The GOLDMAN TRUMP REALITY ADMINISTRATION is celebrating prospects for riches in 2018, Meanwhile, MILLENNIALS are killing the consumer numbers one holiday at a time.  Their main beef is no money. Their second beef is this is a phony holiday which makes most people miserable. MILLENNIALS KILL CHRISTMAS ATHEIST GENERATION ABANDONS PHONY MARKETING HOLIDAY.

Millennials simply don’t have any money. Christmas is a low priority.

“I bought a box of Pasta from Walmart for my Mom.” Said Connor Corkin. “I got it for her off my EBT Card.” Connor is currently 90 days behind on his student loans and drives a moped.


Meanwhile, Trump is blowing off each day about how great things are because of Trump.  Lowest poll numbers of any US President in history.

True that Internet sales were up $5 Billion this year but that was a “seasonal number” not a Black Thursday number. Over half of that $5 Billion went to Amazon. Meanwhile, Brick and Mortar stores sales have collapsed. Everyone is heavily discounting to no avail. But CNBC is rattling like the globe is just booming.


Think about it from a Mellinneal perspective.

If you had a moped and not much money, would you be running off to Macy’s to buy a Massage chair? No, you might be off to Walmart to buy your mother a small box of pasta which you could conceivably carry on your moped. Secondly, Millennials don’t like crowds. While they do buy things online, it is usually cheap stuff from Amazon and Ebay.

Have to understand they are living the American Nightmare with no hope of getting out of it. They are buried in debt and everything is too expensive for them.  They can’t afford to get married and they have less sex than any generation in US History.


Millennials are flatly impoverished.

There are no good jobs in America. Leading jobs under Trump are Bartender and hotel domestic. Manufacturing is down to just 16% of the economy in spite of Trump’s endless flagrant cheerleading. Carrier is still moving to Mexico and Ford is still build a new plant in Mexico.

Aside from the hurricanes, Car sales are through the basement. This is a fundamental change in buying habits by this young generation. They don’t have jack to spend and absolutely no way out of their colossal debt other than socialism.


It’s craziness. Liberal Arts Education is not useless except in America.

The Wright Brothers had excellent liberal arts educations. This prepared them for using their minds. There was no field of aeronautic engineering. They had not yet discovered the principles of flight.

In today’s USA you can’t do anything. Millennials are trapped in a world of oppressive travel restrictions and government regulation. As any normal animal, they practice avoidance.

They can’t borrow money for a business or a home, so they have scaled back and live in relative penury. They are renter rats or forced to live at home just to survive. Males at home range all the way up to their 40s and earlier generational failures are living at home in their 50s. It is a nightmare.


Meanwhile, 35 million Mexican squatter are here in American, dumping 1500 anchor citizens a day. Blowhard still talks about the wall but deportation under Trump is the lowest in modern history and 3% less than even Obama.

That is the end of manual labor jobs in America. So what’s left? You could sell Trump University to suckers. You could sell bundled services for Comcast and hound customers until they cut the cable. If this doesn’t appeal to you as an adult, why would you ever think a Millennial would love such a crap life.


So Why is Christmas nothing?

Aside from most Millineals being Atheists because they think it’s cool. They also smoke for the same reason: bravado. But Millennials are also of the belief that there is no collective truth. In fact, discussing politics or religion is considered a waste of time. In the Facebook world, you don’t want to cause a disagreement.

Nobody asserts themselves against anyone but their parents. Millennials have the highest murder rate of their single parents in US history. They fight over issues like being “forced” to get a job or threats to reduce bandwidth. Their new job becomes life in prison seems to be better than the outside life.

But the biggest reason for rejecting religion is that Millennials think God is a Millennial and really just doesn’t give a crap about life. God doesn’t talk Millennial so they figure GOD basically left the room.


The future of this country is in serious jeopardy if this bunch ever comes to power. 




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