True Colors… Trump’s a prick. His attack on Jeff Sessions was beyond the pale of any acceptable conduct. His hire of slippery NYC  loudmouth Scaramucci is the last straw. Trump owes Sessions a PUBLIC APOLOGY. This NYC Crap doesn’t play in the SOUTH! Sessions clearly made a judgement error by being loyal to Trump. Sessions gave up being a US Senator to help Trump. Trump then publicly attacked and humiliated Session in one of the most vicious nasty backstabbing arrogant displays ever seen. Session should have walked and it is astonishing that he didn’t. PRESIDENT LOSER BACKSTABS SESSIONS GOES LEFTY KUSHNER IVANKA RULE WEST WING FAMILY AFFAIR.


Spicer Replaced by NYC loudmouth II.

We have been disgusted with Trump’s manners for some time. Actually the operative question is WHAT MANNERS? Was Trump raise in a barn? Apparently so.

We are the Reagan Jeffersonian Republicans.  Civil discourse is mandatory. Trump can’t get along with anyone except his subservient family of grifter wrist lickers and they are raping this country with their lavish vacations and conflicts of interest that pour taxpayer money into the Trump Organization.

I am real sick of the Trump Kids and that includes Kushna son-of-a-crook. Why are they even involved in Government? There is a Nepotism law which Trump skirts by not paying Kushna or Ivonka a salary. But these two are using Air Force One likes its their personal vacation 747. That is a form of enrichment. They are picking the Taxpayer’s pockets every way they can. Their greed even exceeds that of Michele Obama.


Sessions is a mild mannered man. Trump takes that as a sign of Weakness. Clearly Trump never met Bubba from Georgia. Bubba has wonderful quiet manners but he ain’t a weakling. How do these New York City idiots come up with this idea?

Warning to you naive millennials… do not mouth off at Bubba or chances are you will be spitting chiclets in a New York Minute. What is it about New Yonkers that makes them such consistent and intolerable dickwads? The accent is ugly; they shouldn’t really open their mouths.

Years ago the US Military did a study prompted by loud mouthed New Yorkers. What they were trying to determine was why a population that claimed to be smarter than everyone else was consistently blowing themselves up with hand grenades.  The military did cognitive and motor skill tests and found out that Rural men had superior mechanical aptitude and could more easily lean complex weapon systems. New Yorker were dumber. Rural men were also superior with small arms. New Yorkers were full of themselves. All their noise and bravado was a big pile of garbage. Trump is a great example.

New Yorkers were always bragging about their ability in warfare but it never manifest in reality especially when working with explosives. A surprising number of New York city slickers blew themselves up with hand grenades apparently throwing the pin and dropping the grenade at their feet. This seems an awful lot like something Trump does on a regular basis.


Trump has already blown himself sky high.

Republicans as a whole are nicer people than Democrats. In a way it was sort of an acid test to identify Democrats. But not any more. Trump has set the new low standard for RUDENESS. But then again, Trump is not really a republican. Though he certainly qualifies as a RINO.


But Trump can’t win for losing:

He hasn’t accomplished a darn thing he promised.  No wall, no deportations to date, no roundup of the illegal gangs, sanctuary cities are still going strong. No Muslim ban. Tax reform is DOA. Even a George Bush Style chump change tax cut is running aground. Trump’s idiotic Trillion dollar pothole filling infrastructure is dead. Of course there is no budget and no phony Paul Ryan styled deficit hiking bill to fund the government again. It is all one big chaotic mess. But it’s fitting.


Why should any member of congress cooperate with Trump?

It is much more illustrative watching a guy with both houses of congress falling flat on his face.  Trump told everyone on the hand grenade test range that he was very good at all this government stuff. He was the best negotiator every in all the world. But somehow he has falling quite short. Perhaps he is not yelling enough or not tossing out enough angry Tweets.


TRUMPCRAPCARE Phony repeal replace is DOA!

Repeal only has the RINOs running scared. Who exactly are they running scared from? Republicans? Tea Party? No. They are afraid of Democratic Voters. Their own constituents want this repealed but they are afraid that if they do it, they won’t get re-elected. So you see RINOs are just the party of incumbents.


Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell types are in trouble for not being liberal enough. This is the old Karl Rove Mantra. 


Trump has no political or moral compass. He’s essentially a losers. We never had high expectations about Trump other than to realign the Court. It was obvious early on that Trump was not the next Reagan. Far from it. Trump may be the next Boris Yeltsin, a loudmouth embarrassment but there is no way he would ever govern effectively.  His attack on Sessions is just sickening. Trump’s a low life scumbag.

I am sure there are some hard core Trump supporters, likely alcoholics, that think Trump’s uncontrolled big mouth is wonderful. Trouble is that its not productive. We are the Reagan and Jeffersonian Republicans. I is impossible for any of us to support Trump.

It was Thomas Jefferson that said our nation would be a meritocracy ruled by persons with ability not their relationships to Royalty or people with power. Here we have Trump pushing nepotism in spite of a Federal law prohibiting such conduct. So everyone has to stand in line behind the Trump Kids. If you are in that line you are standing behind morons.


As Reagans and Jeffersonians we want to make sure we distance ourselves from Trump.

What happens to the Republican party from here on out is anyone’s guess. I think both Democrats and Republicans today deserve their parties to fractionate into new parties. True conservatives not the phone usurping of the name as the Bush Family has done, have very little reason to support Trump or any Bush. Their values are not the same as true conservatives that distrust big government. The Bush Family never met a big government they did not like.  Jeffersonians abhor big government. They abhor meddling in the affairs of other nations. Trump feels privileged to open his yapper about anything and everything as if he has something useful to say; he doesn’t. Nothing useful came out of his Jeff Sssions’s remarks.

Nothing he has ever said on Healthcare has made any sense whatsoever. He’s just talking to himself and wasting oxygen.

TRUMP FIRST. Trump likes Firsts… OK here’s on…

Trump is the first President in US History to have a Congress and Senate majority and has been unable to pass any significant legislation. That is quite a First. Unquestionably he is going to lose ground in the Midterms. Then what?








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