Understand this very clearly. We are Jeffersonian Republicans. Our political stripes are simple to grasp. First, we want small government that provides essential services only. It is not in the best interest of Americans to have 800 military bases around the world constantly engaged in CIA wars. We think taxation should be limited by Constitutional Amendment to no more than 10% of the GDP. Citizens should not have to fight every government agency for privacy. The government now reads your email and listens to your phone conversations. We want strict term limits for all politicians. This country is now ruled by a one-party system… INCUMBENTS. Their interests are not those of the people. MITCH MCCONNELL SHREADS MIDDLE CLASS SMALL BUSINESS ASSURES RICH NEPOTISM RULES FOREVER.


McConnell shoved the RINO Tax plan down your throats in the dark of night.

Some will say that is just deserts for the Democrats shoving Obamacare down American throats with the largest Tax increase in US History. So in some way, the RINOs feel vindicated for reclaiming some of this Obamacare Tax for businesses. They shoved it through the goose with relentless determination. So they evened the score.

But the Taxpayer loses in both cases. The RINO party is composed of Trust Fund recipients, not self-made men. Both Ryan and McConnell collect from their Wive’s wealthy families Trust funds.

Trump inherited his wealth as well. Though he likes to present himself as Mr. Up by the bootstraps. Fred Trump’s wealth in today’s monetary terms is more than Trump’s present wealth estimated at roughly$2 billion.

It is all silver spoon wealth, the kind of wealth protected by the RINO Tax bill. It is shocking that Americans are so bad with money that they never bothered to comprehend what these RINO’s were doing.


But they evened the score at expense of the golden goose, small business.

Politicians aren’t entrepreneurs. They are guys like Paul Ryan Trust Fund Baby, and Mitch McConnell who lives off his wife’s families wealth. Thes Trust fund RINO just took care of their Trust funds and family wealth. They killed small business. Not a single small business organization was in favor of this RINO Tax.


I conspicuously leave Trump out of this because he is a total moron.

He seems to know next to nothing about everything. There is simply no dept. This is inherited wealth. Trump is no different than the children of Sam Walton. They are all worthless human beings but they are rich. Each Walton child is roughly ten times richer than Trump. But they are all worthless.

Think about it. Trump offspring haven’t produced anything. Donald Trump Jr. Kills elephants. He is not a surgeon. He just cuts the Tails off his game to bring back to NYC. This kid could have gone to any school he wanted to. All doors fly opened for the children of the wealthy. But they don’t do a thing with their spoiled lives but disrupt and bully their way around.


Go to any prep school in America and the story is the same.

The Mitt Romney Bully awaits. The rich in America are bullies. Look at the Walton family. What is there biggest beef now? They are constantly at war with neighbors over their neighbor’s use of the land. Think about it. Not one of these rich Waltons ever EARNED a dime. But they are arrogant, anti-social, intolerant of all who live adjacent to them. Nepotism is a poison.


Thomas Jefferson said that America would be a country known as a meritocracy.

It was his notion that royalty and nepotism would play no roll in forming opportunity in America. He said a person would rise by their ability and diligence. Man was he off the mark.

Look at Harvard Admissions. It is 60% rich punks and 20% products of affirmative action. Just 20% actually earned their places and most of them are miserable.


It is so very amusing that Trump was going to make America Great Again. Again?

Instead, now, great wealth will be transferred to worthless useless punks, like his Zoo Killing kids that never earned a dime so they can bully the world. What better way to bully than to Kill animals of the great herds to utter extinction? It is the RICH mindset that is utterly cancerous to this world.


This RINO congress has just added $1.5 Trillion to the debt.

They are borrowing this money in the name of Taxpayer and distributing it to their donors and wealthy patrons and themselves. The Democrats did this too with Obamacare when they stole 1/6th of the US Economy and put Government bureaucrats in control. They essentially nationalized all of it. What was the net result? 70% of all private doctor’s offices have closed. Hospitals who were favored since they were non-profit and given higher reimbursements by Obamacare then set up their own clinics. Marcus Welby was no more.

Your medical records became public information and IRS has them. Every prescription medicine you take is tracked. You have no privacy. You let politicians take it from you.


And just as with Obamacare, you won’t know the full damage these RINOs have done to you until a few years pass.

Rest assured it will be worse than you could possibly imagine. One-sided legislation is always punitive. This was the RINO’s pound of flesh and they took it out on Taxpayers.

This was not the Reagan Tax Cuts where every American Benefited. These were the cancerous RINO party that has fallen prey to special interests that have taken greed to such an extreme that they are willing to destroy every individual freedom to put one leash on many collars. You lose and tonight you lost big.

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