OBAMA spiked the football after Seals supposedly killed Bin Laden. Sorry Obama… No body means no confirmation. Maybe Obama killed the houseboy. Then Obama worked a backdoor deal to have the British SAS assassinate Qaddafi. But with Obama’s tiny brain he never anticipated that regime change would become a whole lot more difficult resulting from Assassination. Small countries such as Iran and North Korea as well as others will push for nuclear weapons as a means of self-defense. OBAMA BRITISH SAS ASSASSINATIONS CREATED KIM JONG UN.


Trump’s War On Woment.  Trump wants to Bomb these North Korean Women.


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US Female Navel Personnel. The age old story of Girl meets Girl. Combat Ready! No male sexual assault here!


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Famous Photo… Now regarded as State’s Evidence of Sexual Assault!  Though the sailor was drunk negating intent.


Of course Assassination is illegal. But Obama and Trump think they are above the law.

Click here to understand America’s illegal view of assassination. It is written in the preferred Trump Style idiot memo! Bottom line, Obama should be investigated along with Hillary Clinton for their roll in the Assassination of Qaddafi and brought to justice.

Irrelevant now since Kim Jong Un is way ahead of Trump on this one.


If Trump thinks blowing off his mouth at China’s Xi Jinping is going to help regime change in North Korea,  Trump is even more insane than he acts.

There is not a snowball’s chance in hell that China is going to allow a fellow Asian Communist Country to undergo Regime Change. The Korea War along should make that perfectly clear. It will Never happen. In fact the more Trump pulls this policeman of the world stuff, the more other small nations will arm with small nuclear weapons.


Does Kim Jong Un have the ability to send a Nuke to the United States or a South Korean city?

Maybe and that is enough to prevent Trump and the British SAS from trying Regime Change in North Korea. Kim Jong Un has proven himself to be very astute following the Obama administrations Arab Summer policy.  In retrospect, Qaddafi slipped up. He should have had a nuclear program instead of being nice to his people.

US policy in these matters is very selective. Saudi who has sponsored terrorism gets a pass. Qualified was  supposedly behind the bombing of PANAM’s Flight 103 over Lockerbie. Though there was never any evidence to support that allegation. In fact Qaddafi turned over the bombing suspects to the British and voluntarily paid damages economic to all the passenger’s families. Hmmm didn’t see Saudi paying any damages for 911. Oh that’s right they are buds with the Bush Family.

Nevertheless Obama and the SAS concocted a secret mission to assassinate Qaddafi plunging Libya into Civil War. Benghazi was the home town of Qaddafi and the killing of the US Ambassadress Stevens was revenge for Assassinating Qaddafi. But but but Oh how stupid of me. It was all caused by a youtube video. NO it was all cased because OBAMA and CLINTON assassinated Qaddafi.


Why America should not mess with the Asians again:

In a word VIETNAM, and in a second word KOREA. To the 25% of NEOCONS that support TRUMP’s Bush Third Term and his Bush Retread Generals, might want to take a walk back in history.

For one thing, Asians represent the largest population of the earth. What they have lacked in weaponry they have more than made up in massive armies. And unlike the Italians and French, Asians are fearless in battle. The biggest complaint of US Tin Soldiers is that the Asian generals waste a lot of men in combat.


Ho Chi Minh promised the USA, “You will kill ten of us, we will kill one of you, but in the end, you will tire of it first.” 


Jungle warfare is not open desert warfare. Big missiles and carpet bombing don’t mean much when the enemy is dug in and waiting for you in the jungle. Worse as in Vietnam, at any given moment the North could release torrents of men as they did with the Tet offensive.


This is the face of death. Thai as the architect of the Tet Offensive which became the turning point of the war in Vietnam. He also planned the fall of Saigon in 1975. Had Trump not been 4F because of his very very bad bone spurs reported by his Father’s NEW YORK CITY DOCTORS, TRUMP would have made short work of this guy. Instead America lost the war in Vietnam and didn’t win. All because of bone spurs which fortunately spontaneously healed in late 1975.


Bone Spur Trump’s latest message is that the United States Military and Trump in particular will handle it.

And that is exactly what everyone in America should fear…


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