David Stockman may be right. This market may be about to implode. It has become irrational. The worst single gunman attack in US History and the stock market soars at the open. Something is dramatically wrong with this picture. Stock markets and the bond market remain at nosebleed levels. This is strange. An attack on a public gathering, a country music concert should concern the economy in a big way. Who is going to want to go to Vegas at this point? Who is going to want to gather into large groups at concerts or football games or spectator events? This is the same kind of crazy notion that Hurricanes are good for the economy because people have to rebuild their homes and bury their dead. LAS VEGAS MASSACRE 59 DEAD 550 INJURED STOCK MARKET CELEBRATES.


Glass blown out of the 32 floor rooms of Stephen Paddock. Below is the Route 91 Harvest concern banner.


Nothing is known about the Shooter’s motivations:

The Shooter’s brother out of Orlando Florida simply said his brother must have “snapped.” Stephen Paddock, the shooter, had some kind of minor Police Record but details were not available. One thing is known, he managed to get multiple guns and significant ammunition into the Mandalay Bay Hotel without detection. He opened fire on the concert goers at roughly 10 PM from his 32nd floor room.


How is this good for the Stock Market that is at an all time high?

It is simply incomprehensible. It means the market is disengaged from reality and focused on the Trump Billionaire Tax Cuts. So yes the billionaires and hedge funds are celebrating. In Fact Kevin McCarthy RINO from California commented on the shooting today calling Paddock “evil” but then also… believe it or not… made a reference about “not talking about Tax Cuts.” 59 innocent Americans dead and this guy is smiling to the camera like an imbecile mentioning Tax Cuts.

Stephen Paddock probably wasn’t evil but deranged. Sadly there is a difference. This is madness.


The Trump cuts may be good for Goldman Sachs and the Trump Kids like Ivanka but they harm the elderly and the middle class. Perhaps that is why Markets are celebrating. Though there is very little possibility of passage. It is one of the most rediculoous one-sided tax cuts in history. It has no similarity to those of John F. Kennedy or Ronald Reagan. Trumps cuts do what you would expect. They help Trump and his family to new found windfalls.

There is not a single instance in Europe where mass killings and terrorist attack of this kind did not send markets reeling downward. This is know as a sick market and unpredictable. Paradoxical moves like today warrant extreme caution. Traders were livid across Wall Street today vocally expressing real concerns over market manipulation.

It started in the pre-markets with a rumor that oil production was up. There was no evidence but Oil tumbled along with other commodities. Everything moving today moved in the opposite direction from expectation.

But nowhere was the action more clear than in equities which saw the Dow soar 160 point in the face of the breaking news about Las Vegas. Never has a market behaved in such a manner as this. Traders were literally in shock with the action.


Democrats blame GOP Congress for no action on GUN CONTROL

How utterly useless Democrats have become. Pull a string and the morons start talking about the same idiocy.



Democratic Screech Owl Elizabeth Warren was bellyaching about Gun Control immediately. Hillary Clinton trying to make herself relevant blamed the NRA. There is no indication that Paddock was a member of the NRA. There was a rumor that he had accumulated significant debt through poker but that was not confirmed. What is astonishing is how he got dozens of guys and ammunition to his room without being detected by anyone including the many cameras at the hotel.


Good Luck America…

You have millionaire football players protesting slavery. You have a stock market that is soaring over 160 points at present in the shadow of 59 dead Americans and and 550 injured. And you have incumbent politicians of both parties playing politics with all of it. Where has this Nation’s humanity gone?

The shooter was likely mentally deranged but that is certainly no call for the Markets to be celebrating this. One thing is certain, this market is dangerous. We urge small investors that are in instruments attached to the Bond market to move immediately to cash and other small investors simply get out of equities and move cash to the sidelines.

The excuse that today was the beginning of the Fourth Quarter was nonsense. The Fed has promised to start selling down its 4.5 Trillion balance sheet this year starting now. They are expected to sell off 2.5 Trillion dollars of bonds this year.

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