We warned you, American idiots, that Taxes are important. John Marshall the first Supreme Court Chief Justice said: “Taxes are a license to kill.”  Now we have a TRUMP SIZED SCREW UP! The Senate passed RINOTAX without reading it. In the process, they eliminated ALL CORPORATION DEDUCTIONS. Without question, Susan Collins was too busy trying to get a property tax deduction for her own property. Ron Johnson wanted a 23 percent business-income deduction for his family’s company. Ron Johnson is the dirtbag RINO from Wisconsin. Wisconsin is leading America into the SWAMP. REPUBLICAN TAX HASTE KILLS CORPORATION DEDUCTIONS NOBODY READ RINOTAX BILL LOL.


Grifter in Chief stuffs his own pockets RINOTAX SCAM

In all the haste to get the corrupt votes of Susan Collins and Ron Johnson, McConnell killed Corporation deductions. Except for RON JOHNSON’s family company which is essentially EXEMPT from this RINOTAX!

McConnell and his shyster RINOs that pushed this dog crap down everyone’s throats will have to go back now to the Senate and pass another bill. The phony process of reconciliation can’t fix this mess. The Senate slapped this mess together in weeks and already it’s falling to pieces in a big way.


In spite of the claim this RINOTAX will make the markets roar, there have been two 100 point down days in the last two days. Citizens had no chance to look into any of this garbage legislation. Not one independent analysis was made. There was no open debate. 


The Crux of the problem is RINO MATH!

In their haste, McConnell and these RINO JERKS took out AMT then put it back in when they realized that all the back door Johnson styled shyster deals had exceeded the $1.5 Trillion debt of the tax bill. So they put the AMT back in but failed to reduce it. Net result NOT TAX DEDUCTIONS FOR CORPORATIONS! In fact, 90% of Corporations will end up paying more TAX under the RINOTAX plan! This is the provision that TRUMP claimed would bring corporations running to America to build manufacturing plants. Oh Really?


Why won’t businesses come to Ameria as Trump claims?

For one thing in spite of the tax cuts, there are the tax hikes. There are increased taxes buried in this bill. You can’t steal 1.5 Trillion from the middle class and give to Ivanka Trump without raising taxes on the poor. No foreign business is going to walk into this shyster’s den.

If it is a manufacturer that comes to America they will find raw materials cost 40% more than China. Labor will be 10X more in America. And worse Companies will enter the litigation epicenter of the world where companies such as Tobacco have received Billion dollar judgments against them. No businesses will come to the USA and face this nightmare. The corporate mandate for Obamacare will remain. Nobody is going to bring a business to America to make it an extension of the welfare office.


There are all kinds of Killer Taxes here…

Graduate School Tuition is Taxed!  Student loan waivers will be taxed as income under discharge of indebtedness.  Anyone with student loans [not the Trump kids where everything is bought and paid for] gets nailed. Royalties of inventors get higher taxes. It is nothing but a grab back of RINO picked winners and lowers.


How much of this Whopper TAX CUT That TRUMP and RINOS say will put you in the money?

The Joint Committee on Taxation in Congress says more than 70 percent of those earning $40,000 to $100,000 will see their taxes reduced in 2019 by $100. THAT’s it. CHUMP CHANGE! By 2027 most Americans will pay thousands in increased Taxes in those same brackets!  YOU’VE BEEN HAD!

BILLIONAIRES will see their TAXES CUT by 16%!  As the TRUMP’s would say, Charity begins at home!

Yesterday’s market action told the tale of the tape… This Tax plan is not going to spur growth.

Don’t think for a NEW YORK SECOND that Trump is Reagan. Reagan’s Tax cuts were across the board and large. They propelled massive growth and increased employment by over two million persons formerly out of the workforce. It was the greatest prosperity in US History.

Then came Bush and Clinton and Bush again. Up went taxes. NAFTA killed US manufacturing from 40% of the GDP under Reagan to just 16% under Obama. The United States is dying under these RINOs and Liberals. Trump is the worst because he is such a bloody stupid man with no moral or political compass. The void of his being has been filled by the Bush Style RINO neocons.

That is why you are seeing so much aggressive military posturing. We are back threatening everyone. But economically we are pitching into the sea.


Recession 2018.

The RINOs have added three trillion to the debt in just one Trump year. This tax plan will spur no growth. Rural America is literally dying on the vine.

The crescendo event will be when oil is traded in the YUAN with gold backed Yuan Oil futures. Oil will drop rapidly by 15% but only for oil traded in US Dollars. The dollar will collapse and with it the Bond market. That will be the beginning of the end of the United States exporting its inflation through the Dollar reserve currency. This day is coming rapidly. When it hits, it will feel like a US Economic Earthquake. Even holding dollars in cash will not be safe. The Bitcoin will likely be safer.

NAFTA will only become more attractive. China will continue to boom. When the Dollar Reserve currency is killed off there will be a recession or depression like no other as all the exported dollar inflation and politician manipulation comes home to roost.




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