Paul Ryan: Obama’s New House Bitch

Can we at least dispense with the narative that Big Guberment Planner Paul RYNO is a CONSERVATIVE?


Joe Biden takes Ryno to the woodshed. Ryan lost the election for Romney with this pitiful display.


Yet the drive-by-media continues to mount this claim. That claim also applies to all the Big Guberment Bush family types and war monger John McCain. These people are toxic liberals. Conservatives are not interested in Big Guberment or CIA wars. That knocks Jeb out on two counts.


Paul RYNO is Obama’s Slap Monkey and a Pelosi liberal favorite. Name one non RINO that supports Ryan for his bid as Houseboy for Obama? The silence is deafening.


Ryan is essentially a democrat pretending to be a Republican. He is a member of the John McCain strain. First and foremost, Ryan has not worked a day in his life. He is a trust fund baby and is paid roughly $500,000 a year in addition to his Congressional pay. It has been that way since he turned 18. But he still paid for college through social security based on his drunken father dropped dead at 55 of a heart attack. How else does a guy that looks like a bird marry so far out of his range? Try money…

While Paul Ryan pretends to be poor and nothing but a working stiff, his mother has a 7.7 million dollar estate and Ryan is a trust fund baby.

How did the Ryan’s make their money… the paving business. So it is any wonder why Paul Ryan has spearheaded the Highway Trust Fund to expand road construction?


His family is a Big Guberment leach and Ryan is Obama’s houseboy.


The RYNO RECORD… Wants Amnesty, voted for Tarp, Voted to make Patriot Act Permanent, voted for Auto company bailouts, Wanted troops in Iraq for the next 100 years, Voted for no child left behind, the unfunded Medicare mandate.  Decried Pelosi spendaholic stimulus while secretly writing Joe Biden about what a great program it was to build roads… [The RyNO family business].


Bottom line Never and I mean Never trust a RINO!

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