BIDEN is no Jack Kennedy and no FDR. He is more like Jimmy Hoffa. At the Port of LA, ship births are stalled for ten days to two weeks. Cargo containers sitting in dock storage awaiting empty shipment back to Asia. Customs on vacation for Juneteenth, stalled sorting and warehousing of BIDEN Tariffs. It is one bottleneck after another all dancing to the rising inflation and rising power of Unions holding America hostage. Hoffa would love this. Union dockworkers make an average of $171,000 a year plus free healthcare.


“Clerks average $194,000, and foremen, or “walking bosses,” $282,000. Their paychecks dwarf those of many white-collar managers in the global economy.”

With the container shortage, containers are emptied at the port and sent back to China empty for more cargoes. Trucks take the freight to their final destination as opposed to trains which are more economical. 

You don’t need ransomware when you have UNIONS calling the shots at the PORT OF LA and UNION JOE BIDEN facilitating the mess with Tariffs:

The Port of Los Angeles logged its busiest month in history. More than 1 million shipping containers were processed in May. Half were from Asia. To put this in perspective. The Port of Shanghai handles 5 times the volume of LA with none of the self-compliments. China ports are eight of the top ten largest cargo handlers in the world. 

The Port Unions are UNION JOE HOFFA’s dream come true. 

New York Time reported:

For decades, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union has solidified its power with aggressive demonstrations of solidarity across its Pacific ports.

That includes a series of actions beginning in 2012, when dockworkers in Portland, Ore., introduced a slowdown, at least in part to protest two positions they believed should be going to the union’s members. The company operating the port went to court, contending that the job actions that continued for years were illegal and financially destructive.

Seven years later, a federal jury has agreed, awarding the company a stunning $93.6 million judgment.

The Union is on the verge of bankruptcy. Yet that hasn’t stopped their aggressive behavior and slow down activity. They continue to fight the automation of ports, keeping US Ports inefficient. 

This is essentially a Government Union: Even FDR was opposed to Government Unions but not Joe Biden.

The Port of Los Angles is run by the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners. This is the public that owns this port, not a business. That’s probably why it is so poorly run. Over decades the ILWU got a foothold in these public ports and now has a stranglehold on the bulk of US imports.

With each successive contract negotiation, they institute one of their famous slowdowns. They have a chokehold on Pacific port freight. They block automation at every point and have kept US Ports in a status of gross inefficiency.

Joe Biden’s infrastructure plans do not include modernizing ports but do include expanding lethal Union power into government entities.

“Roughly 30,000 Union stiffs control virtually all the US imports and exports,” said Cash McCall. “This Union enjoys threatening the US Economy to get their six figures salaries and benefits off the taxpayers. If ever a Union needed busting, this is the one.”

DELAYS add costs to consumer goods as inflation. 

With Joe’s energy policies, petrol and diesel are at 6-year highs. Diverting cargo from Trains to Union Truckers quadruples the cost of delivered goods. And why are they doing this? 

Remember Trump? He was the genius that said Tariffs would remedy the balance of Trade. Instead, the Balance of Trade in favour of China increased 33% and US Global exports declined by 22%. So if imports increase and arrive by shipping containers and exports decrease what do you get? A GLUT OF SHIPPING CONTAINERS. Every US Port has a pile-up of empty shipping containers. Meanwhile, Asia has a dire shortage of supply of shipping containers. 

Thus, China sends containers full of products to the US and the US sends back the empty cargo boxes full of air. This deadhead cargo makes transport to the USA more expensive. Empty Cargo ships from the USA are a bad sign. This has also resulted in US Cargoes not getting shipped to Asia. No Shippy Crates… No Shippy boat.

But the UNION Trucker twist is a new wrinkle in raising the cost of Cargo. Because the shipping containers are in short supply in Asia, the shippers want their shipping containers returned with them. This forces the freight to be removed from the shipping container and loaded on Teamster’s Trucks. This is all perfectly legal in California because California is not a right to work state. So the Port Unions set all the rules. 

Bottom line is that UNIONS are destroying the supply chain at the two largest Ports in America, LA and Long Beach. 

The best estimates on these port blockages are they will last through 2022. Thank Joe Biden, the Tariff Man and Union Man. Joe Biden will be in full Gridlock after the Midterm Elections. Trump handed Biden Aces and Eights. Biden was too stupid to know the difference.


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