This could apply to the liberal Jews as well. In World War II, the king of the Socialist took over France in six days. That same Socialist sent six million Jews to his pumpernickel ovens. The French and the Jews these days try to make a distinction between Socialist and Fascists. That is absurd. The end run of every Socialist regime is to go out and capture more slaves for the elites. Instead Socialist like Bernie Sanders and the nuts in California want to call Capitalists Fascists. What is the objective of the Socialists? To take the money and assets from Capitalist. They can’t make it themselves so they have to steal it from somebody productive. They think that is moral behavior. But let’s remember that while Bernie’s wife is under FBI investigation, Bernie has a $600,000 Lake Champlain summer vacation home for which he paid cash. Uh Oh. In Socialism there are the Elites and the Proletariat. LE PEN VS ANGELA MERKELS JERK VICHY LE SHRIMP MACRON VIVA Le EU SOCIALISM.




The French loved it under German Rule; they still do.

Look at the Facts. When the Normandy invasion took place to free France from German Rule, the Frogs opened fire on the US Forces coming to liberate them! Frogs are frogs! They wouldn’t fight Germany and Hitler but they would gladly fire on their American liberators.

There was a French underground, La Résistance. That is sort of like Le Pen’s supporters. But now-a-days, Resistance is what the Socialists claim they are. Hillary Clinton said she was part of the Resistance last week. So Hillary is fighting the Germans? What is she resisting? The law? She claims she is resisting Donald Trump. Why? Oh he beat her in the election. Another sour grapes liberal. She’s pathetic. There you have it another ELITIST pandering to the proletariat.


Emmanuel Macron is a Socialist.

Macron… Mr.Dacron conveniently left the Socialist Administration when he noticed that Le Pen was doing well as an outsider. So 5’2″ Macron “distanced” himself from the present Socialist Administration to try to rebrand his image. Now he claims to be a centrist. There is no such thing as a Socialist Centrist. A lefty is a lefty. So this guy’s whole game is to claim to want the “old France” back again but to slurp to the EU at the same time. The Frogs buy it because at the heart of every Socialist is the desire to become a slave and have life made easy by Government handouts.

But the logic of that is so flawed because you enter into a regulatory dark ages in which science, technology and productivity go to sleep until it all collapses. Lazy ain’t cutting it!


Meanwhile Trump Damages Le Pen.

I hate analogies such as the assumption there is some kind of anti-establishment movement that is sweeping the world. Nonsense. Trump has no political or moral compass. He’s no idealist. He can claim to be part of a larger movement but that is just cheap Trump Talk. The reason he won is because men basically puked at the sight of Clinton. Trump was surly no prize to me. Men don’t like punks like Trump.


Unfortunately for Le Pen, she got pinned to Trump.

The difference is that Le Pen is an idealist and has deep moral and political convictions. She is substance and Trump is the classic empty suit. When Trump started flipflopping like a beached flounder, Le Pen had to object to Trump and his George Bush Gunboat Diplomacy Third Term. The French started to worry that Le Pen would not be able to get things done. They assumed she might be as ineffective as Trump and as scattered. Trump has an attention span like a Gnat and the memory of a goldfish. Le Pen is an attorney and is very focused and has a near photographic memory for facts. She couldn’t be more different than Trump. Yet the media has linked Trump and Le Pen.


We predict that Le Pen will lose the election:

She is unquestionably the best possible candidate for France but the Frogs will be Frogs. No other country on earth except maybe Greece is as spineless as the French. France is a former great country. It is now a has been. It talks loud but carries no weight. They should be removed from the UN Security Counsel and relegated to the Socialist dust bin of history.


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