ANOTHER BIG TRUMP FAIL. McCain Rick Rolls Trump… again. It seems like just yesterday that Trump was spiking the football claiming victory for REPEAL REPLACE which was headed back to the senate for another “Fabulous” TRUMPCRAPCARE Iteration. This one was being tagged Obamacare Skinny. No problem… McCAin has the Unlimited PPO for life that covers everything for free. YOU GET OBAMACARE and the OBAMACARE TAXES but John McCain and took the limelight and demolished the TRUMP AGENDA! JOHN MCCAIN TRUMP HATING BRAIN TUMOR KILLS TRUMPCRAPCARE DEAD.


McCain’a Tumor Played Trump like a Tiny Tim ukulele. 


So great that John McCain is coming back to vote. Brave – American hero! Thank you John.

You’re welcome TRUMP! LOL

Democrats Begged McCain to Kill OBAMA SKINNY and his Brian Tumor listened.


Trump gave out with the usual morning Tweets but dared not blame the Tumor Master John McCain. Instead Trump defiantly said he would welcome the collapse of Obamacare. Yawn. Trump couldn’t muster mustard for hot dogs. Trump’s next statement was “You can’t have everything!” There you go… OUT OF TOUCH!


McCain is a pro at garnering public sympathy:



Here is John McCain being released from POW camp and awaiting transportation to the United States. He’s playing ya. This photo was taken March 14, 1973. McCain was given a treasure trove of medals:  Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross. He never hit one bombing target in his shot career as a bomber pilot. All POW’s were given medals and the Joint Chief’s refused to prosecute those known to have consorted with the enemy. John Songbird McCain has a Tokyo Rose styled Radio Career going.

Notice McCain has no crutches when leaving Vietnam but once in the United States, in order to garner sympathy and “torture” hero statues, McCain deployed crutches as a stage prop whenever he visited Washington DC.



“I want to grow up to be a RINO Republican politician just like you Mr. Nixon.” A Crook! He’s playing ya… man oh man, he’s play’in ya.

One other interesting tidbit was McCain was the only POW in US history to actually gain weight during his captivity. He put on 35 pounds while in captivity. Nixon put on a couple of confident pounds while bombing. For more on the pride of Hanoi click here.


The real reason McCain voted against further debate was purely selfish:

He wanted to go back to Arizona to get more cancer treatment from his free PPO for life. Of course McCain is unfit to be a US Senator. It is clear his brain has been malfunctioning for a long time.

Interestingly enough cutting out these tumors or attempting to do so makes them wildly aggressive. It is fitting in a way if not ironic that McCain has his lavish PPO for life which gives him any treatment anywhere, and he shoved this awful Obamacere up your backsides. But he’s going to die anyway. Even though McCain stiffed the taxpayer and stiffed the world since Vietnam, he ain’t going to stiff his brain tumor. It is going to turn him into a stiff. He’s going down just like the King of Chappaquiddick.



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