This is no victory. Congress retains it’s lavish PPO for life and you get AMTRAK POST OFFICE Healthcare. TRUMP celebrates fake Obamacare repeal. TRUMP and his FAUX CAPITALISM is Astonishing.  Billionaires aren’t actually capitalist. Many are just old fashioned crooks and monopolists.  Most inherited wealth. Bill Gates, Buffett or Steve Jobs never created anything.  Gates and Jobs bought their respective operating systems for roughly $50,000 apiece from some schmuck that was clueless about the value of their own work.  Look at Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook was an idea he stole while at Harvard. Faux Capitalism is a form of Socialism. REPUBLICANS FAKE OBAMACARE REPEAL KILLS HEALTHCARE GOLDEN GOOSE CONGRESS KEEPS LAVISH PPO.


Think about it. Buffett transports shale oil on his Train from Canada. Buffett owns the only train that runs this route. Quite naturally Buffett bought some politicians and blocked the Keystone Pipeline. He used the environmental stooge argument to oppose Keystone. But that didn’t stop him from sloshing and dripping oil from his train cars across the backyards of the Midwest.


Ah…. the arrogance of it all…Turns out nobody that voted for this mess had even read the bill!

Before Obamacare and the insurance monopolists, America had the greatest healthcare system in the world.

Let me remind all you liberals and liberal lite RINOs that all the bellyaching by the Europeans and Canada that their socialized Healthcare is better is factless. American Medicine before being socialized under Obamacare delivered virtually all the lifesaving surgical procedures and treatments know to mankind. Capitalism delivered. CT scanners, MRIs, Ethicon bowel staplers, nuclear scans, ultrasound devices were all invented here and manufactured here.  All of the modern miracles were invented here.  Capitalism delivered these miracles to Britain, Europe, Canada and the globe. Everywhere that socialized medicine existed, American medical technology and pharmaceuticals were used. Not only were these advancements used, they were the exclusive basis of all modern therapy and procedures. America invented modern medicine.

The USA also produced virtually all the lifesaving pharmaceuticals. The $4 Walmart or Target formularies can economically treat virtually all diseases except a few orphans. Without these achievements the Socialized nations would be left with only the native medicine man with a bone through his nose dancing at the foot of someone’s deathbed.


Before the “Do-Gooder” liberal can distribute those lifesaving procedures and medicines AND TAKE THE CREDIT for their Liberal goodness and kindness, SOMEBODY HAS TO INVENT THEM. Creation must TRUMP distribution!

Republicans are following the Democrats in killing the Healthcare Golden Goose. Canada, Britain, and all of Europe has not cured a single disease or invented a single useful pharmaceutical or procedure. Neither has any Government Lab in America cured one disease or invented a single pharmaceutical  in spite of Trillions in Taxpayer funding. They have produced exactly nothing. The miracles all came out of private enterprise under the banner of a profit motive. Individual genius motivated by individual success.

Capitalism alone has raised the life expectancy of the entire human species. Before you can distribute the gifts and take credit for goodness, you must create the gifts first. That is the purpose of invention and creation. Capitalism provides the perfect incentive; the profit motive. Capitalism can make a great idea fly and spawn more great ideas. Money moves into the able hands of the inventor, not the monopolist, not the oligarch grifter.


Government regulation has acted to stifle creation. It is placed to assure that no individual can create anything without the deep pockets of the oligarchs.

Alexander Flemming could never have put Penicillin into production with the modern day FDA. Flemming was a Scottish scientist that stumbled on the discovery of Penicillin in 1928.

It was not until 1942 when the Americans got involved that Penicillin was put into mass production. Up until this point there was only enough Penicillin to treat three patients!  The war was on and men were dying from infections. Jasper H. Kane suggested the use of deep tank fermentation and Margaret Hutchinson Rousseau unaware of the feminist glass ceiling invented the fermentation process machinery and the first high volume Penicillin plant. She was a stellar engineer. Rousseau didn’t need gender points or gender affirmative action.  Margaret married MIT Chemical Engineering professor William Caubu Rousseau. They had one son.

American Andrew J. Moyer patented the production methods using a mold infested Illinois cantaloupe with corn syrup. 600 billion units shipped by 1945. These dedicated AMERICANS saved the lives of millions of soldiers and civilians.

It was not until 1961 when American John Clark Sheehan synthesized PCN and discovered the metabolites that led to Ampacilin. Sheehan held over 30 patents and retired in splendor in Key Biscayne Florida.  His work changed all of medicine in the span of just 8 short years. His discoveries alone increased the life expectancy of mankind by 15 years!  Capitalism and pure profit motive was the engine that push death back by 15 years. It wasn’t delivering Sexual Reassignment surgeries to one and all. You are either a Capitalist or a Parasite in my book.


Socialized Medicine is the heart and soul of socialism; the ultimate controller of the masses. But worse, it destroys the fundamental capacity to invent cures by stagnating technology and innovation.

Since the advent of Obamacare the life expectancy of Females in America has dropped for the first time in history. 75% of all private doctors offices have closed. Insurance companies dictate care. Physicians were replaced by third tier medical helpers. They wear the uniforms of doctors but they aren’t doctors. Yet doctors that never see you, are carrying the liability for the circus that dictates your care.


Canada has not invented a single drug or a single medical procedure.

Neither has the British Health Service. There hasn’t been one inch of progress with Stage 4 Cancer since Nixon declared war on Cancer in the 1970s. This is government’s contribution… the most nothing as possible. Absolutely no forward progress has occurred as a result of Government taking control of healthcare, the post office or Amtrak!


Let’s remember with the FAKE Congressional Repeal of Obamacare that all machinery of Obamacare and all policy mandates remain in place.

Also lets remember that CONGRESS retains is lavish PPO for life. More simply you get the garbage. They get the tenderloin and you foot the bill for the whole nightmare. TrumpObamaCare covers Sexual Reassignment Surgery . That’s Republican value? The LBGTQ mental illness is now mainstream Republican.



It is worth noting. The Republican Congress kept their Lavish PPO for life. This policy has no deductables at all. It is free to them and their staff’s. You pay for all of it. They give you the AmtrakCare and you also pay for their PPO for life. You have been suckered.

This is not a repeal of Obamacare. It sets Obamacare in stone. The repulsive machinery of government controlled medicine remains. Its pathetic.





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