A false accusation and Kidnapping of the 46 [now 49] year old daughter of Ren Zhengfei founder of Huawei is finally over. The Department of Justice simply had no case. Held under house arrest for nearly 3 years while Trump Administration gloated.

There is a rule of protocol recognized around the world. You don’t kidnap the children of dignitaries for political leverage. Trump did this to antagonize Xi Jinping a personal friend of Ren Zhengfei, Meng’s father. 

What they had was a woman being held hostage by Trump’s onerous failed trade war. It was Trump’s Nancy Kerrigan Kneecapping strategy to antagonize Xi Jinping a family friend of Ten Zhengfei. This wretched hostage taking is over. 

The outcome wasn’t surprising. The Canadian Judge seemed uncomfortable with the US Fraud charges, where there was no victim. 

Trapped in Politics. Trump had wrongly entangled Canada. The Judge, a woman, wasted two years trying to dance with Canadian law and the Insane Trump Administration. Unfortunately she took the delay tactic safe approach, lacking the spine to toss this foul and lawless extradition game. Her career at stake, now she can rest easy and hide from the limelight, like any other bureaucrat. But she certainly did not serve the best interests of Canada. 

Her delays and bad read cost Canada dearly. But of course, her job is not in jeopardy. Heavens no, wouldn’t think of it. 

The New York Times Alleged that China used a “Hardball Tactic” of seizing foreigners to get Meng Wanzhou back. The fact of the mater is that Meng Wanzhou was the first person in world history to be held and charged for the alleged activity of a corporation. She was taken to antagonize Xi Jinping. Canada and the US had no moral or legal basis for this Kidnapping. It was nothing but a moronic Trump scheme.

Meng Wanzhou maintained her innocence throughout, her nearly three year detention, and Charges and the Extradition were dropped entirely by the Department of Justice. They had no case.

The Two Michaels were returned to Canada:

This was a good will gesture by China. China had no obligated to return them. There was no deal for any exchange. China made that very clear. 

Canada has enough rednecks in Eastern Canada to push Trump styled antagonism. Canada is in a recession in large part due to Trump and Biden tariffs. Yet they maintain a Trump level of Xenophobia because China did not assist Trump in his ill-fated election campaign. 

For Canada not to have recognized Trump’s utter madness is their own tough luck. 

So what happens from here? That depends on the Canadian Government. They are members NAFTA and the United States has imposed Tariffs against Canada and Mexico unilaterally without cause. Neither Canada nor Mexico fought these Tariffs in Court. NAFTA is worthless.

The only master NAFTA serves is protectionism of the US Automotive industry and keeping the North American market a closed shop. Ford trucks cost over $60.000 in the US, Canada and Mexico. The essentially same truck cost $20,000 in China. This is not sustainable.

Because of Biden’s steel tariffs US steel prices are 300 % higher than Mexico and 400% higher than China. Biden claims this protects Union jobs for steelworkers. But of course it doesn’t. Recently Ford moved their Truck assembly from Detroit to Mexico, leaving the UAW without a job. Ford buys a lot of steel. That will now be Mexican steel.

As the prices of Steel have risen, the demand for sheet steel is falling. 5 million US jobs rely on imported Steel not made in the USA. The US has no blast furnaces. American domestic steel includes hot and rolled steel and some rebar; high priced commodity steel, too pricy to export. The US makes no structural steel or heavy steel. Biden and Trump tariffs make the cost of all steel prohibitive. Canada is taking it on the chin. 

Canada needs to rethink its entanglements with the USA. 

Canadians should be building East and West Coast ports to sell is oil, timber and coal to Asia. Or just remain hostage to your one customer the USA that applies Tariffs against Canada in an arbitrary and capricious way on top of a free trade agreement.

Being the Poodle for US foreign policy antagonism will land Canada roughly where Morrison has put Australia today in the midst of a Cold War with China. 

Of course, the Canadian Press is trying to put the best spin on the story it can without mentioning the wayward Trump Policy that engaged in this hostage-taking involving Canada as its Thug.  Think about it. On a felonious charge of victimless fraud, Meng Wanzhou had to put up bail of $7.5 Million dollars. That is incomprehensible. She still had to wear the Canadian modern-day leg irons on her left ankle. 

This excerpt from ForeignPolicy’s website:

When Sherman met with Xie, he took the opportunity to castigate the United States. Xie blamed Washington for the “stalemate” in relations and accused the United States of “demonizing” China. He then presented Sherman with two lists of Chinese grievances and demands—one on “U.S. wrongdoings that must stop” and the other on “key individual cases that China has concerns about.”

