Nobody likes a bully especially an intemperate stupid bully. Once again the Bush Doctrine the Sarah Palin Gotcha Question rears its ugly Bush head. Will there be a nuclear war out of this Trump stupidity? No, even though Trump is most certainly ignorant enough to cause it.  The Joint Chief’s will not allow it. Congress would not vote for it. There will however be a realignment of the world against the United States. Other nations don’t want to be involved with Trump. America’s most faithful alley the British, have distanced themselves from Trump’s unilateral military actions. Nobody wants to deal with Trump for the simple reason they don’t like him and don’t trust him. MILITARIZED TRUMP CHEST THUMPING ENDANGERS WORLD.


Trump lied to get into office and it won’t be the first time and it won’t be the last.

Trump has no leadership experience. In the mere span of 100 days he has managed to alienate most nations who fear his erratic impulsiveness and bully self-promotion.

So far TRUMP has been ineffective at everything except breaking campaign promises and stuffing Trump Organization pockets with Taxpayer money.  RINOCARE was an insulting deception that no literate Republican would have ever adopted. It was fraud legislation. Trump sold it like Glengarry Glen Ross investment property. He used lies, flattery, coercion and threats. That is Trump’s only fall back arsenal since the truth means nothing to Trump. Trump is the only president in US History ever to threaten members of his own party for reelection. He fails at Healthcare, then fails at Tax reform, then fails with the Trump Wall, now an invisible pet fence. Click here for more.


Then half-cocked he illegally fires 59 tomahawk missiles at an Air Base in Syria.

This is an impeachable offense.  12 hours later the Syrian air base is up and running again. Five dozen missiles costing $2 million each, and he can’t take out an air strip. He fails at everything.

Though there were plenty of photos released by his administration showing the STRONGMAN’S launch intended for publicity.  Trump launched this attack during desert with Chinese President Xi and his wife at a state dinner!  It was a monumental breach of protocol and bad manners never seen by any former US President. Trump is oblivious. He exudes rude.


TRUMP stupidly thinks Xi who has just lost face in front of the whole Western world is now working for Trump like some laundry boy doing Trump’s bidding!

Trump gives the impression that Chinese President Xi is some kind of Chinese Laundry errand boy.  The Next Day Trump steers a carrier armada to North Korea without telling Xi. Trump then PUBLICLY orders Xi to “FIX the problem” in North Korea or Trump will go it alone.  Xi answers the BULLY by sending 150,000 Chinese Troops to North Korea. Trump’s spin is that the Laundry Boy’s Troops are in North Korea to removed Kim Jong Un from power. Trump is delusional. The Chinese Troops are in North Korea to protect Un.


One day later Trump Bombs Afghanistan.

Trump uses a large concussion bomb claiming to have hit ISIS tunnels. It appears to have been mostly a public relations ploy to scare North Korea. It came with great fanfare about how this weapon was perfect for use against underground facilities.

There was essentially no yield on the target. Trump thinks ISIS is an organized army driving around in Obama Humvees. ISIS is akin the IRA which brought the British Government to their knees. They have infiltrated every nation state in the Middle East and Persia. The Bomb was mostly a marketing stunt. Click here for more on the MOAB bomb. It is a useless bomb with very low yield. The USA built 20 MOAB bombs at the staggering cost $320 million. The Trump Bombing killed 40 persons at a cost of over $400,000 a kill!


Warmonger America has really come alive in this Bush Third Term and they are feeding Trump’s delusions of grandeur.

Trump has clearly gone power mad.  Theresa May has warned Donald Trump against unilateral action on North Korea. Trump played deaf and didn’t acknowledge her. The Chinese now have warned Trump to defuse this thing before it gets out of hand. Russia joined today expressing the same sentiments. Trump has remained silent. He’s the big shot. Rude to the core.


Are we on the brink of WWIII?

Heaven’s No. That’s the wrong question. That is the question that Trump wanted you to ask this entire Easter Holiday.  Just like Obama, Trump likes to keep things looking unstable.  It is a technique of manipulation used by shysters.  His radical policy swings are indicative of somebody having a mental breakdown that is suffering from Manic Depressive Disorder.  Nobody wants to go through four long years of this unhinged lunatic pushing Americans into near miss wars because Trump or IVONKA are personally offended by something.


We export death:

Understand first and foremost the USA doesn’t manufacture any consumer products. Those products all come from Asia these days. The only products the US makes and exports in large dollar numbers are military weapons.  We are the world’s largest producer of military arms and weapons systems. That is our largest US Export product. Don’t think for a minute that the arms business is capitalism. The weapons businesses are all funded virtually exclusively by the Government. These are essentially State Run businesses. They could never survive on their own. That’s our biggest export.


