Michele Fields: Please Die

By her own account, before she realized there was video evidence, Michele Fields filed battery charges claiming she had been thrown to the floor by bruiser Lewandowski. By the time the smoke cleared at the Palm Beach County Prosecutors office yesterday, the case was dismissed with prejudice. It wasn’t just dismissed, it was essentially analyzed thoroughly as a bogus fraud. Even the bruises to Fields’s arm were found to have predated the Trump rally. He didn’t even grab her by the arm, he grabbed her by the sweater near her shoulder. In short the Fields account was fully discredited. Michele Fields: Please Die.



The Saddest Day Since I was Born-did…


Following the weeks of tears, the self-imposed safe room exile, the tearful interviews, the former claims of Fields of New York City Police brutality, the flashbacks of cruelty, Fields had reached the point of media over-saturation. The public other than the die hard feminist frauds, had become sick of seeing her slobbering mug on TV.

Leftest media applauded Fields for her gender courage and for standing up to Trump’s war on women. She was a star before her story fell apart then a pariah for being caught and putting egg on the faces of the gender prisoner’s of war.


Now what does she want? She still wants an apology. For what? Malicious prosecution? She just needs to leave.


We pointed out that this woman who claims to be a media professional can’t even speak acceptable English. For example she says the word “Important” without the middle “T”. Thus she says, “Im-porn-nant” which is the mark of an illiterate. Who talks like that?  Cub reporter Michele Fields.  She also can’t seem to say the word, “Didn’t”. In this instance she say, “Din-nant”, what is this, some kind of “Consonant” disorder? She can’t say “Certainly”. That comes out “Cern-unly.” What is with this? It’s Nuts!

It would be unfair of us to fail to give the Oscar for best supporting actress in a fictional prosecution to Megyn Kelly. This “news” story below is priceless. It should be shown to media news classes at Pepperdine on how to spare the school rank embarrassment from one of its graduates. Listen to this woman talk. It’s actually hilarious especially at the end when she starts to fall apart and becomes frantic. Her eyes dart about looking for the “SAfE ROOM.”

Warning to anyone that has normal operational “Liars Radar”, your frontal lobe will light up like its Defcon 1.


Trump campaign is LYING! – Michelle Fields describes character assassination used against her


I realize the drive-by-media criticizes the style of speech of Sarah Palin but Michele Fields makes Palin look like a Diction coach by comparison. It is comical. But the real story here is the Megyn Kelly Fraud especially in light of the Palm Beach Prosecutor’s review. This is absolutely damning to the credibility of Megyn Kelly and Fox News. Change the show name from the Kelly Files to the Conniver Files.

Notice also that Corey never did grab Michele by the arm. He grabbed her by the sweater at her shoulder. The bruises to Michele Field’s lower arm… according to the Prosecutor’s office were something that had occurred days before the Trump rally.  More simply, Michele Fields tried to defraud the police and prosecutors.  Those are the ingredients of malice in malicious prosecution. Fields should be in jail.

It is unfortunate of course that Megyn Kelly was unavailable for a response to today’s turn of events that rendered her hard hitting Kelly Files expose on media starlet Michele Fields a slanted bogus lie.  Kelly claims to have been a lawyer. Interesting that a lawyer is not supposed to falsify evidence and withhold evidence but then again Megyn Kelly really isn’t a lawyer she is just a hot tailed “media sensation.”


Roger Ailes was also unavailable for comment today. Perhaps he was busy preparing for a Megyn Kelly replacement… The “Fields Files”…  That will be a very “Imporn-nant” show. 


As an epilogue, Michele Fields is contemplating a lawsuit against Trump and the Trump Campaign for defaming her. At this point Field may need to be reminded that she thrust herself into the public spotlight and is therefore a public person. She must prove malice. That is to say that anything said about her known to be false before it was said. I am afraid being called “delusional” after she reports she was thrown to the ground and lost her balance may actually prove she was delusional, the alternative is that she intentionally falsified a police report and that would be malice too… malicious prosecution. This dame is a an idiot predator.

Hopefully we will never hear from Michele Fields again. Meanwhile Megyn Kelly has proven that she is an intentional fraud.

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