Feeling Tired and Listless lately…IT MIGHT BE TRUMP BURNOUT! Loud doesn’t mean competent. Loudmouth New Yorkers are generally brain dead. Not that the Republican Base wasn’t expecting this. Trump surrounded himself with RINOs and BUSH ESTABLISHMENT PARTY TYPES. It was more a question of time before the REALITY SHOW FAKE PRESIDENT would show his ineptness and fold. The first overt sign was when the loud self-proclaimed “very” smart-man “Wharton Scholar” called his Russian Linked NSA adviser MIKE FLYNN at 3AM to ask if a high US dollar or a low dollar was better for the economy! Yikes! Wharton must be proud. The unleashing of this embarrassing story prompted Trump to proclaim that Trump Towers had been wiretapped by Obama. He made that announcement at 4AM on another early morning. REPUBLICANS EMBRACE BUSH THIRD TERM TRUMPS MICHAEL SAVAGE DINE.



Every inept Trump move has created a void filled by Bush Strain RINOs: Some Trump filled himself.

Trump’s VP is a RINO’s RINO. Everyone knew it when Pence was picked. Trump claimed he was trying to pick an insider that would know the Congressional ropes. The move was immediately praised by every RINO in congress. Some circles were proclaiming that the move would unite the RINOs and “Anybody but Trump” bunch behind the ticket. It was reminiscent of Ronald Reagan’s single biggest mistake, taking Walker Bush as his VP in order to unite the party.

Unlike Reagan who shuttled Bush off to the land of forgotten toys, Trump has more or less allowed Pence to run the White House. Trump meanwhile apparently views himself as the inspirational leader of the government, a cheerleader. Trump is feeling optimism which nobody else is feeling, except the war mongering Bush RINOs as America heads back to Iraq and Syria.

Unless politicians have been paying no attention at all, the Republican Party has twice tried to destroy the Bush Strain RINOS unsuccessfully. Karl Rove just keeps coming back from the dead.


Trump didn’t destroy Ellis Bush:

The Republican base puked that bad bit of Mexican food up promptly. The Base is who elected Trump on his promises to control borders, REPEAL OBAMACARE, Drain the swamp, appoint conservative judges, and improve the economy. Instead we have somebody that is fumbling and inept. Those promises have now all folded into RINOISM.


Look at the lack of progress:

As Michael Savage, the Trump dinner guest has noted; Republicans control the House, Senate and Oval Office but can’t get anything done. Savage claims this is obstructionists blocking genius Trump from getting things done. Savage even wrote a new book to profit off the Trump woes. He calls Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell traitors to Trump. Didn’t Michael Savage see this coming? Aren’t all loudmouth New Yorkers also clairvoyant?


OK Savage that’s two congresspersons: That hardly amounts to obstruction.

The fact that they are the Speaker of the House and Senate majority leader is Trump’s fault. Trump endorsed Ryan. He must have endorsed Ryan and McCain and other RINOs for some reason unless his endorsements were “insincere” and FAKE ENDORSEMENTS!  And who told Trump to pick RINO Mike Pence for VP? Looks like Trump made his own bed here. But but but… Savage says these are all obstructionist out to get Trump and stop him from his wonderful agenda.


A little history for Savage and Limbaugh both self-proclaimed geniuses too:

Trump is tied up with the 9th Circuit Courts. Why? Trump wrote his own Executive order banning seven Muslim countries from entering the United State. He wrote this thing with the help of Kushner his son in law, who’s father is a criminal felon put away by Chris Christie. You don’t hear that name anymore. I wonder why?

Trump and Kushner didn’t consult any attorney or anyone that could suggest it be drafted differently. Nobody consulted Ivanka… shame. The net result we know. Temporary Restraining orders were filed by numerous groups and individuals and the Courts gave those persons standing. That is unanticipated problem #1.

Instead of fixing that idiotic executive order immediately by banning all persons from all countries so it could not be challenged for discrimination, Trump started blowing off his big mouth at the courts. In Seattle he met up with a rather stupid liberal judge that decided the odds favored his District Court to make the TRO permanent.

