Ask any hacker of any repute in the world. Microsoft has been playing footsies with the NSA and CIA for years. Many hackers believe that Microsoft has “back doors” in their software security which they shared with the Spook agencies in order to avoid an ant-Trust breakup. Only users deploying Microsoft Operating Systems were vulnerable to this recent cyber attack. MICROSOFT PLAYS VICTIM BLAMES NSA CIA WIKILEAKS ORGANIZED CRIME TRUMP AS CYBER ATTACKS TANK STOCK.


More backdoor holes in it that a block of Swiss Cheese!

So what the hell is Microsoft saying here?

Microsoft president Brad Smith who is also CHIEF LEGAL COUNSEL.. LOL wrote the following blaming everyone BUT Microsoft!

“This attack provides yet another example of why the stockpiling of vulnerabilities by governments is such a problem.”

“This is an emerging pattern in 2017. We have seen vulnerabilities stored by the CIA show up on WikiLeaks, and now this vulnerability stolen from the NSA has affected customers around the world.”

“Repeatedly, exploits in the hands of governments have leaked into the public domain and caused widespread damage.”


Brad suggests Governments need MORE RULES! Why not just Nationalize Software… a one Software System. Let the Postal Service handle it! 


You just have to laugh when you read Brad’s remarks!

This leaves but two conclusions: Either Microsoft operating system software is simply chock full of vulnerabilities or Microsoft shared back door codes with the NSA and CIA! Which is more plausible? Come on Brad… come clean!

Suddenly Microsoft released a patch today to try to stop the Ransom software and the continued global shakedown of businesses to pay ransom in Bitcoins. Its no secret that the NSA and CIA hate the Bitcoin. It is a means of transferring money payment which can’t easily be tracked. Some have said they think this entire cyber scheme attack is a plot by the NSA to make the bitcoin illegal and other encrypted currencies illegal.


To the lay person who is sick and tired of government spying on all their household purchases, Bitcoin looks pretty good!

WannaCrypt or WannaCry – is widely believed to have been developed as a hacking tool by the US National Security Agency.


Here is Apple’s famous 1984 Commercial!

I am surprised the NSA hasn’t tried to ban Apple Computer. Then again Apple Computers are not used in businesses generally.


Meanwhile, not that anyone would care: Dept of Energy and Homeland Security deny any computer disruptions. Oh Thank God!

Always good to know the Government employees can still reach their respective porn sites without disruption. Nice to know the fake work of these two massive agencies goes on unabated. I thought that Texas nitwit Rick Perry was going to shut down the Department of Energy. That is if he can remember the name of the Agency he heads.


How does Trump play in? This FLIP FLOPPER wants more spying on US Citizens.

You might recall that Wikileaks released a trove of NSA Cyber hacking tools from Shadow Brokers to the public in protest of Donald Trump’s flip flopping on his election promises and pushing for more spying on US Citizens. Trump flopper once thanked WikiLeaks for doing the Drive-by-Media’s job. Trump NEOCON now wants to follow the Hillary Clinton pathway of punishing Assange.


Businesses and Hospitals might want to ReThink the Microsoft NSA Operating Systems.

Linux is free and it is much safer. Though I personally don’t care for Linux. To me it is an unmade European bed. But there are other alternatives. GNU and TRUEOS are viable alternatives as well as BSD Unix. I suspect Tim Cook is probably in bed with the US Government as well. Though the Apple OS which is a stolen proprietary form of open source BSD has no real malware or significant virus issues.

Running a virtual machine is another simple way to avoid a destructive Cyber Attack.

Also if you are afraid of switching from Microsoft then take your Microsoft machines off line. If you won’t switch because of Microsoft Office then look into the FREE and FABULOUS OPEN OFFICE. You can even save your files to all the Microsoft files if you want. Their spread sheet is every inch as good as Microsoft Excel. Open Office has all the tools. It is truly amazing software and its FREE!


I sure hope IVONKA’s online fashion collection wasn’t hit in this attack. That would make her and KUSHNA very very sad.  What would the world do without the IVONKA LINE?

Loose the Tomahawk Missiles…

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