Of course Trump is not running the show. He knows nothing about Tax. To steal a line from T-Rex, Trump’s a Moron. This is the Paul Ryan’s Foie Gras RINO Agenda. This is why you now have ROMNEYCARE which you call Obamacare and why America is now being force fed Ryan’s  “A BETTER WAY” Tax plan. Just call it RINO TAX. Notice the only two people that you see talking about this rape of the middle class is Paul Ryan and Kevin Brady. That’s because RYAN and BRADY invented the “A BETTER WAY” more than a year ago. PAUL RYAN FOIE GRAS RINO TAX AGENDA PATSY TRUMP RUBBER STAMPS CALLS TREMENDOUS.


100% approved by the Koch Brothers



Trump meanwhile gave speeches about how middle class taxes would be cut and how he and other Billionaires would pay higher taxes. Surprise, the opposite is true. Billionaires will run roughshod over the middle class once again.

Trump essentially did the same deceptive speeches over TrumpCare in which Americans would get better care for less and you could buy policies across state lines. When it was all said and done, it was nothing but a bigger Federal Government take over of medicine. In fact it was so bad, that people opted for Obamacare.

The only thing Trump has pushed for is doubling the child Tax Credit which is Ivanka’s contribution to more mindless spending on the public. Trump is now swinging his Goldfish attention span to North Korea.

This is the guy that was going to drain the swamp. Instead the Swamp writes all the Trump fumbling legislation.


It simply isn’t “different this time”

There is not a single historic instance where tax cuts to the wealthy have resulted in more economic activity. If that were the case the rise of mega billionaires as we have now should have ushered in gigantic prosperity for all, not a GDP on life support for the last 16 years. Workforce utilization is the lowest in US History.

Secondly there has never been a tax cut paid for out of borrowed dollars that has lived up to its hype. In fact all have fallen far short. Even the RINO plan was knocked in a recent study showing the debt would massively rise over the next 15 years delivering none of the promised prosperity. RINOs said the study was biased. Then all studies are biased because this borrowing for tax cuts has never worked. Government must must reduce spending to pay for Tax Cuts.


RINOs claim the Bush Subprime Collapse was the result of poor lending criteria but isn’t true.

Bad loans happen all the time. At present there are 6 million auto loans behind by 90 days. That is a lot of default. But it doesn’t become serious unless the loans are packaged together and sold as leveraged debt in which the defaulting loans are all packed together and the collateral is 1% of the loan value. That’s what they were doing with mortgages. People were paying anything for a home. If Banks had to carry this debt on their books instead of packaging and selling it, this vicious debt packaging cycle never would have taken down 9 Trillion in US Real Estate Assets.

In the end Bush and Obama funded the banks who foreclosed on the property stripping the owner of all their equity and down payments. It was a total annihilation. Now we have the lowest home owners participation for 60 years. And we have the highest hedge fund and Billionaire participation in all history. The rich bilked the working class. Not one banker was jailed. Bank earnings skyrocketed. Now it seems to have been all but forgotten. How utterly insane.


At this moment Deutsche Bank has produced a paper showing that asset values are the most inflated at any time in modern history since the Depression. It is related to the huge amount of money in the Bond markets. This asset is going to tumble and take all other assets with it.


With near certainty, we are definitely due for another recession. This time there will be no monetary cushion to create more debt or more borrowed government spending. Billionaires will be fine. They will do what they always do in a recession, buy assets for ten cents on the dollar while the middle class gets crushed.




What happened to the old Republican party that was austere and operated with some monetary restraint? NIXON… the first BIG RINO is what happened! Followed by BUSH I read my lips squid, Bush II mission accomplished with TARP. Obama the great idiot… and now Trump the Moron. We are swing’in for the bleachers with this one.

The Jeffersonian Republican and Reagan Republican is gone. The big government big big spending RINOs know how to bilk you and the system. Worse they call themselves “conservative” republicans but they are RINO liberals.


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