Genius Trump and son-of-a-crook didn’t do the math. But but but both are financial geniuses. Yeah right! Both got their dough from Daddy. What the brain trust didn’t anticipate was what Court would control the opinion. The Supreme Court of the USA would split 4 -4 so they don’t control it. The Seattle District court answers to none other than the Liberal Socialist 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. In the case of a Supreme Court Tie, the 9th Circuit decisions would prevail.


So Trump screams, “See ya in Court!” The judges laugh…

At this point Trump doesn’t even have an Attorney General. Instead he has an Obama holdover in control named Sally Yates. Yates makes an announcement that the Trump Executive Order will not be defended in Court by the DOJ. Who’s fault is that Savage? Trump knows all remember!

Then we get Trump’s Supreme Court Pick, Neil Gorsuch who, without being asked calls Trump’s responses to the Courts “disheartening and demoralizing.” Trump should have withdrawn Gorsuch’s name immediately.

Neil Gorsuch is another Justice Kennedy or worse a David Souter. He’s a punk stooge. Read his opinions. There is nothing conservative in them. He comes from a sleepy Circuit with no significant rulings. This is a moronic dangerous choice. Trump once again didn’t do any homework. He just listed names that somebody else suggested. Dumb.


So what does Trump do? He stupidly and flagrantly taunts an unfriendly Court AGAIN. Mr. Combative New Yorker… SEE YOU IN COURT!

Trump revises his idiotic travel ban by removing Iraq from the list of seven Muslim Countries. Who advises Trump… the Tooth fairy?  Then Trump claims he will prevail in keeping America Safe. How is having all your Executive Orders banning these countries by the courts because they are stupidly crafted helping to keep America Safe? Trump could piss off the Pope with his stupidity. Liberal Court or not, Trump is not outsmarting anyone.

Sure enough before his second travel ban was in place, the State of Hawaii sued under the First Amendment Establishment Clause. Another District Judge blocked the second travel ban. District Judge Derrick Watson an Obama appointee what else blocked it.

This Liberal Judge is vastly more cleaver than Robart. He directly linked the executive order to First Amendment Establishment Clause discrimination. He basically filled in the gaps for that stupid 9th Circuit. The Bush Trump Team said they would appeal the District Court in Hawaii. And where will they appeal this? None other than the same 9th Circuit in California that is upholding the TRO of the Washington Court.

Trump complained that the Court did not present the Controlling Statute in their opinion.

They don’t have to. A Federal statute is not a carte blanche to violate the First Amendment. Recall the Federal statute that provided abortions be paid for by taxpayers. That was ruled unconstitutional based on the First Amendment. It could not force a person who’s religious belief’s prohibited abortion to pay for some woman’s abortion. This executive order faces a similar challenge now from the First Amendment establishment clause.

The Hawaiian judge connected the dots for a Constitutional challenge of the Statute. Trump is going to lose this case and the 9th Circuit will declare the Federal Statute Unconstitutional. The Supreme Court will deadlock 4-4 and the 9th Circuit opinion will remain.

Both Mark Levin and Michael Savage have decried the challenging courts as violating the statute. Levin claims to be a Constitutional Scholar. Wake up Levin and smell the Scrutiny!


What kind of dumb Lawyers does Trump have on these Cases?

The Federal Government didn’t even challenge Hawaiian standing under Arizona v. United States. Thus anything going on to appeal in the Liberal Socialist 9th Circuit has no objection upon which State Standing can be appealed. This is dumb.

Trump is botching this so badly one has to wonder how sincere Trump is over ‘public safety’ or if he is just hoping for a terrorist incident so he can start tweeting. Trump blew off at the moth so much that the Courts are using his Muslim Radical statements in Court as evidence under Judicial notice. None of this is being challenged by Trumps stupid lawyers.

The math at the Supreme Court has not improved. It is a 4-4 deadlock meaning the 9th Circuit will determine the Federal Law. They could declare the Federal Statute Unconstitutional and it would stand!. Trump is dumb. This is a giant mess of his own making.


Mr. SAVAGE, I want you at this point to show me how Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have stopped Trump from succeeding?

All of these above stumbling blocks were exclusively Trump screw-ups. I suppose as a “dinner guest” you are expected to overlook the obvious and just enjoy the foie gras. The great advantage to you, is that you profit off of the claim that Ryan and McConnell are blocking poor Trump from succeeding. Hope you enjoyed the desert… pandering clown.


