Trump already has a commanding lead in California. The Mexican Illegal protests against Trump are not working. Turns out that while liberals may pretend to love these Illegals, conservatives and libertarians want them out. McCall’s PC Rule: TRUMP WILL SWEEP CALIFORNIA.




There is no single state that has paid more for the onslaught of 25% of the entire population of Mexico that is squatting on American soil. Even if you were a fan of some immigration, having 25% of an entire country floating over the Southern Border and flocking west, is untenable. California suffers the brunt of this, on their schools, road, infrastructure and WATER!

California once a bastion of free speech has become the bastion of Political Correctness. Fortunately the vote has remained private. This was never more clearly shown than when a proposition for gay marriage presented to California voters was defeated by a wide margin several years ago. Gay community polling had anticipated a victory. But the vote was private. Therein was the disconnect.

The same thing applies today. Many voters who support Trump do not put up Trump signs on their property. When asked why, almost invariably they thought they would be harassed by liberal neighbors or Mexicans. More simply many republicans feel they live in a state of siege. This is why Trump polls are generally understated but especially in communities where political correctness abounds.


McCall’s rule: The more politically correct the population, the more error is injected into the polling data. 


California awards its delegates by district. Thus, the more liberal the districts where their are the fewest Republicans are the votes that create state wins. These districts are also where the most hard core base Republicans are located. This stands to reason, only the strongest most firmly rooted Republicans survive. Trump has a significant lead in these areas.

There is also the New York Effect. While California developed more fully than most other states due to its placement in the Pacific time zone they still must get up early to face the New York Financial Markets the center of the business universe. That is Trump’s Universe, big brash and direct. And at this point California republicans need a savior not another RINO Goverator type fraud.

California red ink has been piling up for years as California has tried to cope with endless RINO and Liberal spending to the breaking point with no end in sight.



Present debt is over $440 Billion dollars with no end in sight.


There is $178 Billion in State Employee pension fund debt.

Imagine what happens if interest rates rise? This chart will go parabolic.


Can Kasich or Cruz stop Trump in California? Not likely. Kasich offer a spineless version of RINOism. His voice sounds like that of a Used Car Salesman. That sound is not appealing to the California ear.

Then there is Ted Cruz, bizarrely named Lucifer by former Speaker of the House and tormented crybaby John Boehner. After just a week, the name Lucifer seems to be sticking to Cruz like gum on his shoes.



 Is Ted Cruz “Lucifer”or “Beelzebub”? Guess we will have to ask Hillary Rodam Hitler [Its a fun election for the first time in years!]


Image result for ted cruz lucifer


As for our opinion of Cruz. While Cruz would be better than Kasich and better than any RINO, his campaign against Trump has so poisoned that waters as to prevent a Trump Cruz ticket which would have been very strong mathematically in key states.

Unfortunately Cruz embarked in the Ellis Bush suicidal footsteps and became a bit of a flip-flopper on trade. His campaign also stole Ben Carson’s votes by bearing false witness. Click here for more.

There is just something about a guy that was a Canadian citizen up to about 20 months ago that seems a tad expeditious. As for Ted’s record, its not bad. The fact that John McCain hates him is a huge plus side endorsement.


TRUMP / OPRAH  2016!

We are still left with the question of who Trump will select for a VP. This is where Trump must be very careful not to upset the base. There is an inclination that he will do something political such as select a woman. He has actually toyed with the idea of Oprah which while bizarre would be a very interesting choice. To a great extent Trump thinks in terms of “Brands” and “Brand Names”. Oprah has a hugely valuable Brand associated with honesty, caring and success. Oprah is a self-made, self-driven success story that is truly the American Dream. Trump lesser so because Oprah started with nothing. Would Oprah make good decisions? Yes. She has made good decisions her whole life. This notion has never been considered as a serious idea but Oprah has many qualities that would make her a good leader.

Susana Martinez name has occurred on the radar screen as the first Female Hispanic Governor in the USA from New Mexico. She has already been endorsed by Hispanic groups for VP regardless of who wins the nomination.


Rubio and Cruz have already been vetted and in the present drive-by-media climate that could be invaluable. Of Course Christie has been fully vetted and and he can handle the media. 


Trump has suggested that he will need a political insider for VP. This is where Trump needs to be very careful. Some think Christie may fit the ticket. He is popular outspoken and can drive Republican votes in otherwise liberal states like New York and New Jersey. This may not be a bad choice. New York and New Jersey could be in play whereas, California is likely hopelessly lost to its runaway liberalism.

Hillary Clinton will have a much more difficult choice for VP. If she picks a male it will have to be neutered beta male probably Hispanic or possibly black. But her problem is with white male voters.  There are absolutely no numbers for her to run with a female on the ticket. It is shocking how much baggage Clinton has and in a bare knuckles fight with Trump, she could be ripped apart.

Many Democrats are hoping for an email indictment so the Democrats can regroup under a different banner than Clinton or Sanders. Many Democrats are quietly concerned that Trump may pull enough working class Reagan Democrats and Blacks to reach deeply into the Democratic industrial states.

Remember too that in the last Presidential election only 58.2% of eligible voters voted. Trump can has already tapped into this group, and has a large lead in voters that have previously not voted often or have stayed out of the voting booths for years. One of the more important features of this non-voting segment, they appear to be libertarian. This suggests that they are now feeling the economic squeeze deep into the hinterland. This does not bode well for Hillary Clinton who is running on another four years of a disastrous Obama non-recovery.

The Obama years are essentially a legacy of no progress and much more entropy and dissatisfaction with the direction of America. In the end the main issue which will emerge will be the ECONOMY. Trump has a commanding lead in this area.


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