Our products kill the very markets they are intended to serve.

During the Obama administration the USA sold $60 Billion in weapons to the despotic Kingdom of Saud. This was funded by the US Government in exchange for something we didn’t need or want: Arabian oil. In fact at the time, Saudi was trying to flood the global markets with oil to destroy the domestic US Shale oil business. The Obama deal actually harmed domestic oil production.

The cost of these weapons did not reflect any of the trillions paid by the US Government taxpayers to develop these weapons. These weapons were heavily discounted. The USA sells weapons then destabilizes the balance of power and sells more weapons. Net result you end up with the Middle East in a thirty year firestorm.

Because ISIS is essentially identical to the IRA in that it is fully infiltrated in the House of Saud and every other country in the regions, weapon systems are now in the hands of ISIS.

The Message to the rest of the Superpowers is that the USA is abusing  its overbalance of conventional weapons to assert regime change.

Every small country that the US Targets for regime change should now develop a small nuclear arsenal capability just to defend itself against the United States. Certainly China and Russia as well other nations with large nuclear arsenals will have to increase their conventional weapons to ward off and protect against US military aggression.


The United States spends more on the Military by far than all other nations of the earth COMBINED!

This is pure insanity.  The Pentagon and its myriad of tin soldiers are spending $600 billion a year.  Russia the second power spends $46 billion.  China the third power spends $150 billion.  We also have the largest debt of nearly $20 trillion dollars so the Military budget consumes the lion share of US Government spending and is on a constant trajectory of built in deficit spending. More simply it is unsustainable long term.

One thing is certain, US taxpayers are not getting much for their money. Then again US taxpayers have to pay for the Transgender soldier’s sexual reassignment surgeries. It also should be concerning that the US sold a $60 billion arms deal to Saudi. That is more money than Russia Spends on their military by a factor of 2/3rds! Saudi has a lot less to show for it.


What is the purpose of a carrier? It is a form of a mobile air base and floating trouble maker. It is not a Defensive weapon system.

For practical purposes the USA owns virtually all the Air Craft Carriers of the world. Other countries that have carriers have much smaller ships which are generally used for humanitarian purposes.  The US Carrier Fleet is the expensive showboat fleet.  The purpose of a US carrier is to provide a floating fighter and bomber base. Carriers are very expensive to operate and at present the US has nineteen of them and at any given time just 3 are deployed.


They are dangerous to operate.

A deck fire or accident can be devastating and turn them into floating sitting ducks. So what is the point of these things? It is all about the big show. Carriers are supposed to represent big US firepower and capability that is mobile. As long as they are moving they can be difficult to hit with torpedoes or missiles. But the slightest damage to their decks render their air power useless. That puts the 5000 man crews in jeopardy. This is why most superpowers don’t invest in these ships.


Trump is all about a big show:

The take home message from all this bombing and bullying is that somehow the US now needs to be taken more seriously than under Obama. But it is a bit difficult to take Trump seriously when he wastes so much money and gets so little yield. 100 million dollars to knock out a Syrian airbase for 12 hours is not very efficient. His MOAB big bomb cost $16 million and managed to kill 40 presumed ISIS personnel. That is $400,000 per kill; hardly efficient.


Lets be honest about all of this display:

Most who still recall the face of Terrorism remember 9/11. What we remember is the Trillion dollar US Military was powerless to do anything.  They couldn’t even launch a single armed aircraft closer than Indiana. There was no shared communications with other government agencies. Even Bush’s Air Force One phone didn’t work. It was incredibly inept.

It showed that the US Military was invested in nothing but global trouble making in the middle east and the Defense of America and its people was totally neglected. Worse all the so-called brilliant minds on the endless government payrolls never conceived of any terrorist act that could include airliners as weapons.  Thees people are stupid. They don’t think. They just ride their desk chairs into early retirement.


The purpose of the Military is to DEFEND AMERICA and its citizens:

I am hard pressed to see how throwing 59 missiles in at an useless target in Syria or bombing Afghanistan directly or indirectly Defends American Citizens. If anything, the provocative actions only put US Citizens at home and abroad at greater risk for acts of terrorism.


ISIS is infiltrated much the same as the IRA. Their tactics are terrorism.

The United State had massive firepower in Vietnam and still managed to lose the war. The reason is that North Vietnamese had fully infiltrated the South. You can’t kill an enemy that is ubiquitous, that hides within what you think are allies. You can never defeat them. ISIS cannot be defeated by trying to kill them. The British leaned this the hard way with the IRA. Trump and the same tin soldier that thought they could defeat the North Vietnamese are in charge today. HR McMasters wrote his graduate thesis in history on this subject claiming that the Joint Chief’s should have been more forceful in pushing for a longer war. Vietnam was a false flag war declassified in 2010. That’s proof positive you can NEVER trust the tin soldiers!