Trump’s wall is now a RINO partial wall, or fence or invisible fence.

It has the same feel, the same shifty slight of hand as “Repeal and Replace” which is TRUMP’s mantra. RINO news items are suggesting that border crossings are dropping. So who needs a wall anyway? Trump is walking back the Wall each and every day… ON HIS OWN! Worse, Trump is now proposing Amnesty for the Dreamers. These aren’t “Dreamers” they are bloody felons here illegally that need to be deported… one and all!

Deportations are completely stalled thanks to Justice Kennedy and his opinion in Arizona v. The United States. In that case the Opinion placed doubt on the use of any State Resources to enforce deportations. More simply local Sheriff’s departments don’t want to hold illegals in their jails for liability reasons. Can’t blame them for that. There are no Federal Jails and Federal Police power is very limited to ICE and Federal Marshals. Trump didn’t anticipate any of it. Ryan and McConnell had nothing to do with this either.


Trump Tower’s wiretap:

John McCain, the self-proclaimed war hero who sat out the war due to his own negligent flying is at Trump’s throat. McCain demanded EVIDENCE of Trump’s Wiretap claims. Meanwhile Kellyanne Conway the famous for no reason Trump spokesperson started talking about ‘gadgets’ such as microwaves being used to turn hidden cameras on an off. Oy Vey.


Sure McCain is a jerk but he’s not Ryan and McConnell.

Oh and lets not forget that crazy Obama appointee Comey of the FBI. He is now going to give a public update on the Russian Investigation. If anyone interfered with the Presidential Election it was COMEY! How is Trump going to answer this? Maybe Kellyanne can take apart a Russian microwave.

Besides all the disjointed jabber, Trump should be asking just one question… “Who approved the wiretap on Mike Flynn? AND WHO LEAKED the 3 AM PHONE CALL WITH TRUMP?” But Trump is too dumb to articulate any of this so Kellyanne may just as well accuse the microwave popcorn machine.  My God they have lost their minds!  Oh and Savage…. how is this mess the fault of Obstructionist Ryan and McConnell? How are the book sales going?

Why is TRUMP making these crazy accusations?

He’s trying to cover up his bizarre behavior that keeps leaking. The Australian PM phone call. The Flynn phone call were incredibly revealing. It showed Trump is out of touch and living in the dark. It is alarming that he doesn’t understand that a high dollar will damage the US exports and wreck havoc with global currencies. He’s the Wharton superstar isn’t he? Trump actually doesn’t know and that’s the problem.


When it came to the Obamacare repeal, Trump left all that to Paul RYNO Ryan.

It was Trump that bought into the concept of Repeal and Replace. It is just another walk back like the invisible fence. Trump promised major medical insurance would be brought back. He promised that insurance companies would compete across state lines. But when it came to Repeal and Replace, Trump offered ZERO ideas. He left it all to Paul Ryno.

Not one doctor was consulted and no insurance companies were consulted. And that is why this new RINOCARE is just Obamacare Lite. It keeps all the massive government control over policies. RINOCARE or TRUMPCARE does not encourage any competition across state lines. It creates a giant entitlement in the form of Tax rebates akin to the massive welfare program of unearned income credits devised by Nixon. It’s a bust.

OK MR. SAVAGE you New York blowhard… Who gave Ryan the power to fashion RINOCARE? Trump did. He’s the guy that invited you to dine with the family. Now you are calling Paul Ryan an obstructionist? He is doing exactly what Trump ordered him to do! Trump is the architect of his own problems.


RINOCARE is a terrible idea: but its Trump’s idea.

Trump doesn’t give a crap. He is making speeches cheer-leading for this garbage. It is a total abrogation of his his campaign promises. Obamacare was to be REPEALED. Now you have this stooge idea of Repeal and Replace. Trump doesn’t care what passes. He will claim it all as a great victory. He will claim he solved healthcare in America when in fact he set Obamacare into stone granite. Trump is a fraud.


Obamcare for Trump and the Naive IS A TAX: IT IS THE LARGEST TAX IN US HISTORY!

The people that want Obamacare are the ones that aren’t paying for it. Article after Article in the Drive by Media and on Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin always FAIL to understand how this TAX damages businesses and the individuals.


RINOCARE is also a TAX because it is an UNFUNDED TAX CREDIT!

