At some point even the Democrats have to admit that the OBAMAS are JERKS. The Democratic party is dead because of Obama. Hillary ran on an Obama Third Term and the nation spit on the opportunity. OBAMAS RUDEST FIRST COUPLE EVER.


Hillary can gruff all she wants about the FBI.

She was a mess. Her Presidential Debate cheating really took the cake. But none of that would have mattered if Obama hadn’t turned out to be such a loser. Remember… He was going to “Transform” America into something wonderful.  So he turned it into the Food Stamp Capital of the World!


Look at Herbert Walker Bush. He voted for Clinton!

He rode in on a phony Reagan Third term by a landslide. But that was because Reagan had the economy humming and put an end to the Cold War.  A war Obama and Clinton rekindled. Employment utilization was at an all time high. Now under Obama it is at an all time low. Had Obama had anything working, Clinton would have easily been elected.


From the moment Obama took office he started “Blaming BUSH.”

He is the ONLY president ever to attack a predecessor President or Administration in the history of the Presidency of the United States. Americans were shocked even those that didn’t like Bush. Obama was a total lowlife failure.


Oh Jesus… Then you have the First Scowler… OMG: What a mug! You can’t hide a foul attitude like this. Always acting like every minute of her life is a new chip on her shoulder.


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Moocher with the First Lady Carla Bruni of France. Scowl-O-BAMA


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Michele should be particularly proud of this public scene. Why don’t you put a sock in it Michele?


Then there is this “Aspect” of the First Lady. Her dinner plate is delivered by Fork Lift!


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$200 Million of Taxpayer money she spent of Lavish Vacations… and she wears every penny of it! I wonder if she is proud of her waistline.”


The Michele Obama saga began with the proclamation that she had never been proud of her country and then it went downhill from there. She has personally spewed more racial hatred than any KKK segregationist in history.

This low class goon gave a speech to a bunch of Snowflakes stating that she wakes “Every day in a House Built by Slaves. ” Not only is that inaccurate it is patently false. Time for a little TRUTH SLAP DOWN!

Let’s begin the Argument by telling the truth.

Not one block of stone was placed and mortared in position by any Free Negro worker or hired Slave. All laborers were paid for their labor incidentally so “DAT AIN’T SLAVERY.” The stones were cut by unskilled blacks and whites in the quarry where they were learning how to cut block under European Stone mason supervision. The stones were laid exclusively by Scottish, Irish, and Italian stone artisans. The foundation and the home’s interior wood frames were constructed with the help of black labor, white labor and immigrant labor. This was the FIRST WHITE HOUSE and for Mrs. Obama’s edification it was not called “WHITE’S HOUSE” or the “WHITE HOUSE” until Teddy Roosevelt used the Expression on Stationary in the 1900’s!

The First White’s House Burned down in 1814… in the War of 1812.

The walls were torn down and rebuilt. The entire interior had been gutted. So now Mrs. Obama we are on White’s House #2. This construction was completed in 1817 and new Portico structures were added. Both were carved EXCLUSIVELY by Italian stone cutters.

Other larger additions were made during the time of Teddy Roosevelt. The era of slavery was over. But but but…. What about the “HOUSE BUILT BY SLAVES THAT Michele Obama claims she wakes up in each morning? ALL I CAN SAY IS …. “SHE BE IN THE WRONG HOUSE!” Feast your eyes on these photos Mrs. Obama.


Truman’s Rebuilding:

Apparently Mrs. Obama’s Slave Labor wasn’t so hot after all. The White house had to be gutted once again and a steel superstructure erected throughout.


Image result for Truman rebuilt white house



Image result for Truman rebuilt white house

Floor by Floor Michele, WHITE’S HOUSE was taken apart. ALL the foundation of the original house reputed to have been made by Paid unskilled Slave, Free, and White Labor was removed. All wood beams placed by Paid laborers had to be removed. More simply, there wasn’t a stitch of work left of the original WHITE’S HOUSE for your CLAIM of “WAKING IN A HOUSE BUILT BY SLAVES!  Yeah Michele; Your’e FOS! I think we are done with that Moocher!


ONE THING IS CERTAIN… MOOCHER OBAMA is NO JACKIE KENNEDY. Jackie actually knew the history of the house. Moocher publicly displayed her ignorance of history. I guess she never realized the Original WHITE’S HOUSE was destroyed. She’s just a mindless yapper on a race baiting mission.


From Blaming Bush to his Latest BRAG, Obama remains the FRAUD IN CHIEF.

Obama hit an all time rude low today by claiming he would have beaten Trump if he had been allowed to run for a third term.

What a remark from an outgoing President. Obama is a disgrace. Needless to say Trump fired back a face slapping indictment of the Obama Administration and economy.  Trump and Obama are apparently competing for rudeness.  This Obama Legacy buries itself each and every day. In doing so Obama is taking the Democratic Party with him.

Obama also accused Hillary of playing it too safe.  He’s probably right. Hillary should have slammed the Obama Administration from all sides. Instead she stupidly ran as the Third Obama Term.


Trump Tweets aren’t Cleaver.

Trump gains nothing fighting with shadows. Obama is done. All he can do is conjecture on bull crap.  What Trump should do is say nothing. Then when he gets in the office he should reverse each and every Obama executive order.  Trump should focus on closing the borders immediately, quietly start deportations and end sanctuary cities. Trump should immediately begin working on repealing Obamacare starting with the mandate and restoring tax breaks to businesses that buy health insurance for employees. More Simply Trump… learn from Teddy Roosevelt,  ‘Speak softly and carry a big stick instead of engaging in these childish Tweet remarks that aren’t very witty or cleaver.

Meanwhile the rest of the Country and Stock Markets are Celebrating the end of THE OBAMAS! AND Best of all, THE OBAMAS know it!



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