A David Souter by any other name…  Trump doesn’t know Conservative from RINO or Liberal. A realist’s expectations of TRUMP were very low. If he accomplishes nothing which is likely, he was at minimum expected to select a conservative judge. He blew it. Gorsuch looks more and more like a Bush selection of another David Souter. Instead of withdrawing the name, Trump and his BUSH THIRD TERM RINOs deploy the Nuclear Option senate rule changes. Souter II will now be pushed through the Senate. The republican base will regret this Trump selection. Mark my words. RINOs won’t care. NUCLEAR OPTION WILL SEAT RINO LIBERAL JUDGE GORSUCH ANOTHER SOUTER.


Judge Souter II

Politically a nuclear option is stupid as a first choice. It is typical of a TRUMP misuse of power.

You save the nuclear option only for a Supreme Court pick that will matter. Gorsuch will not be a reliable Scalia conservative. At best he will be another Justice Kennedy at worse another Souter or Earl Warren. If Trump walked away from this choice and then chose a real conservative, he would have had the moral authority for the Nuclear Option. He doesn’t have that moral authority now.  If the Democrats were not smart enough to buy this RINO Liberal GORSUCH then tough. America would have been lucky to have dodged this bullet.  But TRUMP wants to win even if winning is actually losing. He used the same flawed reasoning over RINOCARE. Pushing Gorsuch through will be something real Conservatives will ultimately come to regret.


Look at the damage done by Roberts and Kennedy in recent years.

Kennedy ushered in gay America and same sex marriage. This is insane. Roberts gave you Obamacare not once but twice! These two so-called conservative choices have damaged the Constitution and set the USA on a course of big government liberalism. They destroyed the Fifth Amendment and altered a 5000 year definition of marriage with no legal basis whatsoever! Gorsuch is the same smiling candy-ass type. Trump doesn’t care; he’s always pandering to gayblades and these idiot transgender nutjobs.

Republicans [as opposed to RINOs] remember this day. If this had been a conservative judge do you honestly think Mitch McConnell would have pulled the nuclear option? No. This is a RINO or even a Liberal. This is one of the most unqualified on the bench. This guy came out of a quiet Appellant Circuit that is famous for no significant cases. He’s a punk with a candyass resume.

Welcome again to the Bush Third Term!









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