OBAMACARE mandate was a horrific tax on businesses. In the past businesses could buy insurance for their employees and deduct it as a business expense. So they had to make money to benefit from the deduction. Obamacare eliminated the deductions for everyone. That’s a TAX. Businesses have to pass the cost of Taxes on to consumers.

TRUMP Claims to be a TAX EXPERT! He says he knows more about taxes than anybody. Mr. Savage, you dined with Trump. Did he share his tax reasoning for installing a Bush Styled unfunded benefit to assist some in paying for insanely overpriced insurance?


Trumpcare is Junkcare again:

Trumpcare or RINOCARE will not reduce the cost of insurance. This CrapCare will not encourage more competition. It will not alter the government control over all insurance. It will not break apart the State Monopolies. Trumpcare doesn’t restore tax deductions of these policies for businesses and small businesses. It does nothing useful except eliminate the mandates temporarily. Trumpcare still requires exchanges. It’s Obamacare Lite. It is the same old garbage different day. Republicans are being deceived!

Mr. Savage… how is this garbage Trumpcare obstructing Trump who endorsed it as the next microwave popcorn? How is McConnell and Ryan harming Trumpcare. They love it; they are trying to push this crap though the goose.  It is one big happy RINO family. The opposition is the Republican base not the RINOs. Rand Paul is supplying some opposition but he usually folds. Trump and the RINOs are all for this RINOTRUMPCRAPCARE.

More importantly Mr. Savage, while you were dining with the Trumps did you ask why the Congress would be exempt from Trumpcare and retain their lavish PPO for life? Well? Too busy wiping the lobster butter off your chin?


No foreign multinational is going to come to America to get stuck with Trumpcare and its attending bottomless pit costs.

It’s delusional.  Manufacturing companies as opposed to Service Companies have no purpose whatsoever coming to the United States. Raw materials cost 25% more in the USA and Labor is ten times that of Mexico and 30 times that of China. Then tack on TRUMPCARE!  Why would anyone imagine Trump would know a freaking thing about manufacturing? He is in the rental business. He doesn’t even know if a high or low dollar is good for the economy. Obama didn’t know either. But to pretend that Trump is more “with it” economically than Obama is crazy. They are both empty suits.



He’s another Republican Fraud that turned RINO in record time. But don’t blame RINOs Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell as obstructionist. They are all RINOs in concert and they are fighting the Republican BASE.


The Republican Base keeps being played by these Establishment RINOs including RINO Trump who doesn’t know what he is:

The Trump administration is chock full of Bush Retreads. It may as well be a Bush Administration. One minute Trump is talking about pruning back NATO, the next minute he is fortifying it. Goldman is in charge of the treasury once again. Banking regulations are being eased. It is turning into Las Vegas behind closed doors.


Every Tin Soldier in the Trump Administration is a former Bush Commander in Iraq:

Troops are moving into Syria right now and Iraq is the staging area. For a guy that said IRAQ was a bad idea and claimed that he never supported it… We’re back in IRAQ AGAIN!  How does that happen… ?  Oh yeah… “Operation KNOCK THE HELL OUT OF ISIS.”

ISIS is as entrenched as the IRA is in Ireland. Nobody can beat them. The Trump McCain, RINO approach is dumb. Taking military advice from a guy who avoided the draft and a POW incompetent that was shot down by Artillery because he was too stupid to follow protocols. McCain by the way NEVER hit a single military target in his several month career as a bomber pilot. But he is now a self-proclaimed expert on military strategy. Good God this Country is falling apart.


John McCain says we need to be in Iraq for the next 100 years.

Guess Trump now agrees with RINO McCain!  Try to remember the IRA in Ireland has been going on for well over 100 years. British never could stop it.

How bout Trump’s Trillion dollar infrastructure plan? What is wrong with Trump’s mind?

Bridges, Road, airports. And exactly why should a Welder in Indiana be paying for an Airport in New York City? Why should she be paying for a beach causeway bridge to Mar-A-Lago? Why should the Federal Government and Taxpayers be paying for any of this local garbage?

We have pointed out previously that the infrastructure of the future is high speed internet access 10 Gigabyte or 100 Gigabyte. Why are we still building libraries when books can all be digitized and distributed directly to citizens? Why isn’t the library of Congress digitized? Trump thinks fixing some negligent local communities potholes will revolutionize business in America. The Wharton genius strikes again.


