Ann Coulter may be one of the best Conservative Pundits going. She’s literally going out of the Trump Camp. We were the first conservative media outlet to suggest that Trump is running a Bush Third Term. Naturally we are Jeffersonian and Reagan Republicans so Trump doesn’t measure up in any way to a Ronald Reagan or Thomas Jefferson. We are more sensitive to treacherous flip flopping than RINOs and Neocons or Independent disruptors that helped put Trump in Office. But we all had the same sinking feeling that occurred when Walker Bush flew into the White House aboard Ronald Reagan’s coat tails. NO WALL JOKE BUDGET COULTER DESERTING SHIP CALLS TRUMP GROTESQUE.



We knew Walker Bush was an arrogant effete big government fraud.

We have the same sinking feeling with Trump but in the case of Trump unlike Walker Bush, Trump doesn’t have any political compass at all. He is rudderless. He’s all over the place politically. And its a bad place. Coulter and other Conservative Pundits now fully sense the disaster. But it is worse than that. The Trump personality in the White House is hard to stomach.

From these mindless Twitterstorms to an Administration that looks like a half made bed this is the look of utter complete failure. Look at the nuts with whom Trump has surrounded himself. We start with the Tin Soldiers and focus on the dumb fat guy, H R McMaster. Not only is this guy nutty. He thinks he’s bad because he doesn’t use his first name.  No he’s just “H R” and don’t forget it! He is inarticulate, relishes the spotlight, and is supposed to be some kind of reassurance that Trump isn’t entirely incompetent. But McMaster sounds stupid. That is hardly reassuring.

As Ann Pointed out she’s only accustomed to hearing Liberals refer to America as “Murica” when mocking Republicans. Here is Mr. Murica!


Mr. Murica explains Trump Neocon Mission to the Middle East. Trump is mad as a hornet but that’s no excuse for letting an idiot talk for you.


Then we have Paul Ryan still taking bows for RINOCARE2 and the Democrat’s Windfall Budget Capitulation by Republicans.

RINOCARE2 is more Socialist than Obamacare. All policy mandates were retained including Sexual Reassignment Surgery is covered… Thank God. Republicans can sleep at night. And of course Congress retains their exemption from this crap insurance and retains their lavish PPO for life. No wonder these politicians are laughing at you.  I doubt RINOCARE2 will pass the senate; it is not nearly socialist enough for John McCain or Susan Collins. Though Stalin would have love it!


Meanwhile the silly Russian Story which started out with Trump Urinating on the Obama bed sheets in a Moscow Hotel has now morphed into espionage. John McCain handled that dossier himself and gave it to Comey personally. From one sticky hand to the other.

Understand first off that Trump doesn’t meet with anyone personally or alone. He wants an audience of wrist lickers around at all times. Apparently he needs witnesses to attest to his greatness round the clock. Melania certainly isn’t around. She lucked out.


But with this large circus that Trump requires in attendance he has a leaker. Uh Oh. Maybe it is more than one leaker. Maybe IVONKA and KUSHNA are leakers!

Trump is not cleaver enough to smoke out the leaker so the leaks pour out in all directions to the delight of the Drive-By-Media. The Washington Post must be having a laugh RIOT!  The leaks are making Trump appear incompetent but that’s only part of the fun. First Trump can’t stop them. Secondly, apparently the leaks strike some nerves and Trump blows his top.  So naturally his second instinct is to “FIRE ALL THE SERVANTS!” His first instinct is to take to Twitter.


I knew a fellow that for some reason wanted a vicious dog. Sort of reminds me of Trump. He got a doberman. He trained it to be vicious. One afternoon outside of the gym the dog was in the car alone. It was a cool day the windows were cracked opened about two inches. One of the fellows leaving the gym tapped on the front windshield glass. The dog went ballistic. But instead of just barking the dog started grabbing the arm rests on the doors and tearing the upholstery apart. This was a lease car by the way. In mere minutes the cloth seats were shredded, the door armrests destroyed. As we were leaving and laughing like hell, I remembered looking back just as the dog pulled down the headliner. It was amazing and made for a lifetime of laughter.


Some of Trump’s die hard supporters think Trump should “clean house.” Some like we at CashMcCall think the President should go it completely alone without any staff or advisers. Imagine a one man government. His staff of wrist lickers only seems to confuse him as he mugs to them and plays reality TV President to a LIVE AUDIENCE! It is quite possible that Trump can’t do anything without an audience of wrist lickers.

From a guy that brags about his competence and comprehension, he is sure making a giant mess of everything. There is not one single accomplishment of Trump that hasn’t converted into a controversy or a flat out betrayal.


The Obamacare Repeal:

First and foremost NOTHING has been repealed. Obamacare still exists. RINOCARE is the most socialist bill every passed by House Republicans in US History. Paul Ryan is a disaster. The pure audacity of this Bill and the fact that House Republicans passed it puts the Republican party out to pasture. They are Democrats. No right thinking Republican would have ever voted for that socialist psycho-sexual trash.

Then there was the fabulous Budget Bill:

This one is reputed to have been struck by the NEGOTIATOR himself. Pelosi loved it. No wall funding. Full Funding for Planned Parenthood. $5 Billion for liberal causes. Chock full of worthless spending. This wasn’t a negotiation. It was a rout. The great negotiator made himself a Burgdahl budget deal. Trump’s a real genius.


The Muslim Ban.

