Uh Oh… Ivanka doesn’t like Kim Jong Un.  So long Kim and Bannon! Is a bad haircut reason enough to Assassinate Kim Jong un?  TRUMP is moving fast from campaign isolationist to WAR MONGER. He presently heads up the Trumpstablisment Bush Third Term but may be morphing into the Trumpstablishment IVONKA JOHN MCCAIN FIRST TERM.  What’s next… Marshall LAW?  When the Military suggests ASSASSINATION of FOREIGN LEADERS as a viable option to Trump, there is not much left of AMERICA. Such an idea is a violation of several standing executive orders from the pre-Bush era. It is also completely immoral. JOINT CHIEFS BAD HAIRCUT ASSASSINATION OPTION TRUMP IVANKA KUSHNER CONSIDER OFFING KIM JONG UN.


His own wife called him a Mellon Head before she disappeared…


TRUMP KIDS ARE CRACK SHOTS. Trump Boys can kill a zoo before lunch.


Assassination is a technique which American Citizens have consistently rejected.

In 1975 Congress formed the Church Committee that began looking into the activities of the CIA sponsored assassinations. Church? This was not Ted Cruz soliciting pastors for votes. The Committee was headed by Senator Frank Church. They studied CIA assassination of foreign state leaders and concluded that the Untied States should not be engaged in these activities. This was followed by the Hughes-Ryan amendment which officially condemned political assassinations of foreign leaders.


President Gerald Ford issued Executive Order 11,905 in 1976.

Executive Order 11,905 stated that “No employee of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, political assassinations.”

The CIA had been very active in Vietnam.  Ngô Đình Diệm, the president of South Vietnam, was assassinated by the CIA in 1963. This was a regime change assassination. So much for the Democrats crying that Russians had manipulated the 2016 Presidential election. Democrats killed Diem outright.
The order expressly prohibited “the assassination of foreign officials for their political views, actions, or statements. It defined ‘foreign officials’ under the Church Committee’s definition as “a Chief of State or political equivalent, President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Premier, Foreign Minister, Ambassador, or other officer, employee, or agent” of a foreign government or of a “foreign political group, party, military force, movement or other association.”


Apparently the Joint Chief’s can’t read!

Nothing like gung ho morons interfering with the affairs of sovereign nations. It is ironic that the CIA is claiming to be investigating the Russians for supposedly influencing the US Election when the US CIA blows heads of state away and thinks nothing of meddling with the affairs of foreign governments by killing whoever it wants to kill.

In 1978 President Jimmy Carter issued Executive Order 12,306.

Carter’s executive order expanded the scope of Ford’s order. Ford added “acting on behalf of the United States,” and eliminated the adjective “political” from assassinations.

Jimmy Carter was a good decent moral man. He realized the CIA would merely get the British SAS to do its dirty work for them. CIA imagines itself above all laws and all Executive orders. CIA props up one dictator then kills another. They are evil.

Finally, in 1981, President Ronald Reagan issued Executive Order 12,333.

Reagan’s order kept intact the text of Carter’s order. Reagan added a new section that read: “Indirect Participation: No agency of the Intelligence Community shall participate in or request any person to undertake activities forbidden by this Order.” Reagan was smart.

Reagan had slimy Walker Bush for his VP so Reagan knew he could never trust the CIA. Bush was the former head of the CIA. Ironically Walker Bush was friends with the Hinkley Family. It would be John Hinkley that would Assassinate President Reagan and kill Jim Brady.

Ronald Reagan’s Order is applicable and still stands today.

Of course the Black Messiah Obama was in violation of Executive Order 12,333 and engaged directly and indirectly in assassinations of foreign leaders. He had the British SAS kill Qaddafi for example. Then again, Obama wiped the dog crap from his shoes on the Constitution almost on a daily basis.


The conduct of Trump is now incomprehensible.

Trump was an unknown commodity. He sold himself to the base as an isolationist with an America First Agenda. But that has all changed and it changed quickly. Trump’s activity on the world stage is that of a bizarre bully. His agenda is rapidly moving toward a John McCain First Term.

RINOCARE was a 180 degree departure from Trump’s campaign promises. Now he is morphing rapidly into a John McCain styled war monger. The Base was trying to get rid of these RINO nation builders.


We are not picking favorites.

We found Bush’s and Obama’s many assassinations of foreign leaders repugnant and immoral. America is supposedly a system of laws that warrants a fair trail. That is the bedrock of American Values. But here we stand as hypocrites of the world. Regime change by assassination is a form of lynch mob. Oddly to me, we actually have military units that will actually carryout these assassinations. They don’t question a thing. They just follow orders like Hitler’s SS.  What kind of morality were they raise with? Clearly none.


Assassinations do not make America Great Again.

Assassinations diminish America. What is to stop the military from Turing their guns on everyday citizens? Apparently nothing but a simple order to do so. The CIA and the Military have waged false flag wars for regime change. They did it in Vietnam. They did it again in the Iraq war. Liberals gave us Vietnam. RINOs gave us IRAQ.

There is absolutely no question at all, the CIA and the Military intend to Assassinate Kim Jong Un.  Presenting this idea as a mere option demonstrates why the Military and intelligence community should be kept on a very short leash. It is not a legal option. It is an unlawful.


Oh why oh why are we even in Syria or heading toward regime change in North Korea?

