Or else what? She’ll drop her drawers for the Easter Bunny? The threats get more laughable and amusing by the day. Trump’s endless lines in the sand are starting to look like Hillary Clinton’s Fresnel lens glasses. The US has not one but three carrier groups parked off North Korea. Trump and his war hawk neocons have had military drills with South Korea till they are all blue in the face and for what? The sailors are calling the deployment a Floating Prison. Meanwhile, Kim Jong Un has amazed the world at how fast North Korea has advanced their rocketry in just one year. NIKKI HALEY ORDERS CHINA HOUSEBOY Xi JINPING CUT OFF NORTH KOREAN OIL OR ELSE. Sounds like that bitch means business.


Xi Jinping Chinese Laundry Boy better do what Blowhard TRUMP says or else…!


There is no military option here. Trump and the NEOCONS are just flat out idiots. The more they rattle the more sympathy KIM JONG UN is garnered.

There is no military solution but that doesn’t mean that TRUMP can continue to hide behind his bullcrap. Go ahead TRUMP show us your stuff Commander in Heel Spurs! I want to see the cotton picking Bully Trump to show us his stuff.


Trump Kids shoot elephants. So the big game hunter is in the TRUMP bloodline.

Go for it blowhard. Show us how tough you are TRUMP!  Put together a unilateral million man army and invade North Korea and breach the Armistice. Go for it big mouth. Kim Jong Un can marshal an army of 4 million. Oh yeah, Korea is a fun place to have a war, even less fun than VIETNAM! The last time US forces were in North Korea they were being overrun at Pork Chop Hill. We only lost 33,686 troops in North Korea in two years!

If you attack North Korea and Kim Jong Un drops a nuke on a Carrier Group, you lose 35,000 is roughly three minutes.


Trump avoids Vietnam with heel spurs. Oh, but he’s itching for a fight now… so let’s have a fight TRUMP.

Daddy sent X-rays of somebody’s feet to the NYC draft board. Trump never had an independent examination. Daddy took care of all the details. Send in the Trump Kids on the first landing craft! Barron is old enough to go to war, isn’t he? After all, nearly 30% of the names on the Vietnam Memorial are Teenaged boys! Yeah send Barron but of course, make him an officer. Trump seed should lead!


Yup… let’s go, Blowhard… Saddle up!

He knows more than the generals. He said so himself. Trump has never read a single book cover to cover and he’s proud of it. Perhaps he should have read Sun Tzu’s ART OF WAR. Nah Trump already knows everything. He is 24 steps ahead of everyone else in three dimensional Chess. Trump’s so far ahead Rex Tillerson and H.R. McMaster called Trump a moron. That’s a first but it comes with the territory of being so far ahead of the curve. Everyone thinks Trump’s an idiot but but but he is so much more. He’s also rude.

Americans especially NEOCONS are impatient.

Americans have put up with eight months of Trump threatening Kim Jong Un. “You’ll see… You’ll see…” and we saw NOTHING with the exception that Kim Jong Un suddenly got a lot better at rocketry.

Meanwhile, Trump talk is cheap. Cheap as a sales pitch for Trump University. But I don’t think it is asking too much from Maddog Mattis and Trump to put their money where their mouths are blowing steam.

This ain’t winning Trump. The Fat Kid is slapping you silly.  You have accomplished a big fat nothing and the fat kid with the bad haircut has perfected his rocket launching capability. Trump, you look like a stooge.


Meanwhile, Rex Tillerson is on the short list to the exit…

After calling Trump a Moron, Trump is going to replace him with CIA Blowhard bigmouth Mike Pompeo. Perfect the CIA as Secretary of State. With that news, I would say that at least 50 other nations on earth will be looking to build a Trump Deterrence Nuclear arsenal. Trump will need at least 100 new Carrier Groups.


Think about this for a moment.

The US has 800 military bases around the globe. If you don’t agree with the USA, they impose economic sanctions to starve out women and children. They also use the dollar reserve as a weapon. Obama started that.

To put this in perspective all the nations of the UN Security Council have a combined total of 40 bases. The USA still has standing armies in Japan and Germany which have been there since WWII. Hey… the war is over. What is this… imperialism on steroids?

In October 2016, the Chinese Yuan was approved to be sued as a reserve currency. Since then Australian Iron ore trades in Yuan instead of dollars saving the Australians 14% on the easch transaction.

China, Russia, India, and even Saudi are looking to take down the Dollar as the global reserve currency. This is what happens when you are as stupid as Obama and Trump and use the Dollar Reserve as a political weapon.

If you ask me… It looks like the Bully is going to get his comeuppance. 



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