The more things change the more they stay the same.  OBAMACARE will be replaced by RINOCARE. But the good news if you’re a politicians is you will be exempt from RINOCARE just as you were exempt from Obamacare.  And politicians and staffs will keep their LAVISH no deductible, everything covered PPO for life. Any doctor, any hospital, anywhere in the world!  Oh and it covers their families too. All paid for by the generosity of Taxpayers.  Just proves there is no wind so ill that it doesn’t blow some good luck to politicians. Not that its luck of course. It is just the usual self serving politician grabbing for everything they can. REPUBLICAN RINOCARE CONGRESS KEEPS LAVISH PPO.


Paul Ryan is the architect of RINOCARE.

I bet he’s glad as hell he’ll have that Taxpayer paid for PPO supercare package for himself and his family. You get the RINOCARE. So what will RINOCARE look like? The good thing is the awful Mandate is gone. Next we have to figure out how to get rid of Chief Justice John Roberts the idiot that stuck Americans with that mandate in Obamacare by calling it a TAX. He left the door opened to Government destroying the people through taxation exceeding INCOME. More simply Roberts should be impeached. Figures he was a George Bush appointee. BUSH I by the way appointed Souter, the liberals liberal. Bush family morons the gift that keeps on giving exploding cigars to Americans.


Trump hasn’t said much but he better start talking.

Trump did mention Major Medical Insurance which traditionally was very cheap and covered hospitalizations. The trouble with healthcare is that the great planners always try to figure out how to stick the young and healthy to pay for the older sicker people. That’s unrealistic. There is always going to be a small subgroup of people that just have bad genes and are destined to be plagued with medical problems. So the question is what do you do with these people?


RINOCARE calls for high risk pools sort of like bad driver insurance.

Though quite frankly who really wants to be subsidizing the insurance of a bad driver. In terms of healthcare, do you really want to be subsidizing somebody that smokes like a furnace and drinks like like a fish.  Yeah I know there is always somebody that’s 90, that’s still smoking a pack a minute and drinking a 5th a day. Who really wants to pay the health coverage of the 500 pound fat woman at home? I don’t.

Who wants to pay for some reckless gayblade that comes down with HIV? Some irresponsible conduct is simply uninsurable. And I don’t want to be a policeman of the world. I don’t want to tell some dope to wear a motorcycle helmet. I don’t want to outlaw booze and cigarettes. Liberals would like to stick you to pay for all the irresponsible behavior in the world. They also believe in controlling behavior through the government thug. Liberals are dicks.


People in High Risk insurance pools don’t like paying higher premiums.

But they are the reason healthcare costs so much. Just like bad Teen drivers cause the most accidents we are talking about bad behavior. You can’t insure bad behavior. Only about 2% of the population is sick by natural causes at an early age. These for example are kids that come down with Juvenal Diabetes. They will be tethered to doctors forever. Its not their fault. They played no role in their illness.

On the other hand a guy that smokes like a furnace and gets COPD pretty much earned that one himself. Of course he needs to go to the hospital because he gets short of breath after he smokes. How are you going to pay for that guy? I am willing to help the kid with the diabetes not the old gleep with a cigarette dangling out of his lips. I don’t want to hear the old gleep’s unsolicited sob story about how he is addicted to smokes and never realized they would make him sick.  News Flask, Cigarettes ain’t health food!


Young liberals who make me sick have some ill-conceived notions about reality:

First off I ain’t your daddy and I don’t owe you anything in this world. You take care of you and I will take care of me. That strikes me as fair. I don’t owe you tuition, food, clothing, shelter and phone data minutes. I owe you exactly nothing. Yet young punks think everyone owes them a life. NO… we don’t. If you want a life go make one for yourself and leave me out of your plans. These punks are con artist that want to use the government thugs to take what belongs to you away and give it to them.

Don’t think for a minute this is just knot headed liberals. Nixon came up with that egregious scheme call earned income tax credits. This is nothing but welfare and a page out of the Karl Marx playbook. You can’t legislate equality because somebody always gets screwed.


Some people are lazy bums:

You can’t carry bums. Lazy people have no functional purpose. They are freeloaders. The best therapy for a lazy person is to let them fend for themselves. The whole idea that you can supplement lazy bums is crazy.


Back when HSAs were popular they were great.

A small business guy could buy a health care policy that was 100% deductible against income as a business expense. On top of that, they could put roughly $2500 deferred income into an HSA account and it would grow and as long as it was used for medical purposes it was not accrued as income. This was a really good deal.

But you had a lot of cruds out there who had small businesses like electrician or plumber that made income but pocketed most of it and never paid any taxes. So they weren’t going to get an HSA because they were basically dishonest. So for a dishonest person, even the best deal isn’t good enough for them. Bottom line you can’t expect decent people to pay for the lazy and dishonest. Screw them.


Finally the Deal Breaker: Congress doesn’t get that Lavish PPO! They get the same as everyone else.

I am sick to death of Democrats and Republican setting up the Taxpayers with these elite and proletariat styled deals. The fact that congress writes their own exemptions is unacceptable. The insider trading law that was sold to the Taxpayers as a bill to stop Congressional Insider Trading was a FARCE. They still can trade on insider information and now don’t have to report any transactions under $1000.

In the stock market a computer program can execute 60 individual trades a second. More simply these politicians could trade $60,000 a second and never have to report any of it. Oh but Obama made a big deal when he signed it into law. Politicians are filthy scum. And Pelosi and her husband benefited making many millions in the markets off insider trading. Disgusting. A citizen would have gone to jail for life; Pelosi’s behavior is rewarded. This has to end. No more special laws for the people that don’t apply to politicians.




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