Policeman of the World. Trump has been elected on a false pretense. It was a lie of his own making. He ran as an isolationist. He doesn’t have the character to know the difference. He’s a grifter. Talk is cheap to Trump. Trump lies with great ease and changes his thoughts faster than a goldfish.  He is the center of the universe and believe me he is cashing in on this presidency. Trump the Grifter has already diverted millions to Trump Towers and Mar-a-lago. This is clearly a conflict of interest. He has no moral fabric at all. He is a disgrace to the Republican base.

The US Government runs Camp David and the White House has a staff to handle all foreign dignitaries. Trump makes himself a nuisance instead costing taxpayers in New York and Palm Beach an arm and a leg paying for the use of Trump facilities at full price.

Unlike Reagan that paid his own way, the Grifter pays for nothing. Taxpayers foot the bill.


Worse we are stuck with the TRUMP KIDS.

IVONKA in particular and her hubby, son-of-a-crook KUSHNA… Completely unqualified. Kushna is acting like some kind of unofficial Secretary of State.  But like most tribes of Nepotism, each generation gets weaker and weaker. The reliance by Trump is clearly pathological.  It will be is own undoing. He has ultimately set these two, IVONKA and KUSHNA up as targets. Grifters are as Grifters do. They never seem to run out of snake oil.

Obama had a big mouth wife but he kept his kids out of the limelight until his oldest daughter became a pothead. Trump has a wife that doesn’t talk and doesn’t do much but stand around and smile. But the TRUMP kids are thrust upon America as if they own the place. IVONKA is absurdly over-exposed having thrust herself into the limelight without the slightest view of the inappropriateness or the risk. They are a family of grifters. As one comic said, “Kushna has less foreign affairs experience than Dennis Rodman.”


Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham are horrified:

Trump is too stupid to pick up on any of this. He doesn’t really care. We at CashMcCall have been on this compass heading change of Trump’s since the Wall became a fence then an invisible fence.  Trump has continued to morph into a RINO liar, a backstabber.

Trump filled his administration with Bush Retreads. We watched as he picked the next Supreme Court Justice Souter II.  The Conservative media are now in a state of shock. They ushered in something that could be even worse than a Bush Third Term. It might now be moving rapidly to a McCain First Term.

Trump’s reluctance to remove Paul Ryan is a sign that the Grifter only came to Washington to fill the Trump organization coffers. And he is onto a sweet deal now. He can choose his Washington Hotel, the Trump Towers or Mar-a-lago to siphon off hundreds of millions into his enterprises. He has never really relinquished control. He’s feeding his own business and making a fool out of everyone that voted for him. Imagine that this guy said he was going to drain the swamp. Oh Lord did you get baited and sucked in. He is the swamp; a man with no compass other than his own reach to the center of the universe.



The IRONY of these Conservative pundits getting sucked in is a clean sweep.

Most all of these so-called Conservative pundits have a similar mode of operation. They write these fast-food styled books such as “In Trump we Trust.” They bang these out faster than the Grifters can add Trump Steaks to the Trump University lunch menu. Then they go on book tours just in time for Trump to make a Paul Ryan Mitch McConnell, 180 degree turn.

At CashMcCall we aren’t writing Trumpsteak books.  But we see clearly what has happened. Trump used simple popular themes of the Republican Base and has vacated them all once by one. The wall is now a fence then a sometimes fence then an invisible pet fence.  Immigration is dead in its tracks and Trump is now talking Amnesty for dreamers.


Trump abandoned repeal of Obamacare.

He abandoned his pledges for insurance companies to compete across state line. Also he abandoned major medical. Instead every policy mandate was retained including maturity leave, drug addiction, gambling addiction and more. The icing o the cake was that policies had to pay for Sexual Reassignment Surgeries for all the transgenders. The US Military now pays for them too.

RINOCARE demonstrated in clear terms that TRUMP doesn’t know what he is doing. He tried to sell this garbage like TRUMP Steaks or TRUMP UNIVERSITY. The Grifter used his Glengarry Glen Ross styled pressure, intimidation, flattery and deceit to push this crap through the congressional goose. A few real conservatives rejected this RINOCARE for what it was.


But RINOCARE II is now on the way.

And this is even worse if that is possible. The sweetener to woo Conservatives is the same old sex change mandates plus everything else but now has an $18 Billion dollar bailout for Insurance companies.

From Terrible to even worse. There are no market forces at work here. This is all nothing but a Big Government Bailout at the taxpayer’s expense.


Tax Reform? Trump just abandoned the tax reform plan he ran on.

Of course it was garbage. Click here for more.  But now Trump is looking once again to Paul Ryan, the phony policy wonk, to introduce Ryan’s “Better Way” tax plan. It’s garbage too. These are not tax reform. These are Bush styled chump change tax cuts. The upper middle class is punished. The Middle class get fractional percent relief and the rich take home the lion share.

As we have said many times. We are all for the rich getting some tax relief in this country. They pay about 90% of all tax collected. But you can’t have tax reform if you don’t increase the tax base.

We posted a video by Milton Friedman about why tax reform never works. Click here for the whole article or go to the video at the bottom of the page.


Unless Conservatives get some spine, Trump is going to USHER in the Next OBAMA leaving the Republican Party in Bush Styled ruins. And we will have a recession in late 2017. In spite of the Trump Hype, the GDP remains at 0.6% which is near death on a ventilator. Trump’s term will automatically increase the debt by $10 trillion if spending is held to zero increases. With Trump wanting to spend trillions this number could go quickly to $15 or $20 trillion added to the current debt of $20 Trillion. That would be $40 Trillion in debt with nothing to show for it. Rest assured the Grifter and his Kids will siphon off plenty for themselves.

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