On every level now TRUMP is opposing the Republican Base that voted him into the Oval Office.

The Base wants smaller government. They want a full scale wall not an invisible fence. They want immigration to be put on hold and they want the numbers cut way back.

The Base wants the USA to stop being the policeman of the world and everybody’s nursemaid. They are sick of CIA wars. They are sick of the USA pumping up Middle Eastern Dictatorships and selling arms to everyone.

The Base doesn’t want to pay for Transgender sexual reassignment surgery. They are sick of the weirdness. The Base is sick of blacks and their slavery pitch. Its old its tired and stupid.

If anything Blacks that came to America by slave ships did better than Blacks in “Racist free Europe” or Racist Free Africa.  There are more black millionaires and Billionaires in the US than all other countries Combined INCLUDING ALL THE COUNTRIES THAT HAD NO SLAVERY!

They don’t want to pay for some snowflake’s contraception or abortions. It has nothing to do with morality. They don’t want to pay for it.


The Base is worried about the debt.

Trump could freeze all spending and would still accrue 10 Trillion in new debt by the end of his four year term. But Trump wants four trillion in new spending turning him into the biggest spender in US History. Who picks up this debt? The future. This is a Bush Third Term. It is the demise of every Republican principle.


Bush turned this country into a nightmare. Obama only made it worse.

Bush started TSA groping citizens. The idiot started Homeland Security the bottomless pit of uselessness. The Texas illiterate put the CIA on steroids along with the NSA. Citizens are now being spied on. Their emails read. The expectation of privacy was killed by this Texas moron and approved across the board by the democrats.

The Patriot Act removed 4th Amendment protections of all citizens. Citizens should be furious with this Congress. Meanwhile they exempt themselves from Obamacare and enjoy a lavish PPO for life with no deductibles and no limits of any kind. Americans should be furious. They were. They elected Trump the spineless rich boy punk expecting Trump to right the ship. Instead he goes full bore RINO leading the Bush Third Term.


Michael Savage will sell you a new pop off book…

Michael Savage has the unmitigated audacity to scream into a microphone with his chalk board sounding NEW YOUR STUPID DIALECT… claiming that Trump is a Victim of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell when in fact TRUMP is the architect of the Bush THIRD TERM.


Trump is in a hurry now. He has solved health care in America with Trumpcare: It is all completely fixed. He wants to move on to tax cuts.

With Trump it is all slap dash just like his first Executive Order which has him tied up in knots in the 9th Circuit where he is guaranteed to lose. Trump can’t do simple math; how is he going to deal with the complexity of the Tax Code or tax base. Oh I forgot, Trump knows more about taxes than anybody on earth. No doubt he is being audited by IRS so they can learn more about how the Tax code operates in the hands of a Tax genius.

Trump wants his OBAMACARE JR. to fly through Congress. Democrats should love it. It retains totalitarian control over medicine so it is just a step away from a single payer. Why would that happen? It will happen because Trumpcare will be a bottomless pit. It will be broke from day one. Policy prices will continue to soar.

Trump says he thinks this will move through congress quickly. Just like the Republicans pushed Sarbox Oxley through, just as they pushed Homeland Security through and TSA Gropers through. Bush pushed this mindless Nazism through congress easily.


Trump, now the Bush Third Term, wants to set Obamacare machinery into stone.

He is doing exactly what Hillary promised. She was going to “fix” Obamacare. Trump said it would be repealed. A guy with a Fifth Grader vocabulary thinks “REPEAL” means setting this Obamacare in granite. Americans will be stuck with this Obamacare forever. They will also be stuck paying for Congress’s Lavish PPO for life. Congress takes tenderloin for themselves and gives you the chopped liver. Congratulations, you taxpayers are the second class citizens. The elites win and you lose.

Trump is the BUSH THIRD TERM. Trump has betrayed the Republican BASE. But but but… that’s ok, he has his mouthpiece Michael Savage, bought off with a cheap dinner, screaming that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are obstructing TRUMP! TRUMP SHOULD TAKE THE BLAME for his own spineless ineptness and his utter empty suited lack of knowledge. The Base has been RINOed again with a disastrous BUSH THIRD TERM!



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