These Dopes just don’t know when to quit. As log as fans keep supporting this trash, they idiots on the field will keep Disrespecting America.  But but but they just wanted to make a “unified” statement. We don’t want your drop-out brain-injured nitwit political “statements.” Nobody looks to pea brained athletes for life guidance. Further, these dumb players have NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS as employees of private companies to do any of this protesting crap unless the company allows it. So in the case of the Dallas Cowboys where Jerry Jones takes a disrespectful knee during the American Anthem, assume he condones this garbage. NFL DIRTBAGS ESCALATE DISRESPECTING AMERICA.


Boycott the NFL… Stop their Disrespect of AMERICA!


Even the NBA got into the act today…

After a long winded prattle about diversity and inclusiveness, the NBA simply made it clear that players were to stand during the Anthem. Those that didn’t would be disciplined. The point is the NBA and other professional teams should not be soft-peddling this. These are private businesses and those are the league rules. The leagues should fine owners for non-compliance.

The NBA shouldn’t really have to worry about this. Strong figures like Shaquille O’Neal have publicly stated sitting during the National Anthem is something they would NEVER do.  Shaq’s Dad served in the Military and Shaq was raised to respect this country. He has uncles that also served in the military and as police. Shaq without question is America biggest role model for kids. They just love him and Shaq has always lived up to his bigger than life image.

One point Shaq made which is a pretty keen observation is why the Activist waited so long to become activists. Its not like any of the NFL players had any history of activism whatsoever. None of these players ever protested previously.


Hall of Fame Runner Back Jim Brown said players are under contract ought to play the game or be activists not be both.

Brown said that while he could understand some of the Activist arguments, he thought they ought to decide whether they were going to be players or Activists. He suggested that a player has a duty to the Team franchise by contract and should focus on that. But of course young punks do’t listen to guys like Jim Brown even though they are unfit to tie Jim’s shoelaces.


This Disrespecting of America will continue until the Fans put an end to it and stop going to games and stop watching the games.

Americans who respect the Flag and this Country should not be economically supporting any team that Disrespects America. Enough is enough. Nobody in Texas should be watching or supporting the Dallas Cowboys. Let Jerry Jones go broke. He’ll be on both his knees when he goes broke.







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