Day of the LOCOist. Guess Savage is coming out with a new screaming pamphlet. At this point if Trump were dumped it is doubtful there would be anything but a Scaramucci ripple. Mooch worked out well didn’t he? Trump is not the savior of American. The truth is he’s weird in a bad way. He’s loud boorish impolite. He is the last person I would ever want to dine with. But that is Michael Savage’s claim to fame. That is where Michael Savage gets his expertise. Unfortunately Savage is not looking at the poll numbers. Trump has been a yuge disappointment. At present he is running a Bush Third Term with Bush poll numbers. MICHAEL SAVAGE BLOWS GASKET PREDICTS CIVIL WAR LOCUST DAY SHOULD MUELLER DUMP TRUMP.


You can always rely on the Angry MOB! Is Screamer Michael Savage promoting insurrection? NO, He is promoting himself.


Grand Juries and Mueller stacking the deck:

First lets remember that Rod Rosenstein the acting Attorney General Flunky of TRUMP appointed Robert Mueller as Special Counsel.  Trump initially said it was a good idea and he had nothing to hide. The next day of course Trump changed his mind. Flip Flop FLOP FLIP!

Let’s also remember the preset targets of investigation include two Trump family members:


Donald Trump Jr. and Son-of-a-crook and son-in-law Jared Kushner.


This could tie IvOnka into the mess. This was all completely unnecessary. We have a federal law that prohibits nepotism. But Trump skirted the law by not paying IvOnka and Kushner a salary. But the Taxpayers are still paying for security, transportation and vacations. Hey IRS isn’t that a form of compensation?

It is Trump himself that exposed his own family. Trump has already explored the legal notion of pardoning his family and himself. That in fact may be illegal and will require a Supreme Court Decision.


Michael Savage’s mouth blow off claims a Day of the Locust styled revolt if Trump is removed from office.

The reality is that only 25% of those polled show Trump with a strong job approval. That’s the same number as were die hard fans of the incompetent Obama. Thus the lunatic fringe is roughly 25% of each political party. Through the magic of Math the best Savage can hope for is a revolt of 12% of the voting population. That is 6 Million out of 330 Million.  That’s nothing. Meanwhile the strongly disapprove number are double.  Pretty soon the numbers whittle down to next to nobody that would want to stand up for the blithering bilious blowhard.


I am not talking about Liberals here. I am talking about Republicans. Those are generally the nicest people in America, the most civil.

They won’t fight for a loudmouth blowhard. Why? Because nice people don’t like loudmouth blowhards. Trump removes the oxygen from every room he enters. He damages everything. From relationships with others in his Administration to foreign dignitaries, somehow everyone has to learn to accommodate the boor. For Republicans of the Reagan, Jeffersonian, and Tea Party strains, Trump is a disaster and an embarrassment. But it is even worse.

Trump is now viewed as DISHONEST.

But but but he had dinner with Michael Savage. Trump wanted something. Polls now indicated after all the lying campaign promises that Trump is essentially dishonest. He cheats at golf, lies about his female conquests, lies about his wealth which was inherited.

Since he has been in office he has not relinquished any control of his businesses. Instead he is bilking the taxpayers line none before him. All those state dinners at Mar-a-Grifter, and his Washington Hotel are not sent out to bid. They bill what they want and they have billed millions. Look at Grifter Towers. The Federal Government rents million in office space at Trump Towers. Then there is all the additional security at every Trump facility. Then last week Trump calls the White House a “Real Dump.” Are you going to take to the streets if this Grifter gets tossed out of the oval office?


Name one policy area where Trump has a handle on anything!

Look at Foreign Policy. It’s the BLOWHARD Doctrine.

This is a disaster. He has made Russian relations far worse than they were under Obama. Trump signed into law new Russian Sanctions. Then Trump blamed congress. How stupid! Trump signed it!

Trump continues to blow off at the Chinese with no comprehension of how the Chinese protocols of FACE operate. Dumpster served chocolate cake at his Mar-a-Lago dive to the Chinese President then announced he had just fired off 50 cruise missiles at Assad. Xi had to bring in a second Translator to interpret the insult and try to find a response that was plausible. Trump continually proves he may have the smallest brain and the largest mouth ever to occupy the DUMP HOUSE.  From Michele Obama calling the White House, “White’s House” we now have another denigration with blowhard calling it a “REAL DUMP.” Trump is an insult.


Then we have McMaster the talking sock puppet.

Trump might want to consult with a historian rather than blowhard Tin Soldier McMaster. The last time Americans were in North Korea they were being overrun by the Chinese at Pork Chop Hill!  Last week McMaster was threatening Kim with assassination. It may be time to move McMaster to the Pakistan border where it’s nice an quiet.

