Washington State must be proud of this loser. Especially with the decline of Exports of Washington State Apples and Cherries globally and to China. Trump said, “Trade wars are good and easy to win.” Are they Newhouse? 

THANKS TO NEWHOUSE’s TRADE WAR WITH CHINA,  Apples and cherries to China now face a 50% tariff. Just four years ago, 3.3 million 20-pound boxes of cherries had been shipped to China. Since the TRUMP now BIDEN tariffs were implemented in 2018, shipments have declined to 2.2 million in 2018, 1.9 million in 2019 and to just over 1 million last year. 

“Trade wars are good and easy to win.”

U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai, who was is confronted constantly about damaging Trump Biden Tariffs, said the USA is not yet ready to lift the self-destructive tariffs on Chinese products.

Hey Newhouse, ever heard of Smoot Hawley Tariffs? What a dope.

Newhouse decided he hadn’t done enough harm to Washington State exports so he pushed through a Committee Amendment on the latest $197 billion USDA-FDA Farm Welfare Bill. 

Dan Newhouse claimed 192,000 acres of farmland owned by Chinese investors was the old chewed dog bone of national security. 

“The current trend in the United States is leading us toward the creation of a Chinese-owned agricultural land monopoly,” said the Republican from Washington State. “There are currently no federal safeguards against the creation of this monopoly.”

I would love to see this loser’s maths grades…

According to the USDA, Click Here, there are 896.6 million acres, or 1.4 million square miles, of farmland in the United States. This MORON is claiming 192,000 acres constitutes a monopoly out of 896.6 MILLION ACRES! LOSER! Can you even imagine the insanity and outright FRAUD of this RACIST from Washington State? Here is more Xenophobic double-talking rubbish from this mindless freak:

“To ensure the U.S. food supply chain is secure and independent, especially after all the food interruptions we all experienced during the recent pandemic,” 

 It was approved by a cowardly voice vote. So the Dems sharing the Xenophobia would not get singled out. 

Another thing about old Dan and guys like Grassley, they never miss a Farm Bill Welfare handout. But remember these two jerks led the way for Trump’s Trade War, and the destruction of over 200,000 US Soy Farmers who are out of business. They also filled their own pockets and expanded their own farms with the largest number of Farm Bankruptcies since the 1930’s. These idiots supported TRUMP’s Tariffs. They never looked back at the unmitigated disaster of Smoot Hawley Tariffs. Both of these losers were warned by over 2000 economists that US Agriculture would be destroyed. 

Honest Chinese Famers would be a blessing in America’s new Welfare stuffed Subsidy Stuffed Agricultural Cesspool. And this Xenophobic creep Newhouse is behind it. 

Investigagte self-dealing members of Congrees with Farm Interest that are stuffing their pockets with taxpayer money. 

China is the largest buyer of US Agricultural Goods. Each year Brazil, Argentina, and Chile take market share from the US because of Trump Biden’s Xenophobic Trade War. YOU ARE LOSING. And you have this idiot Newhouse, spreading the antagonism and xenophobic racism, which will destroy US Ag markets. 

Last year the US produced just 34 mmt of Soy. The year Trump destroyed 65 mmt of soy contracts with a tweet triggering Force Majeure and making the contacts voidable, the US had 300,000 soy farmers and produced 109 mmt of soy. Now down to 100,000 soy farmers and 34 mmt of soy.

Meanwhile, Brazil produced 134 mmt of soy in a drought this year. They are moving now to 200 mmt of soy. Argentina produced roughly 74 mmt. Soy WAS the largest US agricultural product until Trump destroyed the market. 

Since Dan thinks a “Monopoly” is 192,000 acres out of 896.6 MILLION ACRES, you better check his math on how antagonizing China is going to help US agricultural exports from Washinton State. This loser needs GONE! 

Trump Biden’s Trade war have proven to China, they are not dependent on any US Agricultural products.

Enjoy your farm subsidies you farm welfare queens because your global farm markets are evaporating. Blaming your largest customer and finding petty ways to antagonize them, is suicide. 

Congratulation to REP. DAN NEWHOUSE from District 4, Washington State…. our Bad for Business XENOPHOBE of the WEEK!

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