Paul Ryan continues to get under the skin of the Republican base. This is the final straw from the guy from PORKBACK MOUNTAIN that thirsts for power.  While Wisconsin’s presidential primary went to Cruz, it was more of a consorted effort by the State GOP-E to block Trump than an actual vote. Wisconsin allowed and encouraged Independents and Democrats to participate in the vote to stop Trump. Trump won the vast majorities of counties but was taken down in the highly populated eastern portions of the state occupied by liberals. Trump did not fail due the evangelical vote as the drive-by-media erroneously reported. Now we learn…  PAUL RYAN: HOUSE WILL NOT FUND TRUMP’S WALL.



Porkback Ryan… Most RINO Pork Since Dennis Hasert was Porker of The House.


Now we have Paul Ryan referring to the Republican Nominee Donald Trump as “The presumptive nominee” as if the matter has not been settled. Ryan used his usual double talk to  a smiling Liberal CNBC media shill, the empty-headed alleged wife-cheater John Harwood. It was a real lovefest.


Ryan the Trojan liberal defiantly stated that he would not allow Trump’s wall to be funded by the House; flippantly remarking that Mexico was going to pay for it. Think about the audacity of this remark from this two bit trust fund bum and Obama humiliation puppet.


Ryan increased the liberal  debt ceiling and pushed through Obama’s $1.5 Trillion dollar budget but REFUSES to have the HOUSE fund $8 Billion for the Southern Border Wall!

But then RINOSPEAK occurred…  Ryan then said “Of course the border needs to be secured.”

Welcome to RINOSPEAK 101. It is very similar to HILLARYLIES 101.  This is the phony RINO line and you will hear it frequently from now on. Get these words down… RINOs will be spouting them, “WE MUST SECURE OUR BORDERS!” but there will be no mention of the Trump Wall, now being called a fence by RINOs.

Secure means exactly what? Secure like the Politicians and US Government preformed on 9/11 where ever single system broke down entirely? Remember, the director of the FAA didn’t bother to go to work that day and learned about four hijacked aircraft from the Television News while watching the second Aircraft hit the South Tower.

By the way, the guy on the hijack desk; that was his first day of work. Four aircraft hijacked and he didn’t report any of it. “We must secure our borders.” Can you hear the RINOs singing out?

Or do you mean safe like George Bush ignoring 44 CIA warnings that Bin Laden was planning a large attack on the United States. Those warnings were given to that Texas nitwit between March and September 2001. Bush ignored them all. He made no effort whatsoever to contemplate the threat and any response at all. “Feel Safe?”

“Sure I feel RINO SAFE!”


It is time to DUMP PORKBACK RYAN! Ryan is a two bit punk. He couldn’t even tell the truth about his phony marathon times. No moral character at all. He is a trust fund punk who gives the impression that he’s a working class stiff. His trust comes from the family road business. Ryan had no trouble pushing through that unnecessary highway bill the liberals wanted. He’s a slime.

But the most telling arrogance occurred today when he made the rounds telling the nation that he was not yet ready to support Donald Trump. As always this RINO scab continues to refer to himself as a Conservative. Corey Lewandowski dismissed the Ryan yapping by pointing to Donald Trump during his West Virginia speech, and saying, “There is the leader of the Republican Party.”

Later Trump remarked “I am not ready to support Speaker Ryan’s agenda. Perhaps in the future we can work together and come to an agreement about what is best for the American people. They have been treated so badly for so long that it is about time for politicians to put them first!”

This punk Ryan has pushed through the entire Obama borrow and spend agenda. He pushed the Pacific Trade deal through for fast track as well as the Iran nuclear arms deal. As far as I am concerned Paul Ryan has molested the term Conservative. Nobody claiming to be conservative would ever raise the debt ceiling and push through the Omnibus $1.5 trillion dollar budget without questioning a single expenditure.



Please stop calling anything Bush or Paul Ryan Conservative. Both of these losers have policies identical to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on Trade, deficits, pork, and on Immigration. 


Paul Ryan has a primary opponent PAUL NEHLEN. Nehlen is a businessman not a professional politician. Here is one of his ads.


Nehlen has a website setup to handle donations and go after Ryan. Click here to get connected. It is tough to beat an incumbent. Paul Ryan has the Establishment GOP firmly in his pocket in Wisconsin. Paul Ryan is the Congresskid from PorkBack Mountain. His special interest donors are well cared for.

The Republican base has given the Republican Party control of both the House and the Senate and the RINOs link arms with liberals and push through the entire liberal agenda to the point that Pelosi publicly mocks Ryan declaring that he gave away the store. Ryan is now looking to bail out Puerto Rico.

Ryan must be removed as Speaker of the House and preferably retired from politics.

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