They are yes men that get sucked along with the political winds. And if you don’t believe me, explain why not a single general resigned when the Transgender Memo came around with guidelines for sexual reassignment surgery. Not one man or woman with a spine said ENOUGH I am outta here! Don’t talk to me about the virtues of the tin soldier.

As long as the United States keeps propping up and arming Middle East dictatorships, ISIS will get weapons. The way to dry up the Middle East is to cut off their air supply. Stop the flow of oil and you stop funding terrorism.

But that would upset Saudi because they could not buy $60 billion in Arms every year from the USA! It would upset Assad who couldn’t buy $15 billion in Russian weapons each year.

War in the Middle East is good for the weapons businesses.

Whether you look at Russia or the USA, these are all essentially State Run businesses that could not exist without government funding. This is not capitalism. It is Ike’s warning about the Military Industrial Complex.

It stands to reason that the wealthiest neighborhoods in America are just outside of Washington DC. This is the home of the Defense procurement operations. We don’t make consumer products. Russia doesn’t make consumer products. We make weapons to kill people.

Think about it… In Libya under Qaddafi the country was stable. Weapon system purchases were limited. But after Obama Assassinated Qaddafi with the SAS, the country became a firestorm and they now buy lots of weapons.  Regime change is chaotic and good for the sales of Military weapons.  America and Russia have lit the Middle East into an endless inferno. It is not in their economic interests to stop these wars. It is in their interest to provoke more war.

Think of NATO as a US Military Sales dealership network.

The US gives them some free and some heavily discounted equipment. NATO then has to buy the parts and services from the USA. It is an awful lot like the laser printer business of Hewlett. Printers are pretty cheap but the ink cartridges are expensive and keep customers coming back for more. Car dealers will also tell you that the real money is in parts, repair and maintenance.

For the last 100 years America has been at war except for eight years under Ronald Reagan.

Look what war has accomplished then look at what Reagan accomplished. Then look at the destruction caused by the Bush, Clinton, and Obama presidencies.

Ronald Reagan led the greatest economic boom in US History. He reduced the power and influence of the CIA and NSA. He accomplished real Tax Reform. Millions of new jobs were created. 40% of the US Economy was manufacturing. That is now down to 16% thanks to Bush and Clinton’s NAFTA globalization.

Reagan ended the cold war and brought down the Berlin Wall without firing a single big shot bomb like Trump. Reagan built his success on honest friendships. He was dear friends with Tip O’Neil. Reagan was cordial and never a bully. He was successful because he was innately honest and decent. We had good relations with Russia and they were still Communist. Reagan was not at their throats.

Reagan and the Russians together reduced nuclear weapons stockpiles.

They gave peace a chance. Reagan was wise, good and kind. He was the greatest President in the last 200 years. And he wasn’t a bully. He wasn’t rude and he wasn’t a braggart. Nobody needed to tell him how to think about policy. Reagan wasn’t calling some NSA general at 3AM asking them if they knew whether a high or low dollar was better for the economy.

When it came to taking vacations, Reagan paid his own way. He paid for Nancy’s airfare. Compare that to the Trump Kids using Air Force One to go skiing in Aspen. Compare it to the Obamas that had to have two 747s to go to Argentina.

The Bush, Clinton, Obama presidencies were abject failures.

The men were of excessively low character. And now you have Trump a man with Glengarry Glen Ross tactics. He is without a doubt the rudest man ever to sit in the oval office. Trump has alienated virtually all heads of state in this world. Nobody has ever made head of state feel so uncomfortable. He screams at the Australian Prime Minister on the phone. The Mexican President won’t even come to America for a state visit. His base that elected him can’t stand him following his deceptive 180 degrees to dirtbag. He’s mentally unstable. He is a danger to America.

Meanwhile Trump is channeling Millions to The Trump Organization through Mar-o-Lago and Trump Towers. None of this goes out to bid. Mar-o-Lago charges whatever it wants. Trump is picking the taxpayer’s pockets.

So there won’t be a war just yet. But mark my words, you will grow sick of this guy and this warmongering Bush Third Term. Trump will accomplish two things. First no outsider will ever be elected again and that includes Trump for a second term. Reagan and Jeffersonian Republicans will stay home.  The second thing is that I hope Trump will just quit. I hope he gets bored and his gnat attention span tells him to quit.

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