Any guy that thinks the False Flag Vietnam War could have been won if the Joint Chief’s had just taken matters into their own hands doesn’t belong in American government. He belongs in the pages of the 7 Days in May.  In Vietnam it was impossible to identify the enemy but they sure knew who you were… round eyes.


From the EPA to the Department of Energy Trump has Flip Flopped and FAILED.


Trump’s Junk Science even exceeds Al Gore’s Junk science. How is this possible you say? Trump’s Junk Science has a branch off in Crony Junk Science out in the ELON MUSK Help thy self grifterism.  Al Gore for all his screaming about the end of the world is merely a form of Religion that supports itself with Junk Science. But Even AL Gore thinks Ethanol and BIOFUELS ARE MORONIC.

Here is a great article that all our readers should examine.

It’s Final — Corn Ethanol Is Of No Use

But needless to say Trump hasn’t got the Memo and Rick Perry doesn’t have a brain large enough to send the memo.

Oh but but but Michael Savage thinks the pitch fork and torch crowd would take to the streets if the GRIFTER gets tossed. I wouldn’t mind especially if Ethanol blending was shut down. My mower would run better. But that won’t happen Pence is just another CRONY RINO. So what’s good for the country is clearly in conflict with what is good for the Crony Club.


Department of Energy: Director Moron RICK PERRY

Trump has installed Rick Perry as director of the DOE.  Perry is practically a walking Alzheimer’s case. Perry is clueless. He does absolutely nothing. Already Trump has suffered two big defeats. One over Methane in which John McCain and Susan Collins joined with the Democrats; what else is new. The other was a refinery blending rule.

We still have Ethanol even though virtually everyone agrees that it is useless and harmful to engines and an energy bust. It costs more in diesel fuel to make a gallon of ethanol than the energy produced by the ethanol. Al Gore would have told Trump to scrap Ethanol. This is nothing but a Corporate Farm subsidy. It is crony capitalism. It reduces the available land for growing crops. Plus government is all over it because ethanol is booze.



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Rick Perry stole his FAKE IQ Glasses from Mr. Peabody.

What does the Department of Energy do? Not much.

It has a $30 billion budget of which roughly 2/3 is used for Department of Defense Nuclear program. Some is cleanup some is storage of nuclear waste and all of it is run as inefficiently as the Department of Defense.

The other $10 billion is used to oppose oil, gas and coal businesses while promoting alternative energy programs which don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell to to survive the laws of Physics.  There is NO MISSION HERE! The Department of Energy has never created any useful future technology. Look at Obama bumbling with the solar cells business. It is nothing but wall to wall corruption. Battery plants that have been bought and paid for by Taxpayers have vanished and not even a penlight battery has been produced.

Ronald Reagan tried to terminate the Department of energy which was begun in 1977 under Jimmy Carter. Instead it has become the political dumping ground of every kind of shyster scheme imaginable. It is year in and year out bribes corruption and chain jerking.


Here is a list of this outfit’s lasted ongoing corruption: Try to fathom how Rick Perry sponge head will deal with this. TRUMP REMAINS OBLIVIOUS. Here are some examples from the Judicial Watch website.

Glasses or No Glasses

U.S. Nuclear Lab Mistakenly Ships Radioactive Material on Commercial Plane

A government-owned nuclear laboratory with a lengthy history of security breaches is under fire again for mistakenly shipping radioactive material on a commercial cargo plane. It marks the latest of many shameful scandals at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, among the world’s largest science institutions and the nation’s key…


Perry in glasses.

U.S. Spends Millions to Give Africa “Clean” Energy

As part of a broad mission to end extreme poverty worldwide the Obama administration is giving unproven startups millions of dollars to create solar power in Africa. It’s a multi-million-dollar U.S. initiative to inspire entrepreneurs and investors to help bring enough connections so households in sub-Saharan Africa have access to…


Another $58 Mil for Failed “Green” Car Program

A scandal-plagued “green” auto program that’s fleeced American taxpayers out of huge sums just got another $58 million from the Obama administration to support the development of advanced technology vehicles that meet higher efficiency standards. The experimental program is known as Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) and it’s one of…


Rick Perry's other eye wear choices

JW Probe: U.S. Spends Big Bucks on Diversity Training for Fed Workers

A Judicial Watch investigation has discovered that large sums of taxpayer dollars keep pouring into a Chicago-based firm hired by the Obama administration to culturally transform government by teaching federal workers about diversity, race and gender, healthcare disparities and cultural competencies. The firm is called Souder, Betances & Associates and


U.S. Nuclear Lab’s $50 Mil Security Flawed; $300 Mil to “Fully Address” Problem

The U.S. government has invested a mind-boggling $50 million on a seriously flawed “state-of-the-art” security system for a nuclear weapons lab and it will take hundreds of millions more to correct the problem. This is not a joke, just business as usual at Uncle Sam & Associates. The facility, Y-12…


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Vital Anti-Terrorism Program at “High Risk” for Years

For two and a half decades critical federal programs with serious flaws have been singled out as “high risk” in a biennial audit that’s largely discounted by Congress even though many are longtime offenders, including a crucial anti-terrorism initiative designed to protect the homeland. The investigative arm of Congress, the…


Rick Perry

I was blind but now I see….

What secret gov’t agencies do when its employees threaten to kill reporters


Image result for Rick perry crazy glasses

U.S. Has Long Failed to Protect Nuclear Weapon Stockpile

Even for a bloated U.S. government well known for its perpetual inefficiency, this is somewhat shocking; decades of faulty bookkeeping, weak security and lousy oversight has put the country’s nuclear weapon stockpile at risk. This is incredibly serious and it appears the feds aren’t terribly concerned about making changes. The…


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U.S. Gives Russia Free Military Equipment Used By Army, Marines

Behind closed doors the U.S. government is giving Russia free military equipment—also used to train American troops—even after President Obama announced punitive sanctions against Moscow and, more importantly, a suspension in military engagement over the invasion and occupation of Ukraine. The secret operation was exposed this week by members of…


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U.S. Study Makes Case for Its Failed Weatherization Program

Surprise, surprise a new government study makes a powerful case for a fraud-infested welfare program that’s already fleeced American taxpayers out of millions to make low-income houses energy efficient.  This can only mean the Obama administration plans to continue funding and promoting the scandal-plagued weatherization program which has proven to…


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Foreign Nationals Get Free Rein at U.S. Nuclear Lab

A year after an 82-year-old nun made headlines for breaking into the government’s key bomb-grade uranium storage facility a federal audit says security was compromised at a nearby nuclear weapons lab when thousands of foreign nationals from communist and Middle Eastern countries were granted “unaccompanied access.” Both facilities—Y-2 National Security…


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Green Energy Co. Folds after Obama gives it $99.8 Mil

For the third time in just a few months, another one of President Obama’s alternative energy ventures has failed after getting tens of millions of dollars from American taxpayers. It’s a tired old story that nevertheless keeps repeating itself as the administration moves forward with an aggressive plan to make…



Obama Revives Green Car Loans on Heels of Fisker Bankruptcy

A fly-by-night electric car company recently folded after getting nearly $200 million from the government yet the Obama administration plans to pour more money into the green auto loan program, according to a mainstream news report that acknowledges it’s “controversial.” That’s quite an understatement considering the shady experiment’s history. It’s…


No glasses no brainer….

Argentine Scientist Sells Nuclear Secrets from U.S. Lab

Two employees at a government-owned nuclear laboratory with a long and sordid history of grave security breaches have pleaded guilty to federal charges for passing classified weapons data to a foreign government that’s hostile to the U.S. It marks the latest of many shameful scandals at the Los Alamos National…


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Second Obama Green Venture in Weeks Folds after Getting Millions

Stop the presses! Another one of President Obama’s brilliant clean-energy ventures has collapsed after taking tens of millions of dollars from American taxpayers, in this case to develop a special wheelchair-accessible “green” van. The news comes just weeks after a separate company that got nearly $200 million from the government…


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Another Obama Green Project Folds after Getting Millions from Taxpayers

In yet another of the Obama administration’s disastrous green-energy investments, a fly-by-night electric car company is on the verge of bankruptcy after getting nearly $200 million from the U.S. government to develop hybrid vehicles. When the administration was making its case to invest taxpayer dollars in the southern California startup…


DOE Pushes Staff to Use Twitter, Facebook During Work

Federal employees at a major government agency are encouraged to use social media—such as Twitter and Facebook—during work hours and one staffer recently “tweeted” death threats to reporters who exposed an official’s exorbitant salary. This may sound like the sort of juvenile stuff that goes on among adolescents in high…


U.S. Spends $93k on Urban Compost Center in Tijuana

Great news! Tijuana just got its first urban composting center and it’s expected to produce 150 tons of compost that will be used to plant trees and nurseries throughout the Mexican border city. The downside is that U.S. taxpayers financed the project thanks to the generosity of the Environmental Protection…


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EPA Under Investigation for Using Fake Emails to Hide Info

A key agency in the “most transparent administration in history” is being investigated for dodging potential public scrutiny and possibly congressional oversight by using bogus electronic mail accounts to conduct official business. It involves the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and its administrator, Lisa Jackson, the Obama appointee who has


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Feds Help Guards at Nuclear Weapons Lab Cheat On Security Test

No Problem Rick Perry is watching

Another day in the life of Trump’s Well Oiled Administration Machine. The rudderless voyage into the Sea of Incompetence. Anybody seen the TRUMP KIDS around lately?

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