We just did an article on this one. Check it out here. It is one thing to have idiot liberal judges that don’t know the law, but it is entirely another matter when the Trump Administration is being represented by a pathetic legal “B” team. The entire first and revised executive orders are mired down. In fact the 90 day time frames of these things have come and gone. Worthless.


Bombing of Assad:

What IVONKA wants IVONKA gets. This BTW is a REAL impeachable offense. There is no nexus with Syria that would allow the USA to bomb them. We are not allies and not allied with anyone at war. Even Obama had the good sense to ask Congress for permission to bomb Assad. But Russia brokered a ceasefire and Congress never acted on Obama’s request. IVONKA and KUSHNA are violations of the Nepotism law. But Trump claims that since she is not being compensated that the law doesn’t apply. Oh then is IVONKA and Kushna paying for their own security? No. When IVONKA had to go to Aspen for a weekend she needed 100 secret service agents to go along. The Ski Rental bill was over $25,000. No problem the Taxpayer picked up the tab. The Grifter family strikes again.

The VERY VERY Powerful Armada:

This was Trump at his best. He orders a Carrier fleet to North Korea. He talks up a storm. Talks about assassinating Kim, talks about blowing Kim’s nuclear capability away. BLAHH BLAHH BLAHHHHHH.  But then a few problems arose. First Assassination is illegal. Click here for more. Secondly where did the Carrier fleet go? The Carrier fleet headed 3600 miles away from North Korea toward Australia. Uh Oh.

Then we had to have Mr. Murica, H R “BADASS small Brain” McMaster get on TV and explain the screwup. Trump never looked more lost. It was priceless. Commander in Chutzpah. Meanwhile Fat boy Kim is launching missiles ever three days.


Methane Gas Bill:

Not a win. Ryan passed a bill to reduce the Government’s Methane gas restrictions. It went to the senate and it was defeated by John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins. More simply Trump hasn’t reigned in these liberals. To Trump the Senate is a far away place. That just shows how bad Trump is at this sport.

It would take me just three minutes alone with each of these three to have them straightened out. I would simply tell each of them in private that they had to close one military base in their home states and to choose the one they wanted to close and get back to me on Monday or I would choose to shut down two bases.

Just as they were leaving the Oval Office, I would tell them that the Methane Bill was coming up again on Tuesday and that I would welcome their support. But Trump sucks at this. He has no clue how to use LBJ tactics to align the troops. For McCain, Graham and Collins to have blocked this bill was intended as an insult. For doing so their states should lose one Military Base. That is what LBJ would have done. Trump kept it silent because it wasn’t a “win.” Trump isn’t worth a damn at negotiating.


The Wall:

The wall is dead. There will never be a wall. This was Trump at his phoniest. We have 35 million Mexican squatters on US Soil dropping 1000 Anchor babies a day on the US Welfare Rolls.  Trump has the attention span of a gnat. While he is off on his Bush Gunboat diplomacy America is now facing Trump Amnesty. As Ann Counter said, this is the end of America. There is no wall folks. The Trump budget “Deal” giveaway, capitulation, whatever you want to call it, had ZERO Dollars for the wall. But but but it had $5 Billion for liberal causes. Pelosi was giddy with laughter.

Stopping the flood of this illegal Immigration was the primary reason Trump was elected. He has completely violated both his worthless word as well as the United States. It’s just pathetic.


Bottom Line: Trump just hasn’t worked out:

Is there really a Russian Story here?

Heaven’s no. The story remains alive because the Drive-By-Media simply loves turning Trump into a screaming Twitter lunatic.  The story irks Trump. He can’t escape the story even when some Liberal media say the whole story is a hoax. But Trump responds so predictably at any personal attacks that the Drive-Bys are having a ball.


It is said that the caption writers at the Washington Post have never laughed so hard at writing headline captions for their Trump stories. They are actually pushing Trump to fire all his close advisers. They are reported to have an in-office detonation pool.


Notice one thing positive: Trump has backed off from IVONKA and KUSHNA. Apparently his advisers have managed to suggest that the country isn’t warming to an IVONKA KUSHNA designer foreign policy. Once the story leaked that IVONKA wanted Assad bombed, the press had a field day of it. The ultimate quest of the Drive-bys is to see if they can push Trump into firing everyone including IVONKA and KUSHNA! Trump is ready to blow his stack and the Drive-bys are pouring gasoline on the Trump fires. Trump’s orange head is ready to blow.


Ann Coulter calls Trump Grotesque:

For Republicans this is the sad story. Trump supporter had hoped that when Trump became President he would have matured. Instead he has become more childish. His tantrums are worse. Some have blamed his lack of manners on being a New Yorker. Apparently many in the country feel that being a New Yorker is a license to be a dick. Good luck with that. It may play in the Bronx but it doesn’t play at all anywhere else in the country. Rude is no a virtue. A lack of basic manners is not a Godsend trait.

Some of the more misguided supporters thought that Trump’s bullying nature would help him mow down the opposition. Instead it has erected the only Walls that Trump is likely to erect around himself. He can’t get alone with anyone.

Trump has no friends. He only uses people. In that way he is a lot like Obama. Obama is more cunning. Trump is dumb.

Welcome to the Bush Third Term… Republicans have been taken for another ride.

Trump is just another “READ MY LIPS BUSH TYPE” flip flopper. RINO in Record Time. 30 days in and he was moving full steam RINO neocon. Pathetic.

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