When it comes to making Deals one thing is certain, Pelosi is better at it than TRUMP and Paul Ryan combined.  The wide eyed Pelosi has no trouble digging her high heels into Republican backs and laughing hard about it. This is the second time she has just kicked Paul Ryan to the ground. She laughed then at RYAN and she is laughing now at TRUMP for sending RYAN into the big female cat’s den. PELOSI WRITES TRUMPS NEXT BOOK ART OF THE SCHLIMAZEL RYAN FOLDS LEFT.


Paul Ryan has now successfully destroyed the TRUMP AGENDA. MAR-A-LAGO now serving LAME DUCK!  That was fast. 100 days and its over!


So what did Pelosi Get from Congressboy Paul RINO? NOT MUCH JUST the whole TRUMP AGENDA is now dead!

Pelosi picked up $5 Billion in liberal spendthrift programs. She also got money for Puerto Rico to shore up their Medicaid free lunch. She also secured PLANNED PARENTHOOD FUNDING and a list of other programs that Trump campaigned against. Pelosi tore Trump and RYAN to pieces. So much for the “Art of the Deal!”



“In a defeat for President Trump,” she stated, the bill does not fund the immoral and unwise border wall or create a cruel new deportation force.”

And from the spin room comes this laughable tidbit from Trump’s RINO VP Pence:

“I think this morning’s announcement about reaching a bipartisan deal on the budget says that the American people can be encouraged that Washington is working again, thanks to the strong leadership of President Donald Trump,” Pence said on “CBS This Morning.” “Thanks to his direct engagement with members of Congress, we’re seeing real progress.”


Thanks for the Confession PENCE! Just like RINOCARE was a wonderful Bill, this cave in deal by Trump  and RYAN represents strong leadership. The Trump Administration is now on life support. Way to go PAUL RINO!

Even with the House and Senate Majorities and the Oval Office, RYAN and TRUMP still find a way to LOSE. Welcome to Losersville.


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