While the contents of the lists have not been formally released by either side, Chinese reports indicate that the list of U.S. wrongdoings includes demands for the United States to unconditionally lift visa restrictions on CCP members and to stop targeting Chinese companies, media, and Confucius Institutes, as well as revoking the extradition request to Canada of Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou. The second list comprises more specific cases involving rejected student visa applications and claims of harassment of Chinese diplomatic and consular missions.

Thus far Biden Administration policies have been an utter disaster. Its Alaska meeting was an absolute failure. Biden is losing the game and playing catchup. 

Trump’s failed Trade war and his antagonistic stupidity left Biden without options. He can give in which looks weak to American Xenophobes of both parties. Or he can wait until the US economy collapses and show up begging and waving a white flat. Look what the Alt-Right and Warmongers of his own party did to him after pulling out of Afghanistan.

Below is Meng Wanzhou’s arrival in China from the Chinese Television network. It is in Chinese so no Western interpretation. Several things stand out. First, China is modern with a massive edifice. Secondly, Chinese Nationalism is on the rise.

But in this instance, there is another contrast. Meng Wanzhou has a placid calm, poised gentile personality. Contrasted to the boorish loud embarrassing, inarticulate, mean-spirited, self-aggrandizing Trump that authorized the kidnapping.

We posted the Chinese media responses so that you could also read the comments section and live messaging that followed.

The comments were not complementary to the USA.

Cherrie Leung
Bravo China! Chinese and like other nationalities, should not be pushed around by the so-called American Standard.

Dzung Dang

Canada arrests people not according to the law. Just because of listening to the US instigating


I noticed that a raft of Canadian media are complaining about the release of Meng Wanzhou but happy to have the two Michaels back. Isn’t that sweet? Canada held this woman for three years, separated her from her family on behalf of Donald Trump, the most immoral man on earth and a lunatic president. Poodle Politics.

First and FOREMOST, be aware disgruntled Canadians, that this is the first time in world history that an individual was charged with the alleged wrongdoing of a Corporation. If you really want to set that precedent WATCH OUT!  As I have noted in one of our other articles posted here, The US refused to honour an Indian Extradition of Warren Anderson, CEO of Union Carbide following the Bhopal incident. The US has never extradited an individual for a Corporation’s alleged wrongdoing. But you took the bait with Trump and did no research. You acted the role of the blind poodle. 

Further, Canadians invited the FBI to take Meng’s laptop and phone without a warrant. Canada wasn’t even smart enough to know that was against the law in the US and would constitute fruit of the poisonous tree. Stepped into one pile of Trump after another.

I have ZERO sympathies for Canada’s outrageous conduct. Kidnapping a 46-year-old woman and holding her for three years and separating her from her family on behalf of an antagonizing loser like Trump.  Canada deserves no sympathy at all. 

On behalf of the American Loudmouths, you have Marco Rubio.

Would Rubio have preferred the two Michaels remain in jail forever? If Meng had been extradited, she would have had superior Counsel in the USA from one of the big three DC Firms that always beat the DOJ. I believe she would have won hands down. But the Chinese would have had no reason to work with Canada at that point and they would hold the two Michaels for their eleven-year sentences. Apparently, that is Rubio’s desire. 

What has Canada accomplished with its Poodleism?

For one thing, you have no 5G. So you are way behind the curve. Biden has stopped the Keystone II again. Trump and Biden put tariffs on Canadian products… while you have a NAFTA treaty. That’s laughable. You didn’t challenge it in court. You must like recession. 

And now with your Eastern loudmouth Trump followers, you are begging for a Cold War with China, the world’s largest trader and buyer of everything. That’s what happens when you let your sawed-off Canadian rednecks do you thinking for you. 

Canada has become an obnoxious little country slurping for Trump. My god, you couldn’t pick a more loathsome person to idolize. 

One final note about the Michae Spavor:

Canadians and the US have been warning US and Canadian business persons to be concerned that China might arrest them to use them for some kind of foreign policy leverage.  Amusing since Michael Spavor was doing business with North Korea. While Americans paint the relationship of North Korea and China as allies, the Chinese despise Kim Jong-un. It was never clear exactly who Spavor was working for. There are photos of him with Dennis Rodman in North Korea, but many questions remain unanswered and he may in fact be a Canadian agent feeding information to the West in regard to Kim Jong-un. 

The U.S. has barred the use of an American passport to enter North Korea since 2017, making limited, one-time exceptions for some citizens such as aid workers and journalists. The US needed it’s Canadian spies.



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