What a loser. For years his old man did nothing but bellyache. Ron Paul was a crybaby. Then we get this perm haired spineless nepotism jellyfish that keeps making a hard left turn over this RINO AGENDA. This was the guy with the five-minute fillibuster. RAND PAUL GOES RINO OVER RINOTAX TRUMP INTIMIDATES WHOOSIE.


Rand Paul’s Whoosie Perm.

THIS TAX PLAN IS A DISASTER: This dope is voting for it!

There is not a single modeling of the RINOTAX that shows any long-term benefit to anyone but the wealthiest 1%. For middle class and lower economic classes, you will pay more over time. Plus you will pick up the debt.

Rand Paul said he is voting for it, though he knows it is “flawed.” In other words, he has no spine and no conscience. It is not a matter of compromise. This bill is flatly toxic. Essentially Trump’s RINOTAX borrows 1.5 Trillion, gives it all to the wealthy then clobbers small business and the middle class who has to carry the debt. AND THE HUMAN TAX CUTS ARE TEMPORARY! So these RINOs are just taking you apart as usual. RAND PAUL RINO figures what’s another sell-out at this point. He’s right, the idiots of Kentucky keep sending him back again to Congress. He does nothing. Just like his Father did nothing for years.



Kentucky has supplied America with two pieces of crap: RAND PAUL and Mitch McConnell!  That has to be some kind of record. Arizona also comes to mind. Kentucky should be called the RINO STATE.

For years Texas wasted votes on Ron Paul who didn’t do a thing legislatively. All he did was bellyache. Texas kept returning him to Congress to do nothing but complain.

What about term limits… this is the ultimate RINO style by the Paul family. They talk about term limits then spend a lifetime in Congress. What hypocrites. FDR was the first hypocrite of Washington’s unspoken two term presidential limit.

It was Washington, unlike any leader in global history, literally gave up his seat of power and went home to be a citizen. FDR wouldn’t leave till he dropped dead. Fortunately, that happened and Truman took over. But Ron and Rand Paul extoll the virtues of term limits while doing the opposite. Tell me that isn’t RINO to the core!


Meanwhile, with this phony haircut voting RINO… other senators have now come forward complaining.

But their complaints look like negotiation tools. This is identical to the Liberals selling out for Obamacare by trying to get the country to pick up all of Nebraska’s medicare expenses. This is all cronyism.

The public is mum on this. Only 30% of Trump’s hardcore supporters are for this tax bill even if it means they pay higher taxes. Everyone else, especially the middle-class taxpayers are opposed. It’s stupefying. Reminds me of “weapons of mass destruction.” That was some snow job. All the RINOs caved for a dumb lie. Shows there is not a live neuron among them.


Let’s also remember one thing about this Tax bill. Not one Democrat will vote for it. Just like Republicans holding out on Obamacare. This kind of legislation is not good for the country. Democrats had no spine with Obamacare to stop it and this is RINOs punching back. Citizens always lose. 


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