Trump is batting zero for three as he shows he has NO harasser Coattails and no power to help RINOs win elections. Though he seems pretty popular with women claiming he molested them. Megyn Kelly is back showcasing three women accusing Trump of Bill Clinton conduct. Trump denies. Then again Trump says he thinks the interview with Billy Bush was faked by somebody. Yeah there you go Trump. Keep sinking your ship. The RINOs now have a one-vote majority in the Senate.  They will have to shove the RINOTAX down everyone’s throat FAST! RINO RYAN MCCONNELL AGENDA BITES DUST TRUMP ONE VOTE MOORE TOWARD LAME DUCK.


Trump Loves publicity… Here’s some publicity. These women seem perfectly rational.


RINOs put on a brave face saying this loss would not be fatal to their RINO Agenda.

Reality is that ALABAMA is the reddest of the red states and this loss by Republicans is a shocker. Then again, once Trump started campaigning, many in Alabama that are real conservatives probably stayed home. Certainly, Trump’s singular desire to have Moore win was to keep a 52 majority in the Senate. Trump initially called for Moore to leave the race then FLIP-FLOPPED at the thought of losing another Senate seat. Republican voters in Alabama are not enamored by Trump who most now regard as a loudmouth patsy for RYAN and MCCONNELL. RINOTAX is not popular in the South.


Every day another special carve out for the rich comes to the surface.

Today it was revealed that Billionaire Hedge funds will not have to count Carried Interest as income. What is Carried Interest? That is when you use other people’s money to make money for yourself. That is INCOME! Yet the RINOs carved out a billionaire exceptions so that this gets treated like Capital Gains. No matter how much we discuss the putrid inequities of this RINOTAX scam, the American Public is so tax illiterate they are clueless. They will only be clueless until they see the damage then it is too late. Damage to small businesses is incredible. Not one small business organization has endorsed this RINOTAX scheme and they aren’t political organizations. They are small business advocates.


Finally Today Rand Paul said he can’t vote for this mess. But he already did.

Meanwhile, Susan Collins is still out scamming for her own carve-outs in order to prostitute her own vote. Where are the other Republicans that should hate this evacuation of all Republican principles? This is an atrocity. It accelerates the debt nearly twice as Fast as Obama. They are jamming this thing trough because they will likely lose the Senate in 2018. They know this RINOTAX bill is hated by most Americans.

This tax plan is so bad that it will convert many Red States into Blue states. Billionaires don’t care as long as the US Government keeps borrowing and keeps spending. It is the taxpayer and the productive middle class that suffers the brunt of both parties.

This is also why the Democratic party can’t seem to muster anything remotely useful in this tax dialogue other than they don’t like the Republicans. They have no credibility after Obama and RINOs have no credibility after Bush II. And now they have a deranged nut that will sign anything into law. Trump creates nothing but a moral and intellectual void. He is 100% useless. But he is also rude beyond comprehension.


Here is A US President talking about a Female US Senator: What is wrong with this idiot?

Lightweight Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a total flunky for Chuck Schumer and someone who would come to my office “begging” for campaign contributions not so long ago (and would do anything for them), is now in the ring fighting against Trump. Very disloyal to Bill & Crooked-USED!

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 12, 2017


Trump thinks he is in “The Ring” with this woman.  If he is in the RING then he is getting punch drunk because this woman is landing hard blows to his empty head. 


This is just mental illness!  Trump is under fire because twelve women have accused him of inappropriate sexual misconduct.

Franken is gone, Conyers is gone and a number of other House Members are leaving. The country is serious about this conduct. Moore’s loss to Jones is just another show of force of the public over this kind of conduct. They don’t like it.

MEN DON’T LIKE MEN THAT BEHAVE LIKE THIS!  Trump has never been around real men before. He has only been around his daddy’s employees. He doesn’t know that real men become incensed with jerks who think they are mashers. Trump is under some misguided notion that men applaud his boorish conduct over women. This is simply false.


When Trump was “pussy grabbing” in his discussions with Billy Bush, the recordings were a disgrace. But last week when Trump suggested the Billy Bush recordings were faked, that just lit the fuse for Trump’s accusers.  It shows how mindless Trump has become; how tedious and annoying.

If Trump actually thinks this business with his twelve accusers is going away; he’s sadly misaligned. Democrats are wasting their own while idiots like Newt Gingrich are complaining there was no due process. Due process for what? Did the women getting molested have due process Newt?

These weren’t love-interests with these mashers. These were not consenting adults. This was power conquest and nothing more. None of these women formed lasting relationships with these men. They resented being pawed and forced by these men into acts they did not want. These men never looked at those women again. They just went on the prowl for more conquests.

Decent men form long-lasting relationships. They form consensual relationships with partners old enough to give legal consent. Men don’t support this Trump conduct.


Trump’s defense is always the same: denial.

Even when the evidence is plain as day, as in the Billy Bush recordings, Trump claims they are fake. That just makes the claims of his twelve accusers look more probable.


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