It’s not landing on the moon but its a damn good trick. Elon Musk’s SpaceX company has successfully landed a rocket in the classical Hollywood way of dropping from the sky in reverse and landing successfully on a drone boat in the Atlantic Ocean. NASA NEVER DID THIS WATCH FALCON LAND!


bezo rocket


Here is the launch of the Falcon that established proof of concept in December of 2015.  The footage with the drone ship was less than stellar even though the Falcon pegged the landing.

What’s great about this is it is not the old NASA garbage. These are young engineers with new ideas not stifled by some senior engineer killing the moral. These kids are having fun but they are not just jerking off. There is no Political Correctness here. This is not a diversity product; it is just a great well engineered idea.

What do I mean by that? Everything NASA did was dripping with Political Correctness and the imbecilic diversity mandates. They had to have just so many black astronauts, so many women, and so many foreigners etc. It was getting tedious. Plus NASA’s selection of engineering probably went for the top ten students at CalTech or MIT. But in my science studies I never found those people to be very creative. Maybe NASA would have been better off taking number 11 or 22 in the rankings. In other words not the calculating machines but the creative people the ones that dream this stuff like the natural genius Robert H. Goddard.

About all NASA proved was how inefficient and how political they could become. Now it is a shell of an operation tangled in the religion of Global Warming essentially incapable of doing anything objective of useful.

At present there are over a dozen small rocket companies building and testing launch vehicles.

Jeff Bezo the founder of has Blue Origin. He was the first to develop a fully reusable rocket.




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