REMEMBER TRUMPCRAPCARE I, II, and III? Welcome to TRUMPAMNASTY I! It could be the Gang of 9 if you include John McCain’s mariachi dancing brain tumor. Remember the Gang of eight from 2013?  Surprise these guys are all still in power and still slurping to the 35 Million Mexican squatters in America. That does not include the 1500 daily anchor babies dropped by these squatters.  They’re Citizens. LOL. BTW NO DEPORTATIONS TO DATE… that is the Donald Trump legacy. TALK NO ACTION.  ALSO NO WALL. NO WALL FUNDING. But that may change.  LETTUCE PREY MCCAIN GANG OF 8 OBAMA LOVE AMNESTY CLUB PROPOSES TRUMP FAKE WALL BARGAIN. ANOTHER FAKE TRUMP WIN! It’s AM NASTY!


Would TRUMP DEFRAUD Voters for a “WIN?” LOL Never… Trump has too much integrity! TRUMPCRAPCARE REPEAL AND REPLACE.

Here is the list of Gang of 8 RINOS AND LIBERALS MAKING AMERICA SUCK SOME MORE: Though Trump is doing a good job on his own.

Sen. Michael F. Bennet, D-CO
Sen. Richard J. Durbin, D-IL
Sen. Jeff Flake, R-AZ
Sen. Lindsey O. Graham, R-SC
Sen. John McCain, R-AZ and El Brain Tumor
Sen. Robert Menendez, D-NJ
Sen. Marco A. Rubio, R-FL
Sen. Charles E. Schumer, D-NY

They are RINOs and Liberals and two Hispanic Tokens. Arizona has two of these Whitebread RINO freaks in this gang and can’t seem to get rid of either of them.


So what Does John McCain and his tumor have in mind this time after McCain’s fresh kill of TRUMPCRAPCARE III in front of the whole world?

McCain says its all about Winter Lettuce grown in Arizona. McCain’s tumor infested brain thinks that perhaps 10 ft of Trump Fence may be the bargaining tool necessary to get Trump to sign onto the Gang of 8’s Amnesty. Remember with TRUMPCRAPCARE it wasn’t actually “repeal” is was just another phony RINO scheme while retaining 90% of Obamacare and giving bailouts to insurance companies. McCain is slurping to the corporate farms of Arizona and California.


What’s Trump know? Nutt’in!

Trump is still trying to get his first “Win”. Remember what Daddy Trump told Donald every day of his moronic and bizarre childhood:


“You’re a King, you’re a Killa or you’re a Losa!” Fred Trump

And Trump is a losa! Never has their been anyone that had a smaller vocabulary or moved more rudderlessly through policy. He will poke at something if he thinks it will boost his numbers but it stops there.

For example State Government including Arizona is no longer volunteering to help ICE rid the state of illegals. Because of this, there are no holding areas and no deportations. Trump hasn’t deported a soul. But that hasn’t stopped Trump from claiming that Illegal gangs are being rounded up. Nonsense. There is no place to round up anyone. Trump calls that a “Win” but Fred Trump would call that a “Losa!”



The McCain scheme is sort of the same idea as TRUMPCRAPCARE. Give Trump 10 ft of fence and Trump might sign and allow 35 Million Mexican squatters to become US Citizens.  A fake wall would allow Trump to have has photo ops claiming the Wall has been built and Liberal and RINOs  would celebrate the Gang of 8 Amnesty.

Only one small problem. Americans don’t want these 35 Million Mexican Squatters here in the first place. They want this Anchor baby crap ended too. But in the one party system where the lead Democrat has a Vineyard and the President has low wage hotels and resorts, they need cheap labor and therefore want TRUMPAmNASTY.


“Da kid’s a Losa!”… a dink a doo


Boycott Arizona Lettuce until John McCain pops off!



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