taxpayer’s pockets, most of it was just sucked up into the vortex of cronyism graft and corruption. Joe Biden is still looking for that $2 Billion in missing insulation. This bill is much bigger so it will be much more difficult to lose a few billion.

Other “Facets” of the Make Murica Competitive Again bill include the following gems:

  1. Authorization of $17.5 billion over five years for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). [Because the $800 Billion Defense Bill wasn’t enough]
  2. A sense of the Senate on the need to conduct a comprehensive investigation to determine the origins of COVID-19. [Sense in the US Senate?]
  3. A prohibition of federal funding to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. [Part of the plan A to demonize Dr Fauci]
  4. A prohibition of federal funding for viral gain-of-function research in China. [Part of the plan B to demonize Dr Fauci]
  5. Boycotting those Chinese Winter Olympics [In case you forgot about Murica’s new Competitive Spirit!]

As Biden has repeated, trying to sell this package of Cronyism, “China is eating our lunch.” But that’s OK because, with a few more of the Biden Budget busters, Murica won’t be able to afford lunch.

This is important!

Voters already love technology. They don’t need anti-China messaging to get there.

The Poll is anything but the impression you get from either Trump or Biden’s Xenophobia. It demonstrates clearly that there is no benefit in selling US Citizens on Technology by using anti-China rhetoric. 

But what is most surprising is the Republicans as a group were the LEAST impressed with using Anti-Chinese rhetoric and Democrats as a group the MOST impressed with using Anti-Chinese Rhetoric. Further, the Republicans also felt by four times, that technological innovation was largely the responsibility of the private sector NOT the Government. Independent voters fell between Democrats and Republicans. But by far and away, Democrats were the biggest believers in Government spending. 

Joe Biden’s Xenophobia appears to be directed at obtaining Democratic support for his plan. Nobody is more Xenophobic than low tech Chuck Schumer. The Poll also suggests that Republicans are far less Xenophobic even with Trump’s crazy rhetoric. That may mean the Trump faction is rabidly Xenophobic like ChuckSchumer but most Republicans are not. 




The UAW say they no longer support Xenophobia. They have taken “The Pledge.” No more bashing foreign cars with crowbars at UAW Car Plants. No more killing Asians with baseball bats. 

The immediate past president of the United Auto Workers was sentenced Thursday to 28 months in prison for his part in a scheme with other leaders to steal as much as $1.5 million in union funds for lavish trips, golfing, alcohol and other luxuries.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden continued his Social Arsonist Commander of  Xenophobia role at the Ford River Electric Plant selling his Murica Jobs Plan. He lavished praised UAW President Rory Gamble saying unions will be the fulcrum in “prosecuting economic warfare against China.” 

“I got news for them [China],” said Biden, “They will not win this race [White Race?].”


Don’t forget Joe’s a UNION MAN: Here’s a gem UNION MAN!

Second UAW PRESIDENT in a row sentenced to Prison for Corruption. Gary Jones stole $1.5 Million from the “RANK AND FILE”… Guess this guy won’t be “Prosecuting economic Warfare against China.” on behalf of JOE THE UNION MAN. 

Unions are corrupt pathetic organizations. They have destroyed every business sector they have touched. From steel, Construction, Motion Pictures, Textiles, Automaking, Chemicals, and Textiles. So this is Joe the Union Man’s idea of who will lead his MAKE MURICA COMPETITIVE AGAIN. 



One more take-home message about Xenophobia:

While the dumb US politicians appear to be targeting China….  Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Singapore and Indonesia know they are being targeted too. 


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