Stop calling these TERRORISTS … “protesters”  Hillary Clinton and the Drive-by-Media such as ABC News with Tom Llama and CNN with Jim Acosta call San Jose Mexican Terrorists “protesters”.  I hate to disabuse these two “upstanding” Cuban-American cub reporters but burning cars, systematically and violently disabling American Citizens is not an activity known as “Protesting.” These are not protesters, they are criminals engaged in assault and battery and violent overthrow of America. The Drive-by-Media is aiding and abetting them. San Jose Police Mayor FACILITATED TERRORISM.


Eddie Garcia LaRazza

Police Chief Eddie Garcia La Raza Poster Boy


The San Jose Police Department referred to their lethargic loss of control in San Jose as “police restraint”. It looked more like they were standing around doing nothing. They claimed they were holding the perimeter when the TERRORIST were methodically moving through crowds battering Citizens.

Front page reported the following taken from the official San Jose Police statement…

“Jose police Chief Eddie Garcia insisted that it was more important for police to hold their “skirmish line” formations than to stop individual attacks. Four arrests were made.” [Out of 400 Mexican Terrorist rampaging and assaulting Whites!]

“We are not an ‘occupying force’ and cannot reflect the chaotic tactics of the protesters,” Garcia told reporters. Unless a victim’s life was in peril or the violence was “spiraling out of control,” he said, officers held back to avoid inciting more violence and having the crowd turn on officers.”


But here is the best statement of all… Garcia said the 250 police weren’t enough to control the roughly 400 protesters. 


The next obvious question is how many police does Rocket Scientist Chief Eddie Garcia need to control 400 “protesters” TERRORISTS!  What’s he need… 800 Mexican American Cops or does he need 1600 of them? My guess is the Mexican Cops were going to stand down and declare it Siesta Time even if they had the Entire Mexican Federales on Duty. These Cops are Mexican Loyalist not Americans. This is a disgrace.


San Jose Police mex div

Apply here if you’re a Mexican… The Diversity Gravy Train never ends.

Siesta Time at the San Jose Police Department… Americanos Do not Disturb! 


On their website Garcia brags that cop salaries are over $120,000 a year. LOL. Welcome to the Affirmative Action thin Green and Red line!

That’s right these spineless Mexican Cops didn’t want to arrest the violent thugs because they thought it would have made the thugs angrier. Below is the exact quote from the OFFICIAL Garcia Press Release.


SJPD said it held off in arresting people seen committing crimes because it “had the difficult task of weighing the need to immediately apprehend the suspect(s) against the possibility that police action involving the use of physical force under the circumstances would further insight [incite] the crowd and produce more violent behavior.”


WELCOME TO GOD DAMN MEXICO! The San Jose Cops are a disgrace to the Uniform.

The nationwide press has unloaded on San Jose Cops and its Mexically Mayor,  Sam Liccardo [Ricky Ricardo] for their Anti-American response. Recall that Liccardo justified the Terrorist’s activities by saying Trump should not have come to San Jose. This as Sheriff Clark has pointed out is reminiscent of Democrats activities against Martin Luther King. Martin King was a registered Republican.

The bigger question to ask is how does America cope with government agencies that are clearly partisan and selective in enforcement? This is Hitler’s Brown Shirts. Germany had plenty of law enforcement but all of it directed at opposing points of view.

San Jose Police force is  particularly disturbing because police officers that were sworn to protect the public simply watched while thugs ravage hundreds of unarmed citizens.  Inexplicably they did nothing but simply stand on a curb far from the moving thugs. They made no effort to sequester the thugs.

And for a Police Chief to suggest that 250 police officers in riot gear could not contain 400 thugs is astonishing. Worse they said they didn’t want to make the lawbreaking thugs angry. Police Chief Garcia should simply be fired. He disgraced the uniform. There is not a cop in any city in America that isn’t appalled by the San Jose Police Department’s conduct.

This is abrogation of duty. It is desertion. Worse it is allowing unarmed San Jose Citizens to be injured. It reaches right to the heart of incompetent training, incompetent use of resources and questionable loyalty to the public trust.

Injured citizens should be suing Chief Garcia. They should be suing the city and the State. If this idiot cop couldn’t handle it, why didn’t he summon the National Guard or maybe the Mexican Army? No… he did nothing. He refused to enforce the law.

Here we have a picture of a White candy ass teen chased down and tackled by a skinny Muslim from Somalia.


The cops didn’t arrest this Muslim Terrorist. Look at that skinny dude. His arm looks like a toothpick and there is Candy Ass running away. I am almost glad this White kid was tackled. Regardless, this is battery. Remember Michele “cry me an ocean” Fields? Remember when Cory “almost threw” her to the ground? How sad was that?

The skinny Muslim was going by the name “Houdini” and posted selfies and made a Twitter brag post.

Here is “Houdini” damaging private property.

police car

Needless to say the SAN JOSE POLICE FORCE was unable to apprehend “Houdini” even though he managed to get into video and stills showing him in the act.

Houdini should be deported. This is an Illegal. Where is the FBI on this cat? This is not a Mexican. This is a known Muslim agitator, committing assaults and batteries and damaging property.

This asshole was brought here by Obama, another Muslim asshole. We provide this for the SAN JOSE POLICE DEPARTMENT so they can ARREST THIS TERRORIST!



Meanwhile there was a lot of video evidence and stills on Twitter. There was even one Trump supporter beat and knocked to the ground and the San Jose Police ride up on the sidewalks with a motorcycle, nearly running over the victim. They help him up off the ground without leaving the bike and DO NOTHING TO APPREHEND the THUG! This is a Section 1983 State Created Danger. Citizens that were attacked should file lawsuits against San Jose and the San Jose Police Department.

It is pointless to catalog all the internet video that has been posted but it just reinforces the abysmal un-American performance of the San Jose Police Department and the City of San Jose.


My final word on this today is that if the Police fail to protect the public then be ready for the public to protect itself. I really feel for the White Citizens of California that have had their lifestyle and their State taken down by liberalism and these illegal Mexican and Muslim insurgents. 


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