I won’t be voting for anyone in 2020. No RINOs, No RUDE BSTDS, no Liberal Novelties. But if OPRAH runs, she would defeat TRUMP by a large margin. What kind of President would Oprah be? She would not be a racist. Most assuredly she would respect others. I doubt she would be a war monger. She should be very pro-business and most certainly a political centrist.

Oprah is intelligent. She can deliver inspirational speeches without a teleprompter. She appears to be a person who thinks deeply about things. In reality, she is a fine human being without any meanness or malice against anyone.


The Democratic Party is the main drawback to an Oprah Presidency:

Liberals by any measure are just socialist garbage con artist elites. They are as bad or worse than the RINOs who are also oligopoly con artist elites.  As you know I regard both in low esteem, since they represent the one-party system known as Incumbent con artist elites.

I am afraid the Democratic Party would taint her much as they did with Jimmy Carter, a good man but ineffective leader. And of course, the last thing America wants again is to listen to a privileged Black millionaire bellyaching about racism. I am not implying there is no racism. That is an easy equation.


Ask a White person if they would rather be Black. Most say no. A few millennial White kids from the cush of the basement who “Black Talk” might like it at least for a day or so until those $400 AIR NIKE are removed from their persons in an alley.


You can drive through any city and when you hit the Black area, you see the poverty. But Poverty alone is not racism. Racism and the reason Blacks are not succeeding is complicated. It is not as easy as Michele Obama would conclude that Ameria is just a racist country. That is easy to refute when you have more Black Millionaires and Billionaires in America than all other nations of the world combined. So while the slave ship was undesirable, the end result of coming to America proved to be a bit of luck for Blacks economically.


Oprah’s concept of Race Relations is hokey Plantation Life in America turned into a TV Mini-Series:

But it is also a fancy form of the blame game in which one tries to leverage history to pick your pocket. Contemporary White Americans had NOTHING to do with slavery 200 years ago. SO LAY OFF! I don’t have to “like” some scruffy Black punk from the hood. Though if I am on a Jury, I have an obligation to be unbiased and impartial toward his circumstances. The fact that this Black punk chooses to be a loser from the hood IS NOT MY DOING and is NOT CAUSED BY RACISM. It is however caused by this person becoming anti-social.

Trump will tell you that he is responsible for reducing Black Unemployment to the lowest level in many years. But Trump is not telling you that Black Welfare is at the highest level in US History. Apparently, Trump and Obama consider persons on welfare to be Government Employees.

Sorry but we pass on Oprah.

If the Democrats continue to “float” more of these novelty candidates they will lose ground in 2018 and 2020. The country is already reeling from a bit too much celebrity. Perhaps Democrats should tone it down and try to run somebody that won’t set some kind of Guinness Record for minority status.

Oprah could do some good for the Democrats by ending this silly detour for the next Double or Triple Whammy. Democrats were possessed in the last election to elect the first Medusa. Democrats are actually dumber than RINOs, though both reside at the bottom of the intellectual ladder and the top of the Crony ladder.

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