In the age of the great bureaucracy, it is all about snowball effects. You have an inept president that will sign any bill put on his desk. The GOP Senate is preparing a bill to renew GOVERNMENT Spying on your internet and cell phones. The claim as always is “your safety” save the fact this spying has led to nothing remotely linked to your safety. But the best is the US Government under the Centers for Disease Control. This year they picked a flu vaccine that does nothing. Of course, the government then says everyone should get this vaccine.

Meanwhile, the Flu epidemic has spread out of control

Fortunately, this strain is not lethal like the 1917 – 1918 “Spanish Strain” that killed millions worldwide. Though there have been many deaths from the present influenza.

Influenza vaccine is a guessing game. I suspect a politically correct one at that. In the last seven years, the CDC has struck out completely with selecting vaccines. This has rendered them essentially useless. The claim is the vaccine is 10% useful or 90% worthless.

Some blame Trump.

His jet-setting Tom Price who headed up the Health and Human Services Agency was “YOU”RE FIRED” for picking the taxpayer’s pockets for his private air travel. Instead of promoting concerns over the Australian Flu, Price was mired down with his ethical problems. But that is just one bureaucrat blaming another. You don’t expect Trump or a bureaucrat to take the blame, do you? Laughable conjecture.


Since this will be a bad Flu season expect 56,000 Americans to die.

The good news according to government is that those that die will mostly be the very young or the very old. Of course, they don’t pay taxes.

Dr. Anthony Fauci of the CDC co-authored a  New England Journal of Medicine article criticized the 80-year-old vaccine process using albumin in favor of a universal flu vaccine.  Click here for the article. It is mostly fluff.

Essentially the claim is that egg albumin used to make the vaccines have caused the vaccine to become weaker. This is, of course, unsupported by any significant data. Think about it. If Fauci knew the use of egg albumin was not optimal, why did it take him until now to open his mouth? The Australian Flu miss is the reason. This is just the bureaucrat shifting blame.

Then, of course, we have BITCON!

BITCON lost half its artificial value last week. Remember these are essentially traveler’s checks that maintain your privacy. But it is also a pyramid scheme in which the software creators awarded themselves millions in Bitcoins. A week ago people were paying $19000 for a single virtual coin.

BITCOIN is now cruizing lower toward $8000 as seller run for the exits. But there are always suckers that will buy the “bargain.” They have another adage in Wall Street for bubble investors, “Get scared… get scared early!” The Stoic will ultimately hold the bag as they always do.

One interesting story on the Winter Olympics:

In spite of Trump’s bellicose bellering that his orange index finger is on the nuclear button to destroy North Korea, North and South Korea have decided to make a unified Korean Olympic team in which both North and South Korean athletes will march together for the Winter Games under one flag.

This is clearly a Chinese idea which Trumped the Blowhard Trump. The two teams will march under the Unification flag. This is the same flag they jointly flew during the 1991 table tennis championships and in the Italian Olympics in 2006.

This year North and South Korea will field a joint woman’s hockey team for the first time. Caught off the cuff, Niki Haley suggested that this cooperation may be a violation of UN Sanctions on North Korea. That is exactly why we think Niki Haley should resign.



North and South Korea will march together in Winter Olympic Games.

Trump Administration claimed their threats of war against North Korea have forced Kim Jong Un to be opened to negotiations and cooperation. North Korea called Trump a “Lunatic.”

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