Do we really need Canadian oil sands? Nope. Do we really need Canadian Timber? Nope. We have our own shale and we have lots of it. We have our own timber and lots of that too. The USA is oil independent thanks to our shale producers and not the Government! Thousands of Americans own small stands of ultra high quality timber that should be harvested at a fair price. Instead our small loggers are being pushed out of business as Canadian Trucks roll timber products across our border with impunity. Imported oil sands from Canada that roll down the Keystone don’t benefit anyone but Canada. It thwarts development of American oil and imbalances the US shale markets. NAFTA CANADA BIG BUSINESS RUNS ROUGHSHOD OVER AMERICAN SMALL BUSINESSES TRUMP FAKE NAFTA REPEAL


We wouldn’t want to offend Canada’s environmental green party communists would we?

Canada and its liberal self-righteous pot smoking PM should build pipelines to the oceans and open their own markets. They should not be relying on the US to buy their oil at inflated side market prices with NAFTA crony sweetheart deals.  Canadians keep shoving global warming down the world’s throat so why should America be importing Canadian oil that only increases Canada’s contribution to the world carbon footprint. Let the hippies to the north burn Canadian firewood in their cars. Let them build their own refineries. Americans get nothing of value out of this Bush Clinton NAFTA garbage. We don’t need their oil or their wood products.


If you think Japan is a bad trading partner, look at Canada first!

Canada’s large timber companies simply unload timber products in the United States demolishing US Timber markets and wood product markets. Our paper pulp factories are closing. Our loggers are unemployed. Oh but Trump is finding them jobs at bartenders. How does this happen?

Big American multinational Box Store retailers and Home Building Companies just want cheap timber no matter what the cost to the US Economy. So they love NAFTA. But small businesses are not apart of NAFTA. Home Depot and Lowes may love cheap foreign wood but thousands of Americans that own timber stands face low prices and government regulations and IRS regulations destroying the ability of small timber stand owners to profit from fifty year timber stands. Coupled with massive environmental and local timber regulations small producers can’t particiapte. Bottom line is this US Federal, State and even Local Governments are in the pockets of big businesses that just want cheap raw materials. So Canada keeps dumping wood products into America.


Hemp is now taking over the paper markets.

Of course it is illegal to grow Hemp in much of the United States other than pot states. The Federal and State Governments are all over this stuff trying to define industrial hemp to distinguish it from pot. But you can import it from Canada. Once again the US grower gets screwed and Canada and Asian producers make the profits.




Impact of the Keystone pipeline:

It actually reduces US Oil independence. We are buying oil from Canada in side markets over the price of spot oil. And WE don’t need this oil for anything. The real scheme has been to send this high sulfur oil to US refiners than back to Canada as refined products. Nobody is making any money off this. Let Canada refine its own products.

Notice that Canada doesn’t have a single high sulfur refinery. Why? Oh that would be bad for the Canadian Environment. So instead we refine their oil send them the gasoline and diesel on the cheap. Then we have to stomach their environmental green abuse. We should cut them off.


Obama turned Keystone into an Environmental issue because his pal Warren Buffett wanted to use his trains to haul oil from Canada.

So it was just another stink’in crony deal. But the reality is we don’t need your stink’in oil Canada and we don’t need Buffett asserting influence on Federal Government decision so he can fill his pockets and buy more politicians.


The idea that the Keystone was an environmental issue was a total sham. It was the cover story to push through yet one more crony sweetheart deals for special interests. The Keystone gives the USA nothing. We should not be importing Canadian tar sands or oil. 


The Keystone harms US Oil production. DAKOTA ACCESS FIRST!

We are 100% in favor of Dakota Access pipelines which connect Bakken shale oil fields to refineries. Though we are more in favor of Dakota having its own refineries and storage for itself. More money to Dakota will develop if they have a full end to end oil business making it more resilient to oil price shocks or pipeline breakdowns. As it works now they are dependent on refineries and storage. Much of their production is natural gas and the same principles apply. Dakota oil producers should have a completely integrated oil system which they control. Shale is so efficient, they can compete with any producers in the world.

Of course you can buy better gasoline in Canada. Even though we refine it, most of Canada doesn’t add ethanol to gas. Even the Environmental Green Communist know Ethanol is a bust. But in the US it is all about Cronies. 

At present Buffett’s trains carry the Dakota oil to refiners. We don’t need this middle man stuffing his pockets and blocking progress. Pipelines are fine but nothing beats your own oil storage and your own refineries.

The Keystone Pipeline is the RINO BUSH SCHEME to bring cheap oil the big gulf refineries.

It was intended to make Texas and the Gulf superior and in control of all US oil production. But Shale changes all that. Shale brings in Pennsylvania oil and oil from distant regions. The Gulf handles most all US exported oil. We simply don’t need to be importing Canadian oil which competes with US producers.

With the Bush Family you always have to look for the scheme behind the plan.

The Bush Canadian Keystone Scheme is designed to benefit Canada tar sands over US shale oil interests. We don’t need or want anymore Canadian oil sold in NAFTA side markets for more than the spot prices.


The Keystone Pipeline is not about Environmental interests. It is a ONE WAY PIPELINE DESIGNED to bring cheap Canadian tar sands into America which competes directly with US Shale interests. 


Try to remember that Canadian oil competes with Bakken shale.

And Shale is why the United States is the largest oil producer in the world IN SPITE OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND The Department of Energy and Department of the Interior. Trump has had nothing to do with any of this Bakken success. Let’s remember that Obama tried to stop Fracking but Buffett wouldn’t let him. Buffett wanted to keep his oil trains full of oil.


Trump will say anything and do the opposite every time he opens his mouth. He was in Arizona and coincidentally stated that he would probably end NAFTA. NAFTA is a TREATY AND TRUMP has no power to terminate it. RINOs won’t terminate it so what is Trump after? He is deceptively trying to garner support from the base that elected him. Yet he has broken each and every campaign promise made.

It is the same old Trump lies. He was also lying about the WALL in Arizona. That deal is already cut with John McCain. Trump will get a very small section of wall in Arizona that protects the land of some McCain donor ranchers. It is all a big scam. It won’t protect the country. It is nothing but a Crony fence to protect the private lands of a handful of big ranchers.

Look at the Trump Tour over TrumpCrapCare:

Nothing could have been more insulting than this socialist crony insurance company bailout bill. Trump was calling it great legislation. He’s either stupid or an inveterate liar